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When you think of greatest Knockouts Champions of all time you think of names such as Gail Kim or Madison Rayne. The Knockouts Championship was established at the Bound For Glory PPV back in 2007 where Gail Kim was crowned the first-ever champion. Since the inception of the championship, there has been a total of 54 reigns over 23 wrestlers. Now I take a look at some of the greatest champions of all time.

Gail Kim:

The first GOAT that I will be discussing in this article is none other than the first-ever Knockouts Champion Gail Kim. 

When you look at Gail's career it's legendary as she has done so much to make women's wrestling prominent in the modern era. Gail Kim holds the record for the most title reigns ever, at one point in time held the record for the longest reign, legendary feud with Kong, and the first female wrestler to be inducted into the IMPACT Hall of Fame. Gail Kim signed with IMPACT back in 2005 and would only make sporadic appearances and mixed tag team matches before becoming a singles competitor in 2007. Some of Kim's greatest championship feuds come against the likes of Awesome Kong and Taryn Terrell. Some of the best work is her heel work. Back in 2011 she would return to IMPACT after her second run in WWE and would algin with Karen Jarrett and Madison Rayne where she would defeat Velvet Sky for the Knockouts Championship and simultaneously become one half of the Knockouts Tag Team Champions with Madison Rayne. When people look at all seven of Kim's title reigns it's her second reign that everyone talks about. She would go on to beat some of the top Knockouts at the time such as Velvet Sky, Mickie James, and even her tag partner at the time Madison Rayne. 

Gail Wins Second Knockouts Championship:

Awesome Kong:

Another former champion that made GOAT status is Awesome Kong. Kong came to IMPACT from Japan where she was booked as an unstoppable beast of a monster. She would go on rampages and take out any and everyone that stood in her way. Kong was so dominant that she was known for stretcher matches where she would destroy her opponents with the Awesome bomb and toss them on a stretcher. Kong also had a legendary feud with Gail Kim over the Knockouts Championship. Kong has held the title a total of two times with a combined reign of 347 days.

Awesome Kong wins First Knockouts Championship:

Madison Rayne:

Another Knockout to make the list is the former five-time champion and Queen Bee herself, Madison Rayne. Rayne makes the list because of her third title reign. It was during this reign that Madison would hold onto the title for 188 days until she dropped the title to Mickie James at Lockdown 2010. This reign is her best reign out of the five. At this time Madison was the Queen Bee with the oversized tiara and sash plus she had the wave down pack. Rayne was so dominant and confident that she would hold weekly open challenges for the title and run through ever challenger. She even was in control of Tara's career and could fire her anytime she wanted to. Long title reigns like this don't mean anything unless they have great storylines and emotions. This title reign had it all. 

Madison Rayne Wins 3rd Knockouts Championship:

Taya Valkyrie:

Taya Valkyrie makes the list as her one and only title reign is history-making. After multiple fail attempts to win the gold Taya would eventually get the payoff by beating Tessa Blanchard at the Homecoming 2019 PPV. This reign pushed Taya to GOAT status as she would defeat some big-time Knockouts of the past and present. Some of her title defenses come against Rosemary, Su Yung, and a returning ODB. Valkyrie would also algin with her real-life husband then Johnny IMPACT now John Morrison as they would attack Brian Cage and turn heel. After surpassing Taryn Terrell's reign she would make history each and every day she held the title. Taya breaking Terrell's record and setting her own really build up Taya who was becoming stagnant at the time. After losing the title she was able to challenge Tessa Blanchard making history once again taking part in the all-female world title match. 

Every Title Defense of Taya Valkyrie's HISTORIC Regin:

Taryn Terrell:

The last Knockout to make the list is the incomparable Taryn Terrell. Terrell would make her IMPACT debut when she was introduced by Brooke Hogan as the referee for the Knockouts Division. She would eventually begin a legendary feud with Gail Kim which would see one hell of a ladder match and one of the best last man standing matches in wrestling history. Taryn would defeat both Havok and Kim in a triple threat match in 2014 to win the title. She would go on to hold it for a record-breaking 279 days during this time she would turn heel and reveal herself to be the leader of the heel stable known as the Dollhouse. The stable was brought in to take out Kong and protect Terrell from losing her title. She would also revisit her amazing feud with Gail and this time it would become personal. Terrell would attack the marriage of Kim and her husband and even broke her ring finger and stole the ring. In my opinion, this title reign was the epitome of her incredible career. The perfect way to wrap up her career as she would drop the championship to Brooke in 2015 and we wouldn't see her again until her brief appearance in 2017. 

Taryn Terrell Wins Knockouts Championship:

How do you feel about my GOAT list? Did I leave one of your faves off the list? Let me know.

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