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TNA Impact Results (07/01/15) - Bell To Bell / New Champions!

TNA Impact Wrestling Results - July 1st, 2015
Wednesday, July 1st, 2015
From Universal Studios in Orlando, FL
Report by Alexander Rasky of

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package hyping Kurt Angle vs Ethan Carter III, and Josh Mathews giving us a card run down.

The first match of the night is a Four on Three Handicap Elimination Match.

Four on Three Handicap Elimination Match & The Losers Must Disband: The BDC (MVP, Kenny King, Low-Ki, and Hernandez) vs The Rising (Drew Galloway, Mica, and Eli Drake)

MVP and Drew Galloway are starting the match by trading punches. MVP looked to get the offense, but Drew Galloway is able to get it. Low-Ki is tagged in as he begins to attack Galloway. Galloway makes a tag to Mica followed by a double team maneuver. Kenny King is tagged in as he is dominating Mica. Mica gets hit with an enzugiri by Low-Ki and he's eliminated.

Eliminated: Mica


We return as Drew Galloway and Low-Ki are the legal men. Low-Ki has control of Galloway until Drew counters with a back body drop. Drew Galloway tags in Eli, Low-Ki tags in MVP, and Eli connects a flying clothesline. Eli throws Low-Ki out of the ring, connects a suplex from off the top, and connects a crossbody to the outside on MVP. Following the maneuver, the referee calls for the medics as Eli Drake hurt himself.

Eliminated: Eli Drake (via injury)

Drew is alone as Hernandez is the legal man for the first time in the match. The two men trade punches against each other, and throw each other in the corner connecting chops back and forth. Low-Ki accidentally enzugiris Kenny King, and Drew Galloway rolls up Low-Ki for the elimination. Drew crawls to King to eliminate Kenny.

Eliminated: Low-Ki and Kenny King

Drew and Hernandez began to brawl again, but it ends as Hernandez connects the Border Toss. MVP is tagged in and connects a Playmaker to Drew Galloway. Drew returns to his feet as he slaps MVP, but MVP retaliates with a boot to the face for the win.

Winners: The BDC, The Rising Must Disband


We return to MVP, Kenny King, and Hernandez celebrating their victory.

We go to the ring as Magnus is standing the ring with a microphone. He tells the fans that he hates James Storm. Magnus brings out Mickie James who comes down to the ring. Mickie says it's good to be back, and she thanks the fans for their love after what happened with James Storm. Mickie says real love is when you're always besides the other person no matter what. James Storm interrupts with Khoya, and he says she should be thanking him. James said he wanted to show the world how easy it is to manipulate a woman. Mickie says for James to find "one woman", and her and Magnus will easily beat them up.

Up Next: 30 Minute Iron Man Match for the TNA World Tag Team Championships


We see Ethan Carter III training with Tyrus preparing for his match with Kurt Angle.

30 Minute Iron Match in Match 5 of the Best of 5 Series for the TNA World Tag Team Championships: The Wolves vs The Dirty Heels

Davey Richards and Austin Aries are starting this match as Aries goes for the first cover. The referee pulls Richards away from Aries as Austin connects a hard right. Aries tags in Roode, Richards tags in Edwards, and The Wolves complete a series of tag team maneuvers against Roode's arm. Bobby tags in Austin as Austin continues the fast offense. Aries tags in Roode as The Dirty Heels are in full control. Eddie gets a tag to Davey, and Richards is taking full control of the match. The Wolves continue their offense with tag team maneuvers to both Dirty Heels. Davey locks an Ankle Lock on Davey, Bobby is about to tap, but Roode reaches the ropes. The Wolves continue to stay in offense with fast tags, but that changes when Roode stops Edwards to tag in Austin. Eddie is looking for a match changing move, but Aries rakes the eyes to bring down Eddie. Using their heel tactics, Aries and Roode are in full control. A focal point has been the leg of Eddie's through out the match.

20 Minutes Left: Wolves - 0, Dirty Heels - 0

Aries and Roode continue to make fast tags with each other, but Eddie counters a tag team move with a double hurricarana. The pace goes fast again as Davey is tagged in, and he's taking out The Dirty Heels. Bobby is in the tree of woe from Davey, and a flying headbutt by Davey from the top. The Wolves are both at the top, but both men are thrown off.


We return to the action with The Dirty Heels in control over The Wolves. With Roode going for a pin, Davey kicks out at two. Bobby has Davey in powerbomb position, and Austin hits Davey with a dropkick from the top.

10 Minutes Left: Wolves - 0, Dirty Heels - 0

Davey kicks away Roode and Eddie is the active competitor. Eddie connects a jawbreaker on Bobby with Roode on his back. Bobby kicks out at two. Eddie chops away at Roode, but Austin comes in illegally attacking Austin. The Dirty Heels go for a double suplex, but Davey helps him down. Aries is thrown outside, Eddie with a jack knife cover, but Roode kicks out at two again. Roode slingshots Eddie, Aries with an elbow drop, and Eddie kicks out. Aries has the Last Chancery on Edwards, but Davey breaks it up with a double foot stomp. Both Wolves are at the top, a double diving foot stomp, but Roode breaks it up.

5 Minutes Left: Wolves - 0, Dirty Heels - 0

Roode spinebusters Richards and Aries with a 450 Splash as the first fall has finally taken place!

First Fall: The Dirty Heels after Aries pins Davey

Eddie is thrown to the outside, and The Dirty Heels are letting time go down. The Dirty Heels then throw Davey on the outside. Eddie returns as he tries to fight off The Dirty Heels.

2 Minutes Left: Wolves - 0, Dirty Heels - 1

Eddie and Aries are fighting, Eddie brings Aries up, and a double Backstabber to Aries. The second fall has taken place.

Second Fall: The Wolves after Eddie pinned Aries

Eddie rolls up Bobby Roode for a the teams second fall!

Third Fall: The Wolves after Eddie pins Bobby.

Winners and NEW TNA World Tag Team Champions: The Wolves


Triple Threat Match for the TNA Knockouts Championship: Awesome Kong vs Brooke vs Taryn Terrell

Taryn shoves Brooke into Kong, but Awesome Kong throws Brooke into Taryn. Brooke and Kong are both going right after Taryn Terrell in the beginning of this match. Taryn is thrown off ropes, and she's hit with a double clothesline. Taryn leaves the ring as Awesome Kong and Brooke begin fighting each other. Taryn enters again as she dropkicks Kong to the outside, but Brooke is in control now against Taryn. This doesn't last long as Taryn throws Brooke down onto the mat multiple times, and she gets multiple two counts. Awesome Kong re-enters as she begins connecting a fury of punches followed by a Chokeslam on Taryn. The Dollhouse begins attacking Kong, and Brooke is in full control over Taryn. Jade and Marti Belle are attacking Brooke! Awesome Kong re-enters again, but Jade attacks Kong! Taryn Terrell with a Taryn Cutter for the victory!

Winner and STILL TNA Knockouts Champion: Taryn Terrell

The Playtime is Over video plays again and the person behind it is Gail Kim!

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The interview states that Jeff Jarrett says that something is happening between Global Force Wrestling and TNA.

It's time for the main event as Ethan Carter III is here. Tyrus will be in Ethan's corner for the match. Kurt Angle makes his entrance after, showing off the championship to the crowd. We'll be getting formal introductions from Jeremy Borash for this contest.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match: Ethan Carter III vs Kurt Angle (c)


We return as the match is just starting. The two men stare down each other before locking up as Angle backs Ethan into the corner. Ethan gets a headlock on EC3 then taunts the champion. Angle throws Ethan off the ropes, but EC3 connects with a shoulder block. Angle is fast to go after Ethan, connecting an arm drag. With the crowd behind Kurt, Angle connects a Belly-To-Belly followed by two German Suplexs. The action is to the outside and a Belly-To-Belly by Angle onto the mat! They enter the ring as Angle connects two German's again, and Kurt lets go followed by a clothesline from Ethan. Ethan is gaining control with a headlock on Angle. Ethan connects a back suplex, and follows with the EC3 Splash in the corner. Angle begins to fight back but he goes shoulder first into the steel post. The two men meet on the apron, and a DDT on the apron by EC3!


We return with EC3 having a full nelson on Angle. Angle begins to fight back with a clothesline followed by a German Suplex! Another German Suplex! The Trifecta of German Suplexs connect! Angle from behind, going for an Angle Slam, but Ethan counters. Another trifecta of German Suplexs as Ethan kicks out. EC3 goes for the splash, Kurt Angle with the Angle Slam, but EC3 kicks out at two! Kurt Angle has the ankle lock and it's locked on, but Ethan sends Kurt to the outside. Angle is getting up but Tyrus takes him down! EC3 goes for the One Percenter, countered into a Ankle Lock, Ethan counters, but Kurt Angle with four Germans! Kurt Angle with the Angle Slam but EC3 kicks out again! Angle with the Ankle Lock again, Ethan counters, and a Belly to Belly by Kurt into Brian Hebner! Tyrus takes advantage as he attacks Kurt Angle, and EC3 connects with the One Percenter! Kurt Angle kicks out at two! EC3 instructs Tyrus to get a chair, but Brian throws Tyrus out of the arena! EC3 going for the Once Percenter, but another Ankle Lock from Kurt! Angle breaks the hold, EC3 counters the Angle Slam to a roll up, and EC3 wins!

Winner and NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Ethan Carter III

Ethan holds up the championship to end the show.

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