As of January 2021, Kira Forster-Hennigan who is best known to many fans under her ring name of Taya Valkyrie was written off of Impact television following an impressive match with Deonna Purrazzo for the Knockouts Championship at Hard To Kill as well as wrapping up another storyline that involved herself and her former associate, John E. Bravo.

As it stands right now it's unknown which major promotion Taya Valkyrie will appear next but it is safe to say that throughout her wrestling career she has accomplished a lot of impressive feats both in the ring and outside of it, here are just a few facts regarding the former "Wera Loca" or Crazy Blonde of Impact Wrestling.



5. Taya Was A Bodybuilder And Ballerina 

Taya has been shown to be one of the strongest female athletes of this generation and this may very well be due to her work as bodybuilder.

In a 2020 interview article with the British tabloid known as The Daily Mirror, Taya talks about a whole host of topics from explaining her start in professional wrestling to training at the Lance Storm academy but a topic that she does talk about is how she got into fitness competitions and how it came from her desire to be a pro wrestler.

Valkyrie mentions that how many female stars like Victoria (Tara in Impact), Trish Stratus and Tori Wilson all took part in fitness competitions before becoming a wrestler and as result she decided to do the same thing as a way to get into the business; Taya mentions how she came in first place in the Canadian Bodybuilding Federation Championships and how she also came in second place in the 2001 Arnold Amateur also known as the Arnold Sports Festival (named after famous bodybuilder and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger) which is a multi-sporting event which consist of Bodybuilding, Fitness, Bikini Expos and so much more.

Soon afterwards, Taya briefly mentions that she took ballet growing up explaining how being a ballerina and a pro wrestler are similar as she describes

"It's a performance art, just like dance is. It's interpretive and you are a character. There is poise and presentation and storytelling along with the physical and, grueling aspect of both ballet and wrestling.

Sometimes when I'm wrestling the ballerina shows, from the way that I move my arms, or the way that I do my entrance and different things like that, but I wouldn't change it because that kind of sets me apart."

Impact Wrestling star Taya Valkyrie says 'leap of faith' changed her life - Mirror Online


4. She Was Once Signed To The WWE 

It's been said that it's always every wrestlers dream to sign with or compete for the WWE, which makes sense as it's one of if not the biggest wrestling organizations in the world so you can imagine the excitement on the face of a young Wera Loca when she got signed.

After competing in bodybuilding contests and training/wrestling in the Canadian Territory, Taya would get contacted and soon would be signed to a developmental contract with the WWE in October of 2011. Now considering her passion to be a pro wrestler as well as her background as a ballerina, a bodybuilder, gymnastics and how great she would become in her career you'd think this would led to her appearing on WWE programming in some form or fashion...well considering there's no footage of Taya Valkyrie on the WWE Network you can probably imagine what happened next.

Just as soon as she signed with the company, Taya's developmental contract ended; The reasons as to why this occurred have never been truly explained, while some could look at this moment and call this a bad move on WWE's end (especially with the ability of hindsight) this did lead to Taya returning back to Canada and wrestling in the independent scene.

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Eventually Taya would start to compete in Mexico, more specifically Triple A (AAA) in late 2012 where wrestled against famous names in Mexican pro wrestling like Faby Apache, Sexy Star, Ayako Hamada, Lady Shani and more. Plus she would go on to win the promotion's women's championship the Reina de Reinas Championship about three different times and speaking of that...

Getting to know the real Taya Valkyrie - Wrestling Travel


3. Taya Is The Only Woman To Have Held The Impact and Triple A's Women's Championship At The Same Time 

As previously mentioned, Taya Valkyrie held the Reina de Reinas Women's Championship at least three times as of writing of this article however it's her most recent win for the championship that is intriguing and impressive.


In 2019, the announcement was made that Lucha Libre AAA would be hosting an event inside Madison Square Garden which was seen as a big deal as it marked the second time a non WWE wrestling promotion would be hosting one of their shows at the legendary Garden in New York City. 

The event was called 'Lucha Invades NY' and Triple A decided to partner up with their allies, Impact Wrestling to help give the event even more star power. 

One of the matches that were announced for the show would see Taya Valkyrie (who was the reigning Knockouts champion in Impact Wrestling at the time) challenging the then current reigning and defending AAA Reina de Reinas Women's Champion who just so happened to be her long time rival in Impact, Tessa Blanchard.


The match between Taya and Tessa lasted only 10 minutes but was action packed from top to bottom complete with both ladies taunting each other throughout.

The match ended with Valkyrie hitting her finishing maneuver, The Road To Valhalla onto Blanchard and covering her for the 1..2..3 and as a result Taya Valkyrie became the AAA Women's Champion for a third time in her career.

This win was a monumental accomplishment for Taya as she not only won the Triple A Women's Championship once again but she did it while she was the Impact Wrestling's Knockouts Champion making her the first woman to achieve such a feat like this in recent memory. 

Tessa Blanchard vs. Taya Valkyrie Reina de Reinas Champion AAA Invading NewYork 2019 Full Match HD - YouTube

Screen_Shot_2017_08_11_at_09.58.34.0-1024x683 (1)

2. She Almost Appeared On The Netflix Series GLOW

This one is a bittersweet entry but still needs to mentioned simply for what could have been.

The wrestling themed Netflix TV show, GLOW became one of the streaming services most popular shows; The show itself retells the fictionalized story of female wrestlers who competed for the real life Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling aka 'GLOW' in the 1980's.

To give the show some legitimacy, they also include well known names and season veterans of the sport to train the actresses playing the wrestlers with former Impact Wrestling stars like Brooke Hogan, Chavo Guerrerro Jr., Awesome Kong, Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniel all playing significant roles or appearing as secondary characters.

However when it came time for the show to have it's fourth season another Impact Wrestling superstar was chosen to appear but real life events prevent this from happening...


In September of 2019 (yep the same time Taya became a dual champion for Triple A and Impact), Netflix announced that GLOW would be having it's fourth season but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, production for the up-and-coming season was cancelled and subsequently led to show coming to an end; What makes the news even worse is that it was revealed by Taya herself that she was suppose to appear for the show's fourth season with the former Knockouts Champion posting a series of tweets regarding the news about the cancellation: 


It's unclear what character Taya Valkyrie was chosen to played or how significant her role would have been if the show wasn't cancelled but unfortunately the events of the real world once again managed to affect the wrestling world.

EjLt5LgVcAAgKhC (1)

1. She Has Her Own Clothing Brand

While 2020 may have dealt Taya Valkyrie a bad hand in regards to appearing on GLOW, she wasn't hurting too much as the former Knockouts Champion would keep herself preoccupied not just inside the wrestling ring but also with her new pet project.

yrVm9m5O_400x400 (1)

In April of 2020, Taya created her own clothing brand known as "LOCA" which makes a large assortment of items from track suits, hoodies, hats and so much more, in fact if you go back and watch some previous episode of Impact Wrestling you can see many of the wrestlers on the roster wearing the merch on TV.

Red LOCA brand tracksuit worn by Willie Mack on the right

Red LOCA brand tracksuit worn by Willie Mack on the right

Since it's creation almost a year ago, the LOCA brand has being shipping it's merchandise in around the globe in places like New Zealand, Canada, England, the United States etc.

And if you're interested in buying some 'LOCA' merch I've put some links down below to the brands website and it's twitter page.

LOCA Brand Twitter Page:

LOCA Brand Website

Products | Taya Valkyrie

For content relating to Taya Valkyrie I'll post some of her best work from her time in Impact Wrestling

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