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Hulk Hogan Still With TNA Wrestling?

Hulk Hogan

The speculation on Hulk Hogan's status with TNA Wrestling continues amid an article surfacing on Tulsa World that promotes this week's Impact taping in the city. The article references storyline that Hogan may or may not be at TVs this week due to "recent tension" with Dixie Carter but features quotes from the man himself.

You can read the article at this link.

If Hogan is still with TNA, one of three things have happened.

  • Scenario #1- TNA decided to pickup the option on his contract, renewing it for another year.
  • Scenario #2- The two parties agreed to a contract extension. We know they've been negotiating with TNA offering more years at a lower rate. Hogan was pushing back on taking a pay cut.
  • Scenario #3- TNA declined to pickup the option on his contract but signed him to a short-term extension while they continue negotiations.

There is also a chance the interview was conducted before his contract expired and it was final promotional appearance. We'll continue to follow the story and pass along the information as soon as we get it.

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