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February Xplosion eXamination - Willow Returns, British Boot Camp 2

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Hello TNA fans, and welcome back to the latest edition of Xplosion eXamination! In this article, I examine all of the Xplosion matches uploaded on TNA’s official YouTube channel from the month of February. Below each match breakdown, I have posted the match clip for you to watch!

Mr. Anderson def. Rockstar Spud(2/3/15)

I knew before I even started watching this that it would be full of comedy. I was right! There was hardly any actual wrestling involved. Referee Earl Hebner even got in on the action by pinning Spud at one point. Mr. Anderson finished Spud off once and for all in the end to pick up the win.

The Hardy's def. MVP & Kenny King(2/10/15)

This match was the main event of the evening the night this was taped. The action started out pretty decent. Jeff Hardy was taken out towards the middle of the bout, so it then became a handicap match. The action continued until Willow returned and took out MVP and King while the ref was down! Matt Hardy continued to fight them off before Jeff Hardy returned to ringside for the tag. Lots of false finishes followed until Jeff hit the Swanton Bomb on MVP for the win.

Samoa Joe def. Dave Mastiff(2/17/15)

British Boot Camp 2 contestant Dave Mastiff took on British Boot Camp judge Samoa Joe on this edition of Xplosion. I'm glad we got to see this match, as most American TNA fans haven't seen what British Boot Camp is all about. Mastiff was big and agile, much like Joe. Their styles meshed well in this short match they had. Joe locked Mastiff in the rear naked choke hold to pick up the win. I think this is what Xplosion should feature, especially while British Boot Camp is going on.

Austin Aries def. Noam Dar(2/24/15)

Once again, we got to see another British Boot Camp 2 contestant in action on Xplosion. This time, Noam Dar went one-on-one with Austin Aries. Dar has a small physique, much like Aries. He came off as a technical wrestler to me. Dar worked well with Aries, proving to me why he was one of the top prospects on the show. Aries picked up the win with the brainbuster in the end.

That's it for this month! My favorite match out of these four would be The Hardy's vs. MVP and Kenny King. How did you feel about these Xplosion matches? Sound off below in the comments area!

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