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GFW Impact Results (07/13/17) - Grado's Search For A Bride

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GFW IMPACT (07.13.17)
Commentators: Jeremy Borash, Da Pope, Josh Mathews
Written by Brendan Wahl

Grado and Joseph Park arrive at the arena with the latter saying that he has a plan to allow Grado to stay in the country if they could get him married to a knockout.

A video recap was shown of the feud between Alberto El Patron and Bobby Lashley.

LAX opened the show and Konnan introduced "newest member," GFW Heavyweight Champion Alberto El Patron but he was confused as to why he would tell everyone that Alberto would be joining LAX without even asking him first. They made allusions to the WWE and Impact's former ownership and Konnan told El Patron to simply say "si! si! si!" and join their group. Alberto declined the offer so LAX jumped him until Bobby Lashley surprisingly made the save. He handed Alberto his belt back and they awkwardly stood face-to-face.

A video package was shown for both ACH and Andrew Everett.

1) ACH def. Andrew Everett in a Super X Cup Tournament First Round match by pinfall in 6:22 with a brainbuster.

Footage was shown from last week of Caleb Konley going under to X-Division Champion Sonjay Dutt in a non-title match. Trevor Lee then ran out and attacked Dutt before stealing the X-Division Title and leaving with it. Sonjay swore revenge to gain the title back that he's taken 15 years to earn by himself.

Gail Kim came down to the ring to make a major announcement. She talked about our injury from last year and said that she didn't regret one moment from her entire career. She finished by saying that she will be retiring at the end of 2017.

Chris Adonis came down to the ring shortly after and picked a fight with the castmembers from a POP TV show called Swolemates. They got in the ring with Adonis and compared body shapes before referees got into the ring to prevent a fight.

2) Octagoncito def. Demus in a Minis match by pinfall in 3:56 when he used a cradle.

Grado went through a number of knockouts, who all turned him down for a date which doesn't bode well for a possible marriage. However, Joseph Park gave Grado a bottle of champagne and some chocolates to hopefully help him out with his "last chance."

A video package was shown for Matt Sydal.

EC3 joined the announce table for color commentary.

3) Naomichi Marufuji def. Moose by DQ; Moose retains the Impact Grand Championship. EC3 jumped Marufuji to cause the DQ and then attacked Moose afterwards but Moose cleared him out of the ring.The judges were Dutch MantellScott D'Amoreand Bruce Prichard.

Konnan told his fellow LAX members that they need to send a message to Alberto & Lashley.

Trevor Lee came down to the ring wearing Sonjay's X-Division Championship and then said that he would defend it... against a local athlete.

4) TrevorLee (wearing the belt the whole time) def. William Weeks by pinfall in1:22 when he hit the double stomp.In the back, Sonjay Dutt had to be held back by security before he could get to the ring. He managed to break free and go after Lee but he managed to escape with Sonjay's belt again.

5) Laurel Van Ness def. Ava Storie by pinfall in 3:21 with a curb stomp. After the match, Grado came down to the ring with Joseph Park and attempted to ask her out on a date. Before she could answer, they were interrupted by Kongo Kong. This caused Grado and Park to hit the bricks.

6) GFW Heavyweight Champion Alberto El Patron & Bobby Lashley vs. Tag Team Champions LAX (Santana/Ortiz) by pinfall in 14:11 when El Patron pinned Santana with a double stomp to the arm. After the match, Alberto talked about how he and Lashley made an awesome team but then LAX jumped the former while Lashley simply left and went to the back.


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