Gail Kim Thankful To Be A TNA Knockout, Talks Infamous Roll-Out


SLAM! Wrestling has a new interview online with Gail Kim. In it, she discusses how happy she is to be a TNA Knockout and how frustrating it was in WWE. She also speaks of her infamous roll-out of the company. Below is an excerpt:

"Nobody knows what I went through in terms of disrespect during my time there, but that move wasn't just about me it was a culmination of all the disrespect I felt that all the other women and the women's division as a whole had received too, I was taking a stand.

"While a lot of fans watching Raw noticed what I did, nobody from WWE noticed, that just shows how much they didn't care. I went up to Johnny [John Laurinaitis] after and spoke about the Battle Royal and his reaction towards the match was, 'Yeah, I heard it was pretty s---.' I was amazed and I then told him how I eliminated myself and he just laughed.

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