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Nowadays Impact Wrestling is no stranger to taking ideas, gimmicks or even factions from the past and being able to revive them for a new generation of fans, sometimes the execution can fall flat on it's face like The New Main Event Mafia that featured Rampage Jackson and other times the revival can be so great that it can rival the popularity of the original much like Santana and Ortiz of the New LAX.

So this got me thinking, what other factions from TNA/Impact's past that should be given the LAX treatment; Which group or faction should rebooted for audiences in modern day Impact Wrestling...Here are at least five I could think of and the possible ways on how they could incorporate today.



5. Team Canada

Everyone remembers in the lead up to Slammiversary 2020 former NJPW and Impact star, Michael Elgin could be seen in various backstage segments on his phone talking to someone while also mentioning "Us Canadians Need To Stick Together"; Well it didn't take fan a lot of time the speculate that this could of meant the possible return of Team Canada, one of the company's most well regarded factions during the golden age of TNA Wrestling from 2004-2006.

The group consisted of wrestler/booker/promoter, Scott D'Amore as the nefarious head coach of a team of young and relatively unknown Canadian wrestlers who proudly boasted about the greatness of their home land while also utilizing a combination of strength, speed, the numbers game and basically every dirty trick in the book to get one step closer to championship success and higher up within the rankings.

While many would suggest putting former Knockouts Champion, Taya Valkyrie and former Tag Team Champions, Ethan Page and Josh Alexander into a future reboot of Team Canada, the thing is the original idea is so great that it wouldn't make sense to change it.

I mean a group of unknown wrestlers from the land of the Maple Leaf being led to success by an opportunistic manager before going out on their own to establish their own legacies like Bobby Roode, Eric Young and Petey Williams is such a simply but effective premise that it could happen today with the right booking, plus names like Aiden Prince, Alexia Nicole, Brent Banks and KC Spinelli among other Canadian wrestlers who Impact fans have seen but don't know too much about could be a nice set-up for a new Team Canada, although I'm pretty sure that Scott might not be able to manage this new version the way that he did before what with his duties as Executive Producer of Impact Wrestling.




4. Paparazzi Productions 

From 2006-07, a group of wrestlers which included Kevin Nash, Johnny Devine, Austin Starr (Austin Aries) and founder of the whole operation, Alex Shelley would get take a few video cameras and record various things like meta interviews with wrestlers, funny backstage segments, record themselves wrestling their opponents in the ring or even be used as spies to get dirty on fellow wrestlers which would beneficial others in the locker room.

While Alex Shelley seems to be preoccupied with other matters for the time being, that doesn't mean this gimmick could flourish today in Impact especially in this social media savvy generation where wrestling fans are more interested in what happens behind the scenes than what goes on in the ring.

A good pair of wrestlers who would be perfect for this role would be Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb Konley; Tenille is already playing the gimmick of Instagram model who also wrestles while Kaleb plays her personal photographer but if those two gimmicks get taken to the next level, if Tenille uses Kaleb for more than just Instagram photos but as her own personal dirty sheet.

Under the orders of Tenille, Kaleb and a number of other wrestlers playing Tenille's underlings could be tasked with finding some juicy secrets about her rivals in the back which could be used to get under their skin or inside their head. Not to mention that their services as a photographer could be used by other wrestlers who want dirt on their opponents but first they'd need the permission of Tenille in exchange for a favor somewhere down the road...the story basically writes itself.   


3. The Beat Down Clan

In the mid 2010's, MVP would join forces with names like Bobby Lashley, Kenny King and later Samoa Joe and Low-Ki to create the BDC or the Beat Down Clan.

The group basically ran as a street gang who would call out and attack anyone they felt like will also using the mantra "Theirs Strength In Numbers" to their advantage during their feud with names like Bobby Roode, Drew Galloway and Eric Young.

A version of these group could come back but this time as a predominately female group; Names like Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz would fit perfectly into this iteration with Kiera being in the same role as MVP as the leader of the group, with Tasha as her second in command. 

Other members of the groups could include one or two more females and even a male member for the group when things get too difficult, his job title: Bodyguard, Enforcer and Snatch B###h Extraordinaire. 

Impact is no stranger to making some kick ass female stables before (ex: The Beautiful People) and perhaps this could be another opportunity to do so.



2. Death Council Crew (DCC)

One of the most underutilized factions in Impact's history, the DCC or Death Council Crew began after Cowboy James Storm was suspended indefinitely by then authority figure, Billy Corgan. Following this, vintages would appear on Impact television where three men seating at a table wearing black suits and white masks would speak with digitally altered voices warning that they weren't heroes or villains but only they could restore order to the company.

The three masked men would be revealed to be Bram, a debuting Eddie Kingston and returning James Storm; The group didn't last long as did most storylines or gimmicks at the time but now the group could be make a return under orders of ICU aka 'The Draw' Sami Callihan. 

Callihan's current Hacker gimmick has lost some steam and a little direction since it debut a couple of month ago but this could be the a way to bring back some intrigue. Sami realizes that as a good as he is by himself, sometimes you'll need somebody to watch your back and the DCC could be used as ICU's messengers of chaos whether it's appearing and disappearing in places to attack or play mind games could be add something new to Sami's ICU persona plus the mystery of who these men or women could be and how many of there are could make for some interesting moments on Impact television and on pay per view.


1. The Disciples Of The New Church  

While James Mitchell may have "died" at the hands of Jessicka Havok back in March, that doesn't mean he couldn't come back and even bring along a few friends along with him, similar to his original stable, The Disciples of The New Church.

Yes, before he was managing Abyss, Judas Mesias, Su Yung and Havok, Father James Mitchell was managing a group of bloodthirsty, satanic group of followers which included names like Malice and Tempest (The Wall and Crowbar respectively in WCW), Slash, Brian lee, Mike Awesome and BellaDonna. Together the group caused anarchy in the TNA Asylum (how appropriate) but choking the out with weapons, throwing fireballs in the faces of other wrestlers and desecrating their opponents with "The Blood of The Aoudad" while in the process battling some of best groups and tag team in the company at the time and even became the tag team champions at one point.

Now Impact Wrestling is no stranger in the world of macabre as storylines involving the undead realm are evidence of that but when it come to bringing back the new church there are two ways it could happen: 1. Bringing back James Mitchell and in the weeks and months to come he teases the arrival of new group of followers who are coming to Impact Wrestling to destroy everyone or 2. You could reboot the reboot the group but instead of Father Mitchell being the head of this church, it could be Crazzy Steve.

After a heel turn (with the right motivation), the debut of new wrestlers to join his group and even a few key wins and matches say for the X Division, Knockouts or the Tag Team Titles and you could have a group that would grab the imagination and attention of many while also creating a cult following amongst fans for their macabre and surrealist imagery.


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