*Spoilers* Impact Wrestling Taping Results For 12/5 & 12/12

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Impact Wrestling

TNA Wrestling held another set of Impact tapings on Saturday night from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Wrestling News World'sScott Brooks was in attendance and filed the following report:

Taped for December 5, 2013:

* Bad Influence came out and said they have the truth on Joseph Park. Park came out. Park said they need to stop. They have won. Kazarian says try have some info on him. Pal takes the folder they were holding and rips it up. Kazarian says they have other videos and points to the screen. They are in Chicago at his office. They go in his office and it is empty. They go back and ask his secretary what is up. She says he is not here and Park Park & Park is not at this address and hasn't been in 13 years. It apparently just closed. Daniels in the ring asks what he has been doing for 13 years. Park asks them to leave him alone. Kazarian says they won't. They have called him names but then he says they can call him a liar and spots in his face and the two attack. Eric Young comes out. He says this has gone on long enough. He says next week they will have a tag match.

* In a non title match, Bromans w/Zema Ion defeated Gunner and James Storm by DQ. Robbie E spat beer in Gunner's face and Gunner was punching him like crazy then shoved the ref causing the DQ. He and Storm got into words after.

* EC3 came out and said he wanted Earl Hebner as his opponent. He has a special ref for the match. Rockstar Spud brings out Brian Hebner who is hesitant to count. EC3 says Earl needs to lay down and Brian will count the 3. Earl eventually lays down.

* EC3 pinned Earl Hebner with 1 finger as Brian hesitantly counted the pin. He demanded that Brian raise his hand after. Spud celebrated with EC3.

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Taped for December 12, 2013:

* Jeremy Borash interviewed Madison Rayne was in the house who left due to being pregnant and just recently had her child. She said she misses being everyone.

* In a TNA X-Division Title match, Austin Aries defeated Chris Sabin via Brainbuster to become a 2-time X-Division Champion. Velvet at one time nearly got hit by Sabin unintentionally which led to AA getting the brainbuster for the win.

* Gail came out for the opening promo and asked for the opponent and wants better competition. ODB comes out. Gail says she has beaten her several times and tells her to get out. ODB says she isn't out here for Gail. She punches Tapa. ODB picks up Tapa but Gail attacks get knee and the two beat her up. Madison Tayne runs out and throws out Gail. Tapa lays her out. ODB makes the save and he and Rayne knock Tapa out of the ring.

* Joseph Park and Eric Young defeated Bad Influence. Park was hesitant to wrestle so Eric Young grabbed him and punched him so he would get busted open. Park cleaned house and won the match via Black Hole Slam on Kazarian.

* Post match, Eric Young said he knows why the last 18 months why he has been looking for his brother Abyss then says "You are Abyss," and leaves. Park stands in disbelief.

* EC3 comes out and says they are going to change it up a bit and challenges Jeremy Borash. Tells him to get in the ring. Sting's music hits and he comes to the ring with a mic. He says he can't believe he is in the ring with such greatness and shakes his hand. He changes his tune and calls him out for using his last name to go to the top and challenging Borash. He says Feast or Fired is the name of the game and asks him to enroll himself tonight or he could just fight him right now. EC3 says so this is the icon Sting wanting him to do something memorable. He says "you are on." He then leaves the ring.

* Before Feast or Fired got started, Bully Ray interrupted Mr. Anderson during his schtick and piledrove him on the stage. He cut a very bizarre and cryptic promo and mentioned how Anderson's wife was pregnant with two kids and he will be responsible for their future. Pretty loud "that was weird" chant after.

* In the main event of the show we had Feast or Fired. The competitors included:
Austin Aries
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Sabin
Curry Man
Dewey Barnes
Ethan Carter III
James Storm
Norv Fernum
Samoa Joe
Zema Ion

Curry Man left actually when the match started.

Case 1: Gunner
Case 2: Zema Ion
Case 3: Ethan Carter III
Case 4: Chavo Guerrero

EC3 got it after a big dive sequence and refused to do a dive. Zema for one. Chavo got it after Hernandez accidentally tossed Chavo to the perfect spot to get one. Storm went for case 1 at the end but Gunner crotched him on the pole and pulled down the case.

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Velvet Sky defeated Brooke Tessmacher via In Yo Face

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