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A week or so ago, I made an article talking about '10 Impact Knockouts Who First Appeared At Knockouts Knockdown' and it appears that list went over remarkably well, so with January still being Knockouts Month for Impact Wrestling I decided to continue the theme of talking about Knockouts Knockdown by mentioning 5 reasons as to why it should make a comeback.

I should mention in advance that this is an opinion piece on my part but if agree with the points I make in this article or if you have other reasons why Knockouts Knockdown should come back or if Impact should create a brand new all knockouts themed event, let me know on social media.


5. Creating Content For Impact Media Platforms

This one here is pretty simple, Impact Wrestling currently is active on a lot social media platforms like Twitch, YouTube and they even have their own streaming service for goodness sake but were still living in a pandemic and those platforms especially the Twitch and Impact Plus App could always gain new material for subscribers and first time users to binge watch.

Bringing back Knockouts Knockdown as an Impact Plus or Twitch exclusive show would get more people to use those sites thereby increasing the company's amount of viewers and subscribers.

Not only that, but Impact could also incorporate never before seen footage in the lead up to Knockouts Knockdown with things like behind-the-scenes stuff or exclusive interviews on their YouTube, Twitter and Facebook accounts which again would increase the subscribers and viewer numbers considerably; At the end of the day doing these type of things will ultimately help the company expand it's reach and that's the most important thing.


4. A Good Place To Start Or End Feuds

If you don't count pay per views or Plus Specials than Impact mainly focuses it's efforts on it's weekly show and seeing that you can only cram so much into a two hour show, perhaps bring back this event could help with the ladies on the roster.

Having feuds start or end at an all Knockouts theme event would allow Impact to wrap up rivalries with enough time to make if feel satisfying or tease matches and events that could be played out on the weekly shows or the PPV's for months and years to come.

Plus, if anyone who only watches the weekly show wonders why these knockouts are feuding or what the context is all about you can basically direct them to watch the Knockouts Knockdown shows in order to understand the full story.


3. Further Growing The Knockouts Tag Team Division

As I mentioned previously Impact's Weekly show is two hours long so there may not be enough try to address everything going on in the divisions especially the newly revived Knockouts Tag Division but when you have a two hour show that's exclusively dedicated to the Knockouts like Knockouts Knockdown, you'll have all the time to expand on that division.

Impact already has built in teams like Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz, Nevaeh and Havok and Kimber Lee and Deonna but that doesn't mean that more teams can emerge to challenge for the tag team titles.

A possible idea would be to create a Knockout Knockdown event that focuses mainly on the Tag Team Division where you have teams who aren't signed with the promotion fighting to see who will challenge for those belts either on Impact television or on PPV

Not to mention if you include talent from other companies like OVW, AEW, Border City Wrestling, and AAA could help to strengthen the partnerships that Impact has built for itself over the years.

Hogan and Steel vs. Death Machine

2. More Time For Storylines To Develop

I've already discussed this in some length in the previous entries but most wrestlers don't get much screen time to grow without it feeling rushed or like it's dragging on, so a one or two hour event for the ladies will most certainly help with that.

If there's one thing the Don Callis and Scott D'Amore regime do better than anyone, it's long term storytelling and Knockouts Knockdown is a place where new details or plot points can be added to these storylines and It will give the writers and wrestlers enough time to go in depth on the stories being told which will could continue into the next episode of Impact or pay per view. 

By doing this the company would make the Knockouts Knockdown show feel important to watch as the outcomes and events that take place on the pay per view can and will play an integral part in the over arching story that Impact likes to tell.

Spinelli, Renee and Kelly

1. Exposure For Future Stars

The one thing that the old Knockouts Knockdown event did that most fans enjoy looking back now, is the fact that many female athletes who were either signed elsewhere or were free agents would take part in this event before they became famous on Impact or in other companies and this is definitely something that should come back if the event itself returns or if Impact decides to do an all female PPV with a different name.

Impact has already seen ladies like Lacey Ryan, Miranda Alize, Heather Monroe, Killer Kelly, Renee Michelle, The Sea Stars and Jazz appear on their weekly show but imagine these ladies and many more could do if their given a place to have 10-15 minute matches where they can just go at it with the residents of the Knockdowns Division.

Their appearances on these shows would give Impact Wrestling content for their tape library and could be used in future video packages on TV or pay per view, plus it's not too crazy to think that with enough noise on social media or by the decision of the higher ups that these ladies could get signed to long term deals with the company insuring that this wouldn't be the last time we see them on our screens. 

Not to mention that Impact's roster isn't exactly that largest in modern pro wrestling so by bringing in these names from the independent scene, AEW, Triple A or elsewhere to take part on the show could help to make the event feel larger in scope instead of just using all of the knockouts to fill out the show. 

Do you agree or disagree with my reasons? Also if you'd like to see Knockouts Knockdown return as an Impact Plus Special or see a brand new Knockouts pay per view become a reality be sure to let the higher ups of Impact Wrestling and Anthem Sports know on social media.

If you enjoyed this article, be sure to follow me on Twitter @hakeemfullerton and for more wrestling related content, be sure to follow, Wrestling New World on Twitter @wnwnews.

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