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GFW Criticized After Canceled Texas Shows


Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling has come under some scrutiny after a blogger posted an open letter being upset about GFW quietly canceling their Texas shows. The poster, going under the alias of Skillcrane at, expressed frustration after purchasing tickets but GFW didn’t make it apparent that the shows were cancelled.

“Fast forward to August of 2015, when tickets for the Texas ballpark tour went on sale. Anyone (such as myself) who purchased tickets to any of these events did so as a leap of faith. With absolutely no information other than a time & a place, purchasing a ticket was doing so out of the part of themselves that wishes the best for the promotion & wants them to succeed,” Skillcrane would write describing his initial purchase.

While he initially felt optimistic, that feeling would soon fade. After seeing that two wrestlers were advertised for GFW shows the poster would go to the official website to confirm that they would be at the Texas show, only to not see the shows listed at all.

“Instead, what I saw was an announcement that the next shows were in October, with not even a mention of the Texas dates on the site. This was somewhat disconcerting considering I had purchased tickets for an event in September. I looked through the News link, the ticket link, etc, & saw no information at all on these dates, making me wonder if I had imagined the whole thing all along. A quick Google search (again, it is hard to accept that I have to Google information that is buried somewhere on the site) pointed me to an article that announced that the Texas dates have been canceled under mysterious reasons ("multiple scheduling conflicts & announcements that will be revealed over the next few weeks"), & that GFW was "committed to our friends and fans in Texas" & they look forward to seeing us next year instead. No email saying "hey, we realize you already threw down money for this show, so here is your refund" or anything like that. The fact is that I had to dig for information instead of having the company proactively come out & contact any of us who bothered to support them in the first place,” Skillcrane would elaborate.

The poster would go on to describe that it was going to be difficult to get his refund, and was expected to get a refund in person which would require a long drive on his part. GFW would eventually reach out to the poster asking to call the box office for the refund, which was apparently was correct, but the poster ended still harboring ill feelings for the lack of information and confusion that the post caused.

The GFW cancellation post read as followed:

Global Force Wrestling, the San Antonio Missions and the Round Rock Express have decided to postpone the GFW Grand Slam Tour events scheduled for later this month in Texas.

Due to multiple conflicts in scheduling plus announcements that will be revealed over the next few weeks, GFW and the Texas clubs felt it was best to reschedule the events for the 2016 Grand Slam Tour.

“Global Force Wrestling has made a promise to our fans to present the highest quality wrestling action at all of our Grand Slam events,” GFW founder and CEO Jeff Jarrett said. “As a new brand in the entertainment marketplace, it is imperative not only to deliver but to exceed customer expectations. We are committed to our friends and fans in Texas, and we look forward to scheduling San Antonio and Round Rock on next year’s Grand Slam Tour.”

Ticket refunds can be obtained through the Missions’ and Express’ box offices.

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