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Fan Report From Slammiversary 2014

WNW reader Justin Lal was in attendance at last night's TNA Slammiversary PPV and sent in the following live report:

There were sections of the top deck covered, but it was an OK crowd as far as attendance goes. There were more people here two years ago.

First match was the 6 Way Ladder match for the X Division championship. It was a decent spot filled match. Best spot was a rolling powerbomb that Davey Richards suffered – he sold it well too. Sanada won out of nowhere and the crowd seem shocked that the match ended early (more on that later).

Lashley defeated Samoa Joe in a 10 minute match. Lashley worked the match well as a heel – he made a lot of gestures to the crowd which got great reaction. Sometimes in today’s wrestling heels forget to do that.

Magnus defeated Willow clean which shocked the crowd.

Kurt Angle announced that Team 3D would be the next inductees into the TNA HOF. Great pop for them with a long standing, “We want tables” chant.

Austin Aries defeated Kenny King with a top rope brainbuster. I’m just so amazed with Austin Aries. The guy is effortless when he’s out there.

The Von Erich boys versus The BroMans ended in a DQ. Without a doubt the loudest pop of the night was Kevin Von Erich did “The Claw” to DJ Z. Wow… what a reaction!

Angelia Love defeated Gail Kim when there was a referee squabble between Stiffler and Earl. It looks like Stiffler is a heel ref now?

Ethan Carter III defeated Bully Ray in a Texas Death Match. There were some great spots in this match: Bully Ray using a cheese grater on EC3’s chest, Bully Ray catching EC3 in mid-air for the Bubba Cutter on some thumbtacks, and EC3 doing his finish on Bully on the exposed ring mat. Dixie came out and the crowd popped huge when it seemed like she would be going through a table. EC3 ended up pushing Bully off the apron into the tables for the win.

Mr. Anderson defeated James Storm in a 5 min match. Storm spit his beer out at the Dallas Cowboys at ringside. They did a good job making their outrage seem real.

Eric Young defeated Austin Aries and Lashley in the main event. Spot great spots in this match. EY came off the top of the cage with an elbow drop. EY also performed what seemed to be an Attitude Adjustment to both Lashley and Aries. Lashley also missed a spear which sent him through the cage door. A good amount of false finishes which kept the crowd on edge. One thing to note was that EY got an average reaction from the crowd. On top of that he and Aries did the “boo-hey” back-and-forth sequence, but EY was getting the “boos.” I like EY, but he’s in danger of getting booed more if TNA keeps the title on him. EY won with a great counter out of the brainbuster into the piledriver.

Worst part of the show: The matches weren’t long enough.
Best part of the show: A good number of spots all night.

Our thanks go to Justin Lal for this report. If you attend a live event, be sure to submit a report to us via this link!

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