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GFW Impact Results (8/3/17) - New Grand Champion, Low Ki Joins LAX

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GFW Impact Results
Thursday, August 3, 2017
From Universal Studios in Orlando, FL
Report by CJ Blaze of

LAX is in their shed as Konnan confirms a new member of LAX will (actually) be revealed tonight.

1) Super X Cup Semi-Final: Dezmond Xavier def. Drago via Final Flash in 10 minutes. Xavier cuts a promo after on going to the finals at Destination X.

A video package on Matt Sydal vs. Lashley airs.

2) Mumbai Cat def. Trevor Lee via pinfall in 1:35. Cat took off his mask to reveal it was Sonjay Dutt, who was banned from the building tonight. Dutt challenges Lee to an X-Division Title Ladder match at Destination X to settle this.

Eli Drake (accompanied by Chris Adonis) comes down to the ring. Eddie Edwards doesn't enter as he's being attacked by Kongo Kong backstage. Kong then starts attacking Richard Justice while Laurel Van Ness watches and screams.

3) Impact Grand Championship Match: EC3 def. Moose (c) via split decision to win the title. Scott D'Amore, Dutch Mantell, and Bruce Prichard were the judges. Bruce broke the tie 10-8 in favor of EC3.

The new team OVE will debut at Destination X.

4) Suicide, Braxton Sutter & Grado def. KM, Fallah Bahh & Mario Bokaro via pinfall in 4 minutes. Afterwards. Grado calls out Laurel. Grado gets down on one knee, but Kong walks out for a brawl. Allie wants to help, but Sutter forces her to leave ringside. Laurel stops Kong from splashing off the top.

EC3 comes back out to celebrate winning the Grand Title. He tells the title he loves it before gently kissing it.

5) Tag Team Champions LAX def. Alberto El Patron & Family via pinfall in 11:21 after Low Ki interfered and was revealed to be the new member of LAX.

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