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Hulk Hogan Says His TNA Contract Expired Last Year, Dixie Carter Didn't Know

Hulk Hogan was a guest on "Busted Open" on Wednesday. In the interview, he claimed his contract with TNA Wrestling expired last year. He said neither he nor Dixie Carter knew it but they weren't worried about it. Hogan claimed it wasn't until he called his lawyer and asked him. He was then informed his contract had been expired for 10 days. He said he's with TNA because he loves the business.

Hogan spoke about Bobby Roode and while never specially addressing Roode's contract status, he said Bobby would wrestle without a contract because he loves the business. He reiterated it was his desire for Roode to be TNA Champion on the UK tour so the champion would be there.

Roode's TNA contract status became the talk of Lockdown weekend when he didn't appear at the fan interaction event on Saturday. It was learned there was an issue with his contract (that was later resolved).

Hogan said last month he had to "choose his battles" but he thought Bobby Roode should have been TNA Champion during the UK tour because a tour with no champion makes no sense. TNA advertised Jeff Hardy, the champion at the time, for the tour but later announced he was pulled due to injury. Hardy was actually unable to obtain a work visa because of a past drug conviction.

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