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TNA Impact Results (06/24/15) - Jeff Jarrett Returns / Matt Hardy vs Kurt Angle

TNA Impact Wrestling Results (06/24/15)
Wednesday, June 24, 2015
From Universal Studios in Orlando, FL
Report by Alexander Rasky of

Impact is live as we go straight to Ethan being interviewed by Jeremy Borash. Ethan says Kurt's opponent is a legend in the wrestling industry.

Kurt Angle comes to the ring and asks for a microphone. Kurt talks about ECIII and how he will beat him on next week's Impact. Kurt asks for Ethan to bring out Kurt's opponent right now. Ethan says he's undefeated and he will win, but Angle retaliates saying he'll make him tap out. ECIII says he'll never tap, and Ethan announces Kurt's opponent as Matt Hardy.

Coming up next: Elimination Triple Threat Match for the TNA X-Division Championship


Elimination Triple Threat Match for the TNA X-Division Championship: Low Ki vs Tigre Uno vs Grado

Low-Ki slaps Grado before going into action with Tigre. Grado has the offense as he connects right hands and elbows. Grado is in full control of the beginning before being thrown off the top by Low-Ki. Low-Ki connects the Warrior's Way as Grado is eliminated.

Eliminated: Grado

Tigre and Low-Ki go back and forth but Low-Ki gets the advantage after throwing Tigre off of his shoulders. Low-ki goes for a pin as it only gets 2. Low-Ki is at the top when Tigre Uno pushes the ropes causing him to fall. Tigre Uno springboards off the ropes to connect a hurricanrana to Low-Ki for a 2 count. Tigre connects a Corkscrew 450 Splash for the win!

Winner and NEW TNA X-Division Champion: Tigre Uno

Christy interviews Tigre who says it's the greatest night of his life.

We go backstage to JB who is with Bram. Bram, once again, calls out a past TNA talent as he wants someone new to beat.

Coming Up Next: Velvet Sky vs Angelina Love


The Doll House is on as Taryn is not happy with Jade and Marti Belle. Taryn tells them they need to handle problems when she tells them to. Taryn says at Slammiversary it will be Kong & Broke vs The Dollhouse. Also, just announced, Tyrus and ECIII vs Mr. Anderson and Lashley.

Angelina comes out for a microphone and calls out Velvet Sky. Love says this is Velvet's last chance to rejoin the roster, and it's only possible if she beats Angelina.

Velvet Sky vs Angelina Love

Angelina smack talks Velvet Sky before slapping her. Velvet quickly takes down Angelina slamming her had to the mat. Velvet dominates Angelina throwing her around the ring then outside the ring. Velvet throws Angelina into the ring apron, steel pole, and then the steel steps. Then referee yells at Velvet which allows Angelina to begin her offense. She throws Velvet around before covering her for a two count. Angelina goes to the second rope until Velvet pulls her off by the ankle. Velvet connects a Stunner to Angelina Love for the victory.

Winner: Velvet Sky

We go backstage to Bobby Roode and Austin Aries being asked about Full Metal Mayhem. Austin says the formula to beat The Wolves is by bending the rules. Bobby says the lack of rules allows opportunity for the Dirty Heels.

Coming Up Next: Full Metal Mayhem Match in Match 4 of the Best of 5 Series for the Vacant TNA Tag Team Championships.


A video package airs saying that someone is coming to end playtime. Who can it be?

MVP is backstage as he says the Beatdown Clan is still alive and well. He says he's making adjustments, and he's going to attack again with a new strategy.

Full Metal Mayhem Match in Match 4 of the Best of 5 Series for the Vacant TNA Tag Team Championships: The Dirty Heels vs The Wolves

The two teams have a brief staredown before the action begins. The Wolves begin double team action on Bobby Roode before The Dirty Heels take a breather. The two teams throw chairs at each other as The Firty heels retreat again. Bobby Roode and Austin Aries are sitting on two chairs, The Wolves go for a double suicide dive, but The Dirty Heels lift a ladder to block the duo.


We return to The Dirty Heels in control over The Wolves. The Wolves try to make a comeback, but they are tripped down into the steel chairs. Bobby Roode brings up Richards as Aries connects the metal garbage lid to the wolf. Davey and Eddie are thrown into a standing ladder, but Richards connects a hip toss to Aries onto the ladder. Roode and Aries are each connected with a chair and a metal garbage lid. The Dirty Heels go to the outside as The Wolves connect three suicide dives to the duo. Richards beats down Roode with the chair, and Eddie comes from the top with a double foot stomp onto the chair on Bobby. Aries rolls up Richards into the Last Chancery, but Eddie Edwards breaks it up with the garbage can. Bobby Roode brings in a table, which the crowd has been chanting for, as it is set up in the middle of the ring. Bobby Roode brings Edwards into a powerbomb, Austin Aries with a dropkick from the top, and Eddie Edwards goes through the table. Bobby covers Edwards but Davey breaks it up. The Wolves begin gaining offense as the two use the weapons to their advantage. Aries is sitting with a trashcan on his head, and The Wolves connect a double Coast To Coast. Eddie has Austin in powerbomb position as Roode low blows him, and Aries covers Eddie for the victory.

Winners of Match 4: The Dirty Heels

JB interviews Matt Hardy who says he wants to be TNA World Heavyweight Champion one day. Matt says he doesn't like Ethan, which Ethan comes to say he'll have to face him when he wins next week. Matt responds by saying that Kurt will make him tap next week on Impact.

We return to ringside with The Pope and Josh Mathews, but Jeff and Karen Jarrett walk out to the ring. Jeff thanks the crowd and says he is was in North Carolina when TNA texted him. Jeff says he wasn't going to reply, but when he did TNA proposed Jeff to be in a match. The match specifically being the King of the Mountain Match at Slammiversary. Jeff talks about the things that have happened in the 13 Years of TNA. Karen takes the microphone and says TNA was in their rear-view mirror. Karen says she cannot text or call TNA back, and that he will not compete at the event. Karen says it's hard for her to understand, but she's supporting Jeff Jarret's decision. Karen says Sonjay Dutt said Jeff did not leave on his own terms, and that he was fired by Sting backstage during one pretape. Karen tells Jeff he's going to make things right, and, this Sunday, Jeff Jarrett will compete in the King of the Mountain Match.


Bram is in the ring awaiting his opponent and it's Vader!

Bram vs Vader

The crowd is chanting for Vader as Bram and the legend lock up. Vader is getting offense he connects multiple punches to Bram. Bram counters a clothesline as he begins to throw around and attack Vader. Bram takes off Vader's mask as Vader is furious throwing himself at Bram. Vader is climbing to the second rope as he connects the Vader Bomb to Bram. Vader covers Bram for a two as Bram puts his foot on the ropes. Bram has a steel rod as he connects it to Vader for a DQ loss.

Winner via DQ: Vader

Matt Morgan runs out from the back to save Vader! Matt Morgan manhandles Bram to the outside of the ring as Bram looks on.

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Sgt. Chris Melendez vs Eric Young

Eric Young quickly backs Chris Melendez back against the corner as he goes right after Chris. The crowd chants USA in support of Sgt. Melendez, but Eric Young continues his brutal attack. Eric Young taunts the crowd as Melendez looks for offense but EY connects a DDT for a two count. EY connects a neckbreaker which Sgt. Melendez kicks out of as well. Eric goes after Chris's leg, trying to unhook it, but Chris counters with multiple forearms. Eric Young counters a forearm into a piledriver, and Eric Young picks up the victory over Chris.

Winner: Eric Young

Coming Up Next: Matt Hardy vs Kurt Angle


We return as a brawl is taking place near the ring between The Rising and The Beatdown Clan. The Rising is in control over The Beatdown Clan. As they're in control, Hernandez comes down to the ring! Hernandez watches the brawl before attacking The Rising! Hernandez connects Over The Border to Drew Galloway as MVP takes a mic. MVP says this is what Drew Galloway wanted, and he introduces him to Hernandez as they all stand tall in the ring.


Matt Hardy vs Kurt Angle

We return as the match is just starting up. Matt Hardy quickly connects a running neckbreaker to Angle followed by a reverse DDT as Kurt hangs off the second rope. Matt is in control but Kurt connects an Overhead Belly to Belly to Matt. Matt counters a Russian Leg Sweep by Angle as Matt once again goes after Kurt's neck. Angle counters a right hand, and Kurt Angle connects a trifecta of Germans to Matt. Kurt goes for the Angle Slam, Matt lands on his feet, and a Side Effect by Matt Hardy. Kurt Angle with an Angle Slam to Matt, but Matt kicks out at two. Kurt Angle has the Ankle Lock on, and Matt rolls through for a 2. Angle connects the trifecta of Germans, following that Matt connects another Side Effect, and Kurt once again kicks out at 2. Matt Hardy connects a fifth Side Effect, but Kurt once again kicks out. Matt connects the Twist of Fate, but Kurt once again kicks out at two. Matt goes for another Twist of Fate, Angle counters it to the Ankle Lock, and Kurt Angle tap out.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Ethan and Tyrus attack Kurt Angle after the match. Matt Hardy saves Kurt, but he is taken down by Tyrus. Angle with an Angle Slam on Tyrus, and an Ankle Lock on Ethan! ECIII is tapping out. Will that be Ethan's fate next Thursday?

That's it for this week's Impact, tune in for Bell to Bell next week.

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