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Trey vs Ace Austin:

Winner: Ace Austin via The Fold 

TJP & Fallah Bahh vs The Rascalz:

Winners: The Rascalz via pinfall

Crazzy Steve vs Joseph P. Ryan:

Winner: Joseph P. Ryan via pinfall

Chase Stevens vs Rohit Raju:

Winner: Rohit Raju via pinfall

Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz vs Kylie Rae & Susie:

Winners: Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz via pinfall 

Live Coverage:

Kylie Rae & Susie vs Tasha Steelz & Kiera Hogan:

We kick this off with Knockouts Tag Team Action. The bell rings and here we go. Tasha and Kylie start off the match with a lock up then Kylie gets the advantage and grabs the wrist but Tasha edcapes and grabs the wrist kf Kylie then grabs her hair and takes her down. Kylie is able to tag in Susie and Tasha trash talks Susie who slaps Tasha. Kiera then asks for the tag and gets taken down with a sideheadlock and pushed into the corner as Kylie tags in and takes down Kiera for a one count. Kulie is in control of the arm and wrist as she tags in Susie. Kiera escapes and immediately tags in Tasha. Tasha was looking for a handshake from Susie as Tasha backs her into her corner. With the referee distracted Kiera gets in a cheap shot. Kiera tags in and they hit a double team on Susie then Hogan pushes Susie into the corner and puts the boots to her throat. Hogan tags in Tasha who takes down Susie then throws her into the corner and tags in Kiera who takes down Susie for a one count then tags back in Tasha who lays in the boots and trash talks Kylie. Susie is then able to take down Tasha and grabs Kylie's bow and both Knockouts are down. Susie is able to tag in Kylie Rae who takes down both ladies and hita clothesline then the Kylie Special on Hogan for a two count. She then takes in Susie who hits a codebreaker but Hogan is able to recover and hits a couple of superkicks on both ladies. Susie the recovers and then looks for a fireman's carry on Tasha  who escapes with the help of Kiera. They both kick Susie and send her into the corner. Hogan sets Susie up on the top and Kylie misses with a superkick leading to Tasha Steelz looking for a hurricanrana but Susie counters leading to Kiera Hogan hitting a fisherman's suplex for the pin and the win.

After the match we get a backstage interview with Ace Austin. Ace says that everyone is too concerned with the past and he is looking to the future and that he has outgrown the X-Division. Moose then interrupts and says that his title is prestigious and list all the legends eho have held his title. He then suggests that Ace come after his title and that the IMPACT title is second rate. Ace then says that maybe he will.

Joseph P. Ryan vs Crazzy Steve:

We come back and straight into the next match. Joseph P. Ryan is accompanied to the ring by Dave & Jake Crist. The bell rings and here we go. Steve says he knows who Ryan is and gets a slap followed by a few back elbows and clotheslines from Crazzy Steve leading to a jawbreaker and a flying knee for a two count. Ryan finally recovers and hits a dropkick to Crazzy Steve. Ryan sends him into the corner and hits multiple shots to the stomach. Ryan brings him out and hits a clubbing blow to the back leading to a scoop slam and a knee for a two count. Ryan stands over Steve and mocks him leading to multiple European uppercuts then says he has the greatest suplex on earth leading to Steve to recover and take down Ryan. Steve gets in a few shots before Ryan hits a big strike. Steve is able to regain control but the Crists get involved in the match distracting the referee leading a superkick from Ryan and the pinfall. After the match Joseph P. Ryan asks if Jake Crist wants to join Cancel Culture and Jake accepts the offer then turns on his brother.

Rohit Raju vs Chase Stevens:

The bell rings and here we go. Rohit gets the advantage right away and doubles over Chase then clubs him in the back. Rohit then ducks the clothesline from Stevens. He then comes off the ropes with a big running knee for a two count. Rohit is still in control and claws the eyes of Stevens but Chase regains control and hits a clothesline for a two count. Stevens then hits a dropkick for anofher two count. Rohit then recovers and looks to attack Stevens in the corner who kicks him away. Rohit then counters Stevens then hits a Russian Legsweep for a two count. Rohit then takes down Chase again for a two count. Stevens is able to recover and looks for a German suplex but Rohit slips out the back and takes down Stevens for a two count. Rohit is now frustrated and chokes out Chase multiple times then says it's his time and hits a back elbow to Stevens. Chase gets to his feet then lays in multiple shots to the face of Rohit leading to a German suplex and a scissors kick for a two count. Stevens sets up for a moonsault and Rohit counters with the boots up. Rohit charges Stevens but counters with a kick to the stomach but Rohit says it was low then pulls the referee in front of him allowing Rohit to hit a bug knee to the face then a double stomp to the back for the win. After the match Rohit is busy talking to the fans at home saying he is the most underrated wrestler in the world and Rhino sneaks in the ring behind him and hits the gore.

After the match we get a backstage interview with Havok and Neveah. Neveah says she has been watching from the shadows and saw her win the Knockouts Championship. She says that after everything that happened with Father James Mitchell she came to IMPACT to check on her friend. She also says on her own Havok is dangerous but together they are an unstoppable force. 

Locker Room Talk:

This week's guest is Chris Bey. Madison says that prior to coming to IMPACT that he was the hottest free agent in pro wrestling and she asks him why he chose IMPACT. Before he can answer Swinger answers the question for him. Madison then runs down Bey's impressive wins and asks him if he can beat Willie Mack for the X-Division Championship. Swinger answers the question for him and says they will challenge Mack and Cousin Jack to a tag team match next week. Bey says after they win next week Swinger can help him beat Mack for the title. 

IMPACT Flashback Moment of the Week is Drew Galloway vs Lashley at Slammiversary 2016 for the world title. 

We get a backstage interview with the returning Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace she is interrupted by Taya Valkyrie and says that when she was Knockouts Champion that she never took anytime off and it looks bad on her. Jordynne says she owes her a title shot and tries to make the match for tonight but Taya says tonight is no good then Jordynne makes the match for next week.

TJP & Fallah Bahh vs The Rascalz(#1 Contender's Match):

We come back to the show and it's time to crown a #1 contender for the tag team titles. The bell rings and here we go. Fallah Bahh & Dez start the match. Dez uses his speed and goes behind Bahh but Fallah grabs the wrist of Dez who reverses and grabs the wrist of Fallah Bahh regains control but Dez escapes and comes off the ropes and tries to roll up Fallah to no avail. Bahh seems to be tired and tags out to TJP and Dez tags out to Wentz. Wentz gets the waistlock and takes down TJP but he counters and takes him down leading to Wentz sweeping the leg for a one count and the match picks up speed. Dez tags back in and slides through the legs of TJP and takes him down leading to Wentz ragging back in and hits a Bronco buster on TJP. Fallah comes in a takes out both guys and allowa for TJP to recover and take control. TJP hits a suplex and looks for a back suplex but Wentz slips out the back leading him tagging out to Dez. Dez is now in control as he puts TJP in his coand lays in the shots to the chest. Wentz tags in and takes down TJP for a two count. Wentz shoves TJP into the corand Dez tags in but TJP is able to escape the corner with a DDT to Wentz. Bahh tags in and hits a splash on Dez then takes down Wentz. Wentz looks for a tiltawhirl but Bahh stops him and takes him out. Bahh hits a splash on Dez for a two count. Fallah hits Dez with a boot throws him into the corner then tags in TJP and they hit a backpack splash for a two count. TJP continues the onslaught leading to a dragon screw then he tries to stop Sez from making it to his corner and takes Wentz off the apron. Dez then fights back and lays in multiple strikes leading to a cutter and both guys are down. Dez tags in Wentz who gets the hot tag and takes down both Bahh and TJP tossing TJP into the corner leading to a running knee for a two count. Dez tags in and Wentz hits a big kick as Dez rolls him up for the pin but Bahh breaks it up. Fallah then hits two beally to bellies on both members of The Rascalz. TJP then hits the Mamba Splash but Dez gets the knees up and rolls him up but Fallah moves TJP to make the pin and bsck and forth they go as Bahh and Wentz keep rolling over the pin. Down the strech TJP locks in a knee bar but Wentz pushes Dez over allowing him to bridge up and get the win. 

We get a video package on the newest Knockout Deonna Purazzo. She debuts NEXT WEEK. 

We come back and see Bravo and Rosemary hanging out together. Rosemary offers Bravo to work with her. Taya calls Bravo and he says he has to go. 

Michael Elgin harasses the tech guy to play his music. He then makes his way to the ring and claims that he is still rightful #1 contender to the IMPACT world title. He says that he beat himself and that Sami cost him the match. Sami's graphics pop up and he is playing mind games with Elgin. Elgin says that when they face off he can never get the job done. Elgin then says that the next person to come to the ring either faces him or declare him the rightful world champion. Ken Shamrock makes his return and chases Elgin out of the ring and is looking for revenge. 

Ace Austin vs Trey(#1 Contender's Tournament FINALS):

Ace Austin makes his way to the ring but Trey doesn't make it to the ring as he was attacked backstage. Ace Austin grabs a mic and says that they should declare him #1 contender since Trey can't make it out. Wentz comes to the ring looking to attack Ace. Both guy are held back. Scott D'More announces it will be Wentz vs Ace Austin in the finals. The bell rings and Wentz hits a running dropkick for a two count. Wentz is all over Ace laying in shots and multiple stomps. Each time the referee is pulling him off of Ace. Wentz hits a big kick and sends Ace into thr corner. Ace then sides steps Wentz and sends him face first into the middle turnbuckle. We come back and Ace is in control standing on the apron looking down on Wentz. Wentz is able to regain contrll and takes Ace off the apron. Ace fichts back from the ground and kicks him in the midsection then chokes Wentz with his shirt. Ace remains in control and throws Wentz back first into the apron. Wentz is able to fight back and gain control and kicks him in the face but Ace counters and hits a back bodydrop on the ramp. Ace slides in the ring and looks for a countout but Ace slides out and continues the onslaught but Wentz comes bsck with multiple knee strikes and rolls back in the ring to break the count but Ace is able to counter and irish whip Wentz multiple times into the steel guardrail. Ace slides back into the ring looking for a countout. Ace then slides out and kicks him in the face and stomps his hand leading to multiple throws into the guardrail. Ace looks for a big move but Wentz sidesteps and eats the guardrail leading to Wentz stomping a mudhole into Ace leading to a big shot to the face. Wentz backs up to get a running start for something but eats a huge superkick from Ace. We come back and Ace is in control with Wentz in the corner. Wentz hits two boots to Ace but Ace fights back and hits a boot to Wentz taking him down for a two count. Ace locks in a working hold and Wentz shoves him into the corner but Ace holds on and clubs the back of Wentz. Ace then chokes out Wentz and slingshot Wentz into the bottom rope for a two count. Ace then hits a forearm then a suplex for a two count. Wentz fights back and takes down Ace for a two count. Ace hits a jawbreaker and locks in a working hold on the shoulder then takes out a laminated card and slices it between the fingers of Wentz. Wentz fights back with multiple chops and punches as he drives Ace into the mat. Ace then uses a hairpull to take down Wentz. Ace calls for the fold but Wentz counters with an enziguri and both guys are down. Wentz makes it to his feet first and hits multiple strikes and a big kick to the side of Ace's head leading to a knee then a standing moonsault for a two count. Wentz stalks Ace and looks for a German suplex but Ace counters and looks for a back suplex but Wentz counters and hits a knee to the jaw of Ace for a two count. Wentz then lays in the ground and pound for a two count. Wentz slaps the taste out of Ace's mouth but Ace rolls up Wentz for a two count leading to Wentz hitting another knee for a two count. Wentz hits Ace in the shoulder and goes to the top rope and goes for a Swanton but Ace gets the knees up. Ace then drives Wentz into the mat then looks for The Fold and hits it to become #1 contender.

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