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TNA Impact Results (07/15/15) - New Champion and New Authority

TNA Impact Wrestling Results (July 15th, 2015)
Wednesday, July 15th, 2015
From Universal Studios in Orlando, FL
Report by Alexander Rasky of

TNA starts with a video package showing us what happened last week on Impact Wrestling.

We go to the ring where all superstars and knockouts are surrounding the ring. Dixie Carter stands in the ring recalling the events of being powerbombed through a table by Bully Ray. Dixie says it's all her own fault that it happened, and that she let down the roster and fans. Dixie continues by saying she appreciates what the wrestlers do, and this is a new chapter for TNA. Ethan Carter III comes out upset and he wants to know who it is, but Dixie Carter says the law is here. The new authority figure is... Bully Ray! Bully Ray walks around the ring shaking hands with the whole roster, and the backstage crew as well. Bully says that Dixie called him, and says that the first thing Dixie said was that she was sorry. Bully says she's sorry for letting down the locker room and the fans. Bully Ray says he is angry with Dixie Carter, and he is coming back to TNA for the fans and for the TNA roster. Bully wants everyone on the apron because they all care about TNA, and Bully says it's the fans choice if he should bring TNA back to how it used to be. Bully Ray and Dixie Carter shake hands and Bully says they are going to have a great wrestling show. Bully announces that a 20 Man Battle Royal will happen right now, and the winner will face Ethan Carter III for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship later tonight.


20 Man Battle Royal with the winner facing Ethan Carter III for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship Later Tonight: Bram vs Eric Young vs Austin Aries vs Jessie Godderz vs Micah vs Hernandez vs Magnus vs MVP vs Mandrews vs Shark Boy vs Norv Fernum vs Chris Melendez vs Drew Galloway vs Crazzy Steve vs Abyss vs Khoya vs Manik vs Robbie E vs James Storm vs Kenny King

We return as the match is just starting. Drew Galloway leads most of the men to go after The Revolution. Manik would eliminate Crazzy Steve as the action in the ring continues. The B.D.C and The Revolution are all protecting each other from the other men. The match is mostly dominated by these two factions as Shark Boy and Manik have also been eliminated. Robbie E and Magnus work together as Abyss is eliminated. Eric Young eliminates Chris Melendez, and then Drew Galloway eliminates James Storm. Magnus is eliminated by Bram as Josh Mathews brings us to commercial.


We return as we're left with the final three. Drew Galloway, Eric Young, and MVP are left as Young and MVP work together. Drew Galloway lays on the mat as each man drops a knee on Drew. Upon Drew returning to his feet, he tries to fight back, but MVP and Eric Young begins throwing punches at him. As the two continue their double team, Eric Young turns his back on MVP and eliminates him! Eric Young was looking for a piledriver, but Drew Galloway counters with a boot that sends Eric Young over the top rope!

Winner: Drew Galloway

We're shown a video package of Sting and how he joined the TNA Hall of Fame in 2012. It's then announced Dixie Carter is announcing the next inductee next week.

We then go to Mike Tenay who is interviewing Mr. Anderson about Bram's attack last week. Mr. Anderson says he feels great right now, but he can't face another injury from a man like Bram. Anderson says Bram is a dark individual, and if he goes to his dark side it will be ugly. Mr. Anderson continues by saying he just doesn't know.

We then go backstage with Bully Ray and Spud. Spud recalls being put through a table by Bully Ray. Bully says Spud can't be down on himself for losing to Kurt Angle, and Ray continues by saying Rockstar Spud has "it".


We return to a video package about Kurt Angle being inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame.

A video airs saying that Tigre Uno is talking about Donald Trump next week.

Fatal Four Way Match for the TNA X-Division Championship: Grado vs DJ Z vs Rockstar Spud vs Tigre Uno (c)

The men go after Grado right away as Grado overpowers all of them. As Spud tries to slam Grado, Grado slams down on Spud for a two count. Uno and Z both run off the ropes as Z connects a hurricarana to take the champion. Grado then neckbreakers Uno, but Tigre kicks out at two. Spud and Grado then work together as they both punch at DJ Z. They begin fighting on who hits DJ Z last, but Tigre Uno connects a double springboard dropkick! Tigre Uno runs over the top with a corkscrew to Spud and Z. Uno goes to the top and a Corkscrew 450 Splash on Grado as Tigre Uno retains!

Winner and STILL TNA X-Division Champion: Tigre Uno

We go to Taryn Terell as she says Brooke is a loser. She says Brooke is like Gail Kim and Awesome Kong, and Taryn Terell will destroy her. The segment ends with a picture of Gail Kim that says Playtime is Over.


TNA Knockouts Championship Match: Brooke vs Taryn Terrell (c) w/ The Dollhouse

Brooke is yelling at The Dollhouse as Taryn Terrell immediately slams Brooke against the corner. Taryn runs off the ropes to connect a swinging neckbreaker, but Brooke kicks out at two. Brooke begins to get some offense, but she's thrown to the outside as The Dollhouse attack Brooke with Taryn distracting the referee. Taryn connects a snap suplex now as Brooke once again kicks out at two. Brooke counters an irish whip into a Russian Leg Sweep as Brooke is finally getting offense. This doesn't last long as Taryn connects a missile dropkick, but Brooke counters the Taryn Cutter right after. Brooke was going to the top, but The Dollhouse distract her as Taryn throws her to the outside. Taryn continues beating up Brooke outside, and Taryn connects a Crossbody as they enter the ring again. Taryn goes to lift Brooke, Brooke rolls up Taryn, but Brooke gets a two. Brooke begins connecting clotheslines and elbows as Taryn is brought down. Brooke once again goes the top as Jade throws Brooke off the top. The lights go out Gail Kim is here and she attacks Jade! Taryn cannot believe it as the lights go out again and Gail Kim is gone! Taryn turns around as Brooke connects the Butterface Maker for the win!

Winner and NEW TNA Knockouts Champion: Brooke

Brooke is celebrating in the ring as Taryn yells at her from outside the ring.

We go backstage to Kurt Angle and Bully Ray talking. When Kurt is asked what happened, he tells the camera crew he's making an announcement next.


Kurt Angle comes out as he says that he has a problem with his match against EC3 last week. He went to Bully Ray with a solution of the rematch never took place due to the finish. Kurt Angle will have this championship whenever he wants. Angle then announces he has a neck tumor, and Kurt will be getting surgery. Kurt thanks Bully for the opportunity, and then thanks the fans for their support. Once he's finished speaking, Eric Young walks down to the ring. Eric Young says the truth is that he has beaten Kurt Angle, Ethan Carter III has not. Eric Young asks how many piledrivers Kurt Angle can take. Young wants to take credit for Angle's neck tumor, and he says it's the world saying it's time for to quit. Eric Young is yelling at Angle before cheapshotting him. Angle is not backing down, and as Eric Young looks to piledrive Angle, Melendez saves Angle. EY then retains as he piledrivers Chris Melendez onto the concrete!


We return to Impact as we see a video package of why Team 3D was inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame.

TNA is showing us highlights from James Storm and Magnus at Slammiversary. They're showing us: the beginning of the match which ensued in brawl, Magnus superplexing James Storm onto the steel security railing, and each man connecting beer bottles across eachothers skull which gave James Storm the victory. We then skip to two weeks ago where James Storm says he wants to show the world how to manipulate a woman. We're reminded of Mickie saying the crazy is back in Mickie James. We then cut backstage as James Storm says his revolution is always expanding. James says his tag team partner is someone who is close to Mickie James. Mickie James and Magnus will be going against James Storm and his mystery opponent next week.

We're then brought to Bully Ray as he is confronted by Ethan Carter III. EC3 says he wants to work with Bully Ray, and he doesn't feel his match with Drew should happen tonight. Bully says he has to act like a world heavyweight champion, and tells him to figure out how to get the job done.


TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match: Drew Galloway vs Ethan Carter III w/ Tyrus

The match is underway as Ethan and Drew briefly stare down. Drew is the first to begin offense as he throws Ethan against the ropes followed by knocking him down quickly. Ethan throws Drew into the corner, but Drew comes back to him with a clothesline. The fans hold EC3 against the barricade, and Ethan is chopped across his chest by Drew. Eli Drake goes down to the ring on his crutches as Tyrus begins to get involved, and Eli will be ringside to defend Drew Galloway.


We return to the match as EC3 is choking Drew Galloway with the rope. As Ethan has a headlock on Galloway, Drake begins pounding the apron to get the crowd behind Drew. Ethan connects a new move, a back heel trip as Josh calls it, which gets a two count. As Galloway gets up, Ethan pushes his face down against the mat. As Drew is on a knee, Ethan slaps him which fires up Drew Galloway. Drew throws Ethan to each corner as he connects multiple punches to the champion. Drew throws Ethan from his shoulders onto the turnbuckle then kicking his chest. Tyrus pulls Ethan's foot onto the ropes for Ethan to kick out. As Drew is stalking Ethan, Tyrus distracts Drew. Ethan pushes Drew off of him as Brian Hebner goes down! Tyrus is about to go after Drew Galloway, but Eli Drake comes in to save his friend. Drew tells Eli it's okay then Eili Drake connects a crutch to Galloway's back! Ethan connects the One Percenter as he pins Drew to retain.

Winner and STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Ethan Carter III

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