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Gail Kim Discusses Eliminating Herself In A Raw Divas' Battle Royal, When She Decided To Be A Wrestler, More

Gail Kim was recently interviewed by Schema Magazine and discussed a number of topics, from her experiences as a Korean-Canadian female wrestler to her departure to WWE and more. When asked about when she knew she wanted to be a professional wrestler, she responded:

"I knew when I was 23. I knew when I was so hooked on watching wrestling and I saw the likes of Trish Stratus, Victoria, Molly, Jazz etc. What they now call the golden era of women's wrestling. I watched them and thought, 'Hey! I can do that! I also thought, there are no Asian women. I can be that person.'"

When asked why she thought she wasn't featured enough in WWE, which led to her eliminating herself in a Divas' battle royal, she responded:

"I've talked about this many times up to this point, which I don't mind but I think the fans and myself have moved on from this topic. To clarify, that was not the reason why, there were many reasons why including some disrespectful situations and the way women were treated; so I decided to move on. I did, and I'm happier than ever and I will never know reasons why so I choose not to worry about that anymore. I can only look forward and try to do positive things from now on. Impact Wrestling has been home for me and it's just been a confidence building, pro female wrestling environment. I feel like I don't have to limit myself anymore."

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