Ethan Carter III Talks Impact's Big Move, Success In TNA Wrestling

Donald Wood and the Ring Rust Radio crew interviewed Ethan Carter III. He put over Impact Wrestling's move to Wednesday nights and talked about succeeding in TNA after being underutilized in WWE. You can listen to the interview at this link or embedded in the video below:


Speaking of Ring Rust Radio, we apparently made the conversation due to our run-in with Bob Ryder. Due to the fact I am out of the office (paternity leave) this week, I haven't listened, however, this was Tweeted to me:

">@wnwdotcom got BURIED by

@wnwdotcom got BURIED by @RingRustRadio!! Do you have a response? Or are you scared like the meltz is?

— QuinTessential (@QMyApplause) August 21, 2014

">@RingRustRadio!! Do you have a response? Or are you scared like the meltz is?

— QuinTessential (@QMyApplause) August 21, 2014

From what the show Tweeted me back [to me], the conversation had to do with how Ryder's comments "ring true for many of the dirt sheets out there."

First, I want to state that I think Ring Rust Radio is a great show and they do awesome work. They always have good guests and have compelling and informative interviews. I'm a huge fan of what Donald Wood does and can say he's been nothing but professional in what small dealings we have had with him. I also think the work over at BleacherReport.com/wwe is top notch and their "Team Stream" App is fantastic.

Second, I do not take part in "beefs" nor do I take offense to a difference of opinions. My issue with Bob Ryder wasn't because I was offended by his email to me. My issue was his email was an oxymoron. I didn't like how Ryder absolved himself of blame in the situation and pointed it back specifically on me when he was the one that Tweeted false information. Information that is still online and has not been retracted.

It's not my intention to "beat my self-righteous chest" and tout that I was right and he was wrong. I just didn't appreciate my correct information being labeled incorrect in such a bizarre fashion. I also wasn't expecting an apology from Bob. While I don't personally know him, I know enough people that do to know that he does not think highly of me or WrestlingNewsWorld.com. And that's perfectly OK. Bob -- and whoever else -- is allowed to have that opinion.

My focus is not on outside opinions and criticism. My focus is on being a top resource for professional wrestling news and analysis. I learned a long time ago to focus on things I can control -- not the things I cannot. I cannot control anything that goes on outside of the website or our social media accounts. What I can promise is that everything we post -- whether on the site or on social media -- is done with the sole intention of giving you an inside look into the professional wrestling business.

I work each and every day to provide the readers of WrestlingNewsWorld.com with quality content they can rely on. That doesn't mean I do not make mistakes. I am only human and will do everything in my power to correct any error I have made. However, there is no hidden agenda here. It's my goal to provide readers of WrestlingNewsWorld.com with an inside look that's professional and accurate. I celebrated my 7th anniversary as a full time pro wrestling journalist in May. Throughout those 7 years, we've been able to do some awesome things. I say "we" because it's not me. It's our researchers and sources that work many hours each day, our dedicated writers, bloggers, moderators and most importantly, our loyal readers. It's all of these things that come together to form a community that brings a level of quality that I feel is top notch.

So regardless of anything said about me or this website, please know we are not part of feuds or drama, we simply exist for one reason. And that's to be Your Inside Line to Pro Wrestling.

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