Impact Wrestling Results (11/19/14) - End Of An Era


Impact Wrestling Results - 11/19/2014
From the Sands Bethlehem Event Center in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package showing Bobby Roode vs. Lashley. It shows Bobby Roode winning, but it also shows Lashley not being in the happiest of moods. The video goes on to show MVP getting an opportunity against Bobby Roode for the TNA World Championship. Roode wins, but Lashley comes in at the end and spears Roode. MVP extends his hand but Lashley walks away. Last week, Lashley went wild as he attacked Eric Young in a senseless attack. He then assaulted Austin Aries to the point where he wants Roode one more time!

The camera shows the arena as the fans are on their feet. Mike Tenay and Taz run over the match card for tonight.

Bobby Roode's music plays and he comes down the ramp with the TNA World Championship over his shoulder. He gets in the ring. He has a mic and he talks about friendship. He states everyone has a friend who you can trust and count on. Eric Young was Roode's friend. Lashley tried to end his career last week. As for Austin Aries, Roode respects him as he is one of the best in the business, but Lashley tried to end his career. Roode, EY, and Aries share a love of professional wrestling and Lashley tried to take that away from EY and Aries. He gets it that Lashley wants a shot at the belt, but it is not about the belt tonight. Tonight, it is not about professional wrestling. It is about a fight. He wants it. No referees... No rules! Just Roode kicking Lashley! Roode calls Lashley out!

Lashley's music hits. He comes out on the stage, but Roode slides out of the ring and runs up the ramp. He goes right to Lashley and punches him in the face. Lashley fights back but Roode continues the assault. Lashley jumps off the ramp and walks around the fans. Roode continues to go after him, but Lashley knees him and tosses him into the wall. He grabs a chair and goes to hit Roode but Roode ducks. Just then, security come to their aid and break it up. They pull each other away, but Roode slides out and goes after Lashley.

Ethan Carter III and Tyrus are backstage. Ethan states injury has suffered EY, but now we will see Rockstar Spud tonight and whether he is up for the challenge.

A graphic plays showing Impact Wrestling will return on December 3rd with "Best of" shows.

A video package plays showing the amazing talent in Havok. She has taken over the Knockouts division, but there are people standing in her way tonight and they are Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell. Gail wants revenge while Taryn wants the Knockouts Championship. Who will prevail tonight?

- Commercial

Taryn Terrell's music plays and she walks down the ramp. She gets in the ring as the crowd pops. Gail Kim comes down the ramp next, but her shoulder is wrapped up from what she has been through against Havok. Havok comes out next with the Knockouts Championship in hand.

Taryn Terrell vs. Gail Kim vs. Havok (c) for the Knockouts Championship

Gail goes right after Havok with punches and forearm shots but Havok pushes her out of the way. Taryn goes up to her next but Havok pushes her down. Gail comes back but Havok pushes her down on the mat. She stand and Havok does a double closeline to both Gail and Taryn. She then puts them in the corner and does a double smash. Havok backs up but Gail and Taryn fight back with punches and kicks. Havok comes back as she knocks Taryn down and then lifts Gail up and plants her on Taryn. She gets Gail to her feet and whips her in the ropes and smashes her. She then sends her into the steel ring post shoulder first. Taryn stands and goes after Havok but Havok turns and just beats her up. She gets her up and whips her around by her hair. She picks Taryn up and does a bear hug. She does a spine buster. Gail stands and does a head scissor arm bar submission. Havok is slowly fading. She falls down to the mat. Taryn grabs the legs and ads a Last Chancery move. She unlocks it as well as Gail. they knock Havok out of the ring. She stands on the outside. Taryn goes to the apron and jumps. Havok catches her. Gail jumps and Havok falls down. All three Knockouts are lying on the floor.


Gail and Taryn are in the ring and are battling back and forth. Each try to cover each other but each kick out in the pinfall attempts. Both stand and Taryn gains momentum as she kicks Gail in the gut and does a twisting neck breaker/bulldog. Havok gets up and reaches in the ring. She pulls Taryn out. She takes Taryn up on her shoulders and drops her down FACE FIRST onto the steel guard rail. Gail Kim stands and goes to the outside after Havok, but Havok grabs her, lifts her up, and SLAMS her down with a spine buster. Havok laughs as she grabs Taryn and tosses her in the ring. She grabs Gail and rolls her back in the ring. Havok stands and does some taunting as the crowd boos.

Havok stomps on Taryn and then positions Gail right beside Taryn. Havok goes to the corner and climbs. She jumps from the second corner with a big splash on both Knockouts. She covers but both kick out. Gail and Taryn slowly stand and go to different corners. Havok runs to Taryn but she moves. Havok backs up and runs to Gail but she moves too. Taryn and Gail grab Havok and try to push her over the top rope. Taryn has her teetering on the top rope. Gail climbs the corner and does a foot stomp to Havok and she falls over the ropes, hits the apron, and is down and out. Gail gets on the apron but Taryn knocks her down. Taryn grabs her on the outside and rolls her back in. Taryn continues the offense but Gail fights back. She puts Terrell in the corner and Gail tosses her body into the gut. Gail climbs the corner but Taryn climbs it as well. Havok enters and does a sit-down powerbomb to Taryn while Terrell did the superplex on Gail. Havok slowly stands.

Havok puts Gail right beside Terrell again. She climbs the corner and jumps but both move. All three stand but Havok grabs both of them for the Chokeslam. Both slide out and attack Havok. Taryn does a drop toe hold while Gail does a DDT. Havok bounces up and Gail does a flying cross body from the corner. Taryn then does another flying cross body. Gail does Eat Defeat and then Taryn does a bull dog. She covers but Gail pulls her away and then does a roll-up but Taryn reverses it and does a roll-up herself for the win. Winner and New Knockouts Champion: Taryn Terrell

Kenny King is waiting backstage. MVP walks up to him and King asks him what is up. He's ben texting him and he hasn't responded. MVP says he needed some time. He says he is fine when he and King lost in the Tag Team Tournament, but he is not okay with Mike Tenay giving him names nor is he fine with Kurt Angle. He is going to let everyone know who MVP really is. MVP leaves and King agrees.


A video plays from last week showing Samoa Joe relinquishing the X-Division Championship.

A video plays showing how Impact Wrestling opened with Lashley brawling with Bobby Roode.

Bobby Roode is backstage. He says he is not going to let his friend be beat up. He is not going to be intimidated. Usually people challenge for the TNA World Championship but Roode is challenging Lashley for one more fight with the belt on the line!

Music hits and here comes Kenny King! He makes his way down the ramp with his little moves. Chris Melendez comes out next. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring as the fans cheer.

Kenny King vs. Chris Melendez

They walk around the ring. They go and lock-up and both are pushing back and forth. They move around the ring but back up. King then mocks Chris and his amputated leg. They go and lock-up again. King pushes Chris in the corner. He backs up and goes for a punch but Chis ducks. Chris has King in the corner but King hides behind the ropes. King comes back to the center of the ring and they lock-up. King goes behind Chris and takes him down. He moves around him and then does a hip-up. Chris stands. They lock-up again. Chris goes behind Kenny and locks his arms. King does an elbow to the head. Chris continues to fight as he does two hip tosses. King slides out of the ring and regroups.

Chris grabs King from the outside, but King rakes the eyes. He then does a kick to the head as Melendez was leaning on the ropes. King gets in the ring and kicks him in the gut. King now applies a submission chin lock. He hits him across the face. King rolls through and then kicks Chris in the ribs. King grabs Melendez, jumps over the top rope and chokes Chris on the top rope. King does a springboard but Melendez kicks him right in the chest. Melendez does several closelines and then whips him in the ropes and hits a hip toss. He gets King up but King punches back. Chris grabs Kenny and does a Fisherman suplex bridge but Kenny kicks out. King gets in the corner. Melendez runs and kicks King right in the face. Melendez grabs King and puts him up on his shoulders. Just then, MVP comes in the ring with a steel chair. He hits Melendez in the gut as the referee calls for the bell. Winner: Chris Melendez

MVP continues the attack with chair shots to the legs, ribs, and gut. Mr. Anderson finally comes to the aid but King and MVP run out of the ring. MVP leaves the scene while King is by himself on the ramp. Officials enter the ring and check on Chris.

Rockstar Spud is backstage. He understands Ethan Carter III wants Spud's presence in the ring. He doesn't know what he wants but if he wants Spud, he is going to get Spud.


A video package plays showing what just happened to Chris Melendez.

Chris Melendez is in the back as the officials are checking on him. Mr. Anderson is with him. Kurt Angle and enters what has happened. They don't know anything until they do x-rays. Kurt says MVP has gone too far. He tells he will handle him but wants Anderson to stay with Chris.

Music plays and here comes Ethan Carter III and Tyrus. They walk down the ramp and enter the ring. Ethan grabs a mic and says there is a lovely tale in TNA about Rockstar Spud. Spud came across the pond and people like him. He has made several friends like EY (who is in the hospital) and Jeremy Borash... The man Ethan slapped so hard that his whole family died. Ethan goes on to state that he is giving Rockstar Spud an opportunity to fight him. Does Spud want to fight tonight? Do ya???? Music plays and here comes Rockstar Spud!

Ethan takes off his jacket and unbuttons his shirt. He tells Tyrus to leave the ring and to not come in the ring for whatever reason. He tells Spud that he is alone and says he can find him right now. Here is his chance. Spud takes off his jacket and gets right in the ring. Ethan gets back on the mic and says he knows he ruined Spud's life and he enjoys that very much. He will give Spud the first shot. He tells Spud to hit him. Spud starts to get fired up but then stops. Spud looks around. He gets on the mic and says, "Mr. Carter I am not going to hit you in the face... I am going to kick you in the balls." Ethan falls into the corner and Spud goes right after him with punches to the face, but Ethan comes back and pushes Spud down and then pushes him face first down to the mat. He beats him up with punches to the face and then stomps to the chest/gut. Ethan stands and looks over Spud. Spud slowly stands as he uses Ethan's pants to stand. Ethan grabs him and goes for the 1%er, but Spud falls down. He slowly stands but Tyrus gets in the ring. Ethan pushes Spud to Tyrus. Tyrus lifts Rockstar up and smashes him down with his arm. Tyrus picks Spud up with one arm.

He holds Spud's head from behind. Ethan grabs a mic. He says he is going to dissect Spud entirely. He says he is going to destroy him from top to bottom and it will start with his grungy hair. Ethan grabbed scissors from the outside when Tyrus was beating Spud up. Ethan cuts a snippet of Spud's hair. He stands and wears the hair on his shoulder. He and Tyrus leave.

Kurt Angle is marching backstage. He finds Kenny King and asks what he and MVP are doing. He asks where MVP is. King doesn't know. MVP then jumps Kurt from behind. Kurt falls and MVP punches him in the face. King asks what he is doing. MVP states that should have been done a long time ago. King and MVP leave.


Video plays showing MVP attacking Kurt Angle in the back.

Bram's music plays and he walks to the ring. As he does, a video package plays showing the destructive monster that is Bram! Tommy Dreamer comes out and walks down the ramp, but Bram meets up with him and begins the fight!

Bram vs. Tommy Dreamer in a Hardcore Rules match

Bram goes after Dreamer, but Dreamer attacks Bram in return. He brings Bram down the ramp and smashes him into the apron. He tosses some weapons in the ring. He goes to the apron and jumps for a closeline to Bram. Bram crawls his way up the ramp. Dreamer follows him, but Bram grabs Dreamer and does a body slam to him on the ramp. Bram grabs a trash can and hits Dreamer right in the head with it as he stands. He's down. Bram takes off his shirt and does some crazy screaming. Bram grabs Dreamer and punches him in the face as he is cut open. He continues to punch him as Dreamer walks down the ramp and around the ring. Bram loves the blood.

Bram continues the punches and then goes to whip Dreamer, but Dreamer reverses and Bram goes face first into the steel ring post. Dreamer then does a huge suplex on the outside. Bram stands and Dreamer hits him in the face with a toy belt.


Bram smashes Dreamer's face right into the steel steps. He then does it again. Blood is all over the steps. He rolls in the ring while Bram takes the blood on the steps and rubs it on his own chest. Bram enters the ring now and grabs a trash can. He smashes it to Dreamer's head. He covers but Tommy kicks out. Bram does a head lock but Dreamer tries to fight back. Bream does a back suplex and then goes for an elbow drop but Dreamer moves. Both stand. Bream runs to Tommy but he kicks him in the face and then does a closeline. He grabs a kendo stick and smashes it in Bram's gut and then does a Side Russian Leg Sweep. He covers but Bram kicks out. Dreamer unfolds a chair and sets it in the middle of the ring. Bram fights back and punches Dreamer, but Dreamer turns it around, lifts Bram up and smashes Bram's crotch onto the top of the steel chair. He then climbs the corner and does a closeline as Bram is sitting in the chair. He covers but Bram kicks out. Dreamer puts Bram upside down in the corner. He hits him with a trashcan in the gut and then puts hit by his face. Dreamer yells, "T...N...A!!!" Dreamer runs and does a dropkick into the trash can that goes into Bram's face. He unfolds the chair. He grabs Bram for the DDT, as he is now bleeding, but Bram does a takedown to Dreamer right on the chair. He covers but Dreamer kicks out.

Bram climbs the corner with a chair. He jumps but Dreamer lifts his leg and kicks the chair and the chair hits Bram's head. Tommy hits him with a DDT and covers but Bram continues to kick out. Dreamer slides out of the ring and grabs a chair with barbwire around it. He enters the ring. He sets it down on the mat. He grabs Bram and sets up a piledriver but Magnus enters the ring and attacks Dreamer. He does a slam to him on the mat. He checks on Bram. Bram stands and lifts Dreamer up. Magnus punches him right in the face. Bram places the barbwire steel chair right where he wants it. Bram gets Dreamer up but music hits.

Here comes Al Snow! Al enters and gets in the ring. He closelines Bram down and then closelines Magnus over the ropes. He fights with Magnus up the ramp and to the back. Tommy, inside the ring, has a cheese grater, and grates Bram's head with it. Dreamer puts the barbwire chair in the corner. He sends Bram to it but Bram stops. Dreamer grabs him and goes for the Death Valley Driver but Bram slides out, hits a low blow and smashes Dreamer's head right into the barbwire chair. He then hits the DDT, covers, and wins! Winner: Bram

Kurt Angle is in the back. He is holding his head. He says since he started the job of Director of Wrestling Operations that if anyone lays their hands on him there will be consequences. Well MVP, he is going to go to the ring and call him out and it won't be pretty.


A video plays showing The Revolution winning the Tag Team Championships last week.

A video plays from earlier today showing Manik and Mahabali Shera walking in the back. Shera asks Manik why James Storm doesn't like him. He wants to know. He wants to fix it. Manik says it is not that James Storm doesn't like him. Manik then whispers something to Shera.

DJ Z comes out and enters the ring. Tigre Uno enters next. Here comes Manik. Lastly, it is Low Ki.

DJ Z vs. Tigre Uno vs. Manik vs. Low Ki for the X-Division Championship

Manik goes right after Uno and kicks him in the chest. Uno goes to the outside and Manik follows him. DJ goes after Low Ki with several punches and puts him in the corner. He continues the offensive. He whips him in the far corner and runs to him but Low Ki kicks him in the chest. He covers but DJ kicks out. Manik enters goes right after Low Ki. He whips Low in the ropes but Low is able to roll around. Manik starts rolling around as well. They stop and look as DJ is on the top rope, jumps, and kicks both of them. They are down. Uno gets in the ring and goes after DJ and tries for a cover but Low Ki goes after Uno now. He puts him in the corner but Uno fights back. He puts Uno in the corner and climbs it. Manik comes back into the match and attacks Uno with a suplex and then a back suplex. DJ Z goes after Low Ki. Manik applies a submission on Uno but DJ crawls over and covers Manik as his shoulders are on the mat but Low jumps from the top rope and does a double foot stomp on Uno.

Manik is attacking Low Ki as he sends him to the outside. Manik goes for a suicide dive but Low Ki does a kick to the head. DJ Z does a flying cross body but Low moves out of the way. He sends him into the ring post but DJ stops. DJ and Uno are fighting back and forth in the ring. They then goes to the ropes and knock Low Ki and DJ out. DJ, Low, and Manik stand as Uno does a springboard move on all three on the outside. Uno enters the ring as each other enter as well. They are all over each other with their special moves. Uno climbs the corner and does a huge flip to Manik. He covers but Manik puts his leg on the ropes. Uno climbs the corner again but Low goes to him. He climbs. Uno does a knife edge chop but Low fights back. Uno goes for a hurricanrona but Low blocks and hits a the Key Crusher. He covers and wins. Winner and New X-Division Champion: Low Ki

MVP and Kenny King are backstage. MVP is on his phone leaving Lashley a message. He tells him to listen to this and that they may have a problem if Kurt Angle does what he thinks he is going to do. If that is the case, they have to burn the place to the ground.

Kurt Angle is shown walking backstage.


Kurt Angle's music plays and he comes down the ramp and gets in the ring. He grabs a mic. He goes on to state that when he became the Director of Wrestling of Operations he pledged to make this show the best wrestling product in the industry. He says the guy before him, MVP, made it all about himself. Kurt goes on to say that if MVP wants to fight, he can do it in the ring. Kurt goes on to say that he will tell the Board of Directors and they will decide what the consequences will be. MVP's music hits and he comes down the ramp with a mic.

He says Kurt Angle is an Olympic Gold Medalist, multi-time World Champion, and now he is calling his mommy. MVP gets in the ring and says he attacked him because he is tired of this place. He can't stand it. He gave the job to Kurt for no reason at all. He is tired of Kurt and his little make-up of an Executive Director. If Kurt wants to call the Board, and that is the best he's got, he can just use MVP's phone.

Kurt says he is not going to call the Board to fire him. Actually, the New Year is around the corner and he is going to start the New Year off right. Kurt punches MVP right in the face and then takes him down. He beats him up, but Kenny King enters and takes Kurt down and stomps on him. MVP stomps on him too. He then pushes Kenny out of the way. He continues to stomp. Kenny gets back to the scene but MVP pushes him again. MVP then kicks Kurt in the face. Kurt goes through the ropes. MVP continues to attack him. He hits Kurt with a low blow. Mr. Anderson comes and attacks Kenny King in the ring. Lashley now comes down and SPEARS Anderson. Now Bobby Roode comes down the ramp and grabs King as he is on the outside, attacks him, and then tosses him in the guard rail. Roode stares at Lashley and then enters the ring. They go back and forth... It is only a matter of time till they fight again! The show fades.

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