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Ethan Carter Comments On Lockdown Involvement, Possible Future Face Turn, Difference Between TNA & WWE

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I was at today's conference call for TNA Wrestling's One Night Only: #OldSchool, which will begin airing on pay-per-view this Friday. Ethan Carter III was answering people's questions and I was there on behalf of Below is a quick recap of the main highlights:

  • He heavily put over TNA Wrestling by saying they are the ones who actually gave him a shot and now he is fully running with the ball.
  • Ethan stated that he was anxious and nervous when he first started in TNA Wrestling but that diminished and he can now be himself.
  • When asked what the difference between working in TNA compared to WWE, Ethan stated that he is actually getting on television on TNA. He is getting noticed while that barely happened during his time in WWE.
  • He also stated that he will prove WWE (the naysayers) wrong.
  • He stated that being on NXT Season 4 was fun and working with Daniel Bryan (who he says is one of the best workers in the world) was great. They came up with unique things.
  • Ethan did hint at a future baby face turn.
  • He said Sting, RickRude, and Mr.Perfect were his favorites when he was a child. He also pointed out Stone Cold Steve Austin during The Attitude Era and the awesome work he did. He praised the work of Edge/Christian, Eddie/Chavo Guerrero, and Kurt Angle.
  • Ethan says Kurt Angle is one of his idols in this business and working with him is great.
  • I asked him about a possible match against Kurt Angle at Lockdown. He stated, "There's a lot of television left."
  • I also asked Ethan about the Television Title and whether it should be used. He told me that the titles in the company right now work and having one more would water it down.

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