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Hulk Hogan Uncensored With Hogan & Eric Bischoff Gets Mixed Reviews

Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff fielded questions from fans at an event promoted as “Hulk Hogan Uncensored” at the Beacon Theatre in New York City on Friday night. The event started with a meet and then went to an "intimate" question and answer session.

There was nothing "ground breaking" about the event as Hogan put over Randy Savage as his favorite opponent and one fan asked Bischoff (who showed a little bit of a gut) when he was going to have his baby.

Hogan talked about how he liked working with TNA Wrestling because it was a growing company and he and Bischoff compared it to WCW. When no one gave WCW a shot, they actually overtook the WWF in the ratings and were close to "winning" the war.

It was said that Sting had agreed to be the third member of the NWO had Hogan not agreed to do it.

Hulk talked about seeing "Sensational" Sherri Martel when he was single at a strip club. The infamous sex tape wasn't brought up but a fan shouted to Hulk he should have never gotten married and he responded with an "amen."

The biggest criticism from the event had to do with disorganization. The Q&A session was ended before everyone that had waited was able to ask at least one question.

Doing some research across Twitter, below is some reactions from attendees:

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