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TNA Impact Results (07/22/15) - A Show Full of Low Blows and Promos

TNA Impact Wrestling Results (07/22/15)
Wednesday, July 22, 2015
From Universal Studios in Orlando, FL
Report by Alexander Rasky of

The show is starting off with Dixie Carter walking out onto the stage. Dixie Carter announces that the new TNA Hall of Fame member is Jeff Jarrett. A video plays of Jeff Jarrett and why he is the newest members of the TNA Hall of Fame. It's then announced that his induction ceremony will be next week on Impact Wrestling.

As Josh Mathews and The Pope are hyping tonight's Impact, we're brought to a Street Fight which has already begun.

Street Fight: Bram vs Magnus

We go to Magnus and Bram fighting outside the ring as Magnus has control. They go inside the ring as Magnus is stomping down on Bram, and then bringing him to the top rope. Magnus connects a Superplex as the crowd cheers, and Magnus quickly pulls him towards him. Bram looks for offense as Magnus connects a big boot to take down Bram. Bram once again looks for offense as he this times find it until Magnus counters a baseball slide. Magnus walks away and returns with a trashcan lid to Magnus. Bram once again goes under the ring, and he connects a trashcan to the back of Magnus. Bram looks for an elbow drop on Magnus, but Magnus moves and connects a dropkick from the second rope. Magnus places the trashcan over Bram's head, and he connects a steel chair to the trash can! Magnus goes to the top rope, and he connects an elbow drop as Bram kicks out at two. Magnus connects his finishing maneuver as Earl is knocked out, Earl counts the two, and Bram kicks out. Bram low blows Magnus as Bram walks away with the victory!

Winner: Bram

Following the match, James Storm walks down and connects a cowbell to the back of Magnus's head. James Storm said it's only getting worse, and he's going to introduce the female member of The Revolution.


Eli Drake walks down to the ring when we return with the crutch he used to attack Drew Galloway in his hand. Eli says he's been waiting for a long time to be alone in this ring. He says he's sick of being told to stand up all the time. He calls Mica a puppet, and he says he has to introduce himself because Drew Galloway spoke for him. Eli Drake says he's not a jerk, and everyone in the crowd is exactly like him. Eli Drake says Drew will never be TNA World Heavyweight Champion and that's the way of life. Drew Galloway comes out as he says Eli has a killer instinct. He says he's been wrestling for 15 years, and nothing has hurt him more than Drake did last week. He says he's been depressed, drank a bit too much, and he wants to beat Eli. Drew says he's going to ask his fans what they want him to do to Eli. Drew enters the ring with Eli Drake, Eli misses the crutch to Drew, and Galloway takes down Galloway. Eli Drake takes down Drew Galloway's leg, Eli has the crutch as Drew goes for the Futureshock DDT, but his leg gave out as Eli Drake escapes.


A replay is shown of Brooke winning the TNA Knockouts Championship. Taryn storms out as Christy is supposed to talk about BBQ Pitmasters yelling that the show won't continue unless she's champion. She's locking herself in the Six Sides of Steel until she gets her championship back. Brooke comes out saying that Taryn is acting like a baby, and the fans are important not her. Brooke says Taryn and The Dollhouse did this to themselves. She says the fans are happy that she is champion. Brooke says it's her house, not The Dollhouse. Taryn walks towards Brooke as Gail's music plays throughout the arena, and Gail Kim is in the cage with the dolls. Gail begins attacking Marti and Jade as Taryn watches on. Brooke begins chasing Taryn as Taryn is running away from the champion. Gail and Marti are hanging on the ropes as she dropkicks both women against the cage.


TNA airs the King of the Mountain Match between Eric Young, Drew Galloway, Matt Hardy, Bobby Roode, and Jeff Jarrett from Slammiversary. You can read a full match write up from Kendra Bunyon here:

TNA Slammiversary Results 6/28/15 – King Of The Mountain Claims His Rightful Throne

A video plays of Tijuana, Mexico, and Tigre Uno is a hero to the people of Mexico. He says they're proud of their country and culture. Tigre says that mosts Mexicans who come to the USA are good people. Tigre Uno invites Donald Trump to Impact next week to prove that not all Mexican Americans are bad people.


A replay is shown of Mickie James challenging James Storm to a Mixed Tag Team Match if James Storm can find a partner. James Storm comes out and says many people are lost. People need to be disciplined, need guidance, and people need leadership. He found the Revolution because he wants to help people, and there is always room for one more. James Storm introduces the newest member of The Revolution... Serena ! Serena comes down to the ring as James wants her to tell the people about Mickie James. Serena takes the microphone to say that Mickie and her were best friends, and when Mickie became the big Mickie James she broke her heart. Serena says she was lost until she saw James Storm. James says Magnus is a piece of crap, and Serena is going to stand by his side. James tells Donovan this is the moment where his parents made their worst mistake.


Chain Match: Rockstar Spud vs Eric Young

The referee chains the two men together as Eric Young attacks Rockstar Spud right away. Eric begins choking Spud, and then throws around the smaller man. Spud looks for offense as Eric Young quickly crawls at his eyes. Young is about to whip Spud as Spud moves then pulls Eric into the steel post. Spud is in a tug of war with EY as Eric wins it to pull Spud back out of the ring. Eric throws Spud in the ring to connect a clothesline with the chain. Eric covers Spud as Spud quickly kicks out. Spud connects a low blow with the chain followed by giving him the middle finger after. Spud begins using the chain to his advantage as he begins whipping EY. Spud goes to the top rope and Eric uses the referee to throw Spud down. EY piledrives Rockstar Spud for the victory!

Winner: Eric Young


Tables Match for the #1 Contender to Ethan's TNA World Championship: Matt Hardy vs Bobby Roode

Matt Hardy and Bobby Roode start the match off fast as they go after each other quickly. Matt sets up the first table outside the ring as Bobby attacks him out there. It doesn't last long as Matt hits Bobby's head off of the table. Matt Hardy is looking to suplex Bobby through the table, but Bobby counters with a suplex to Matt onto the steel steps! Bobby Roode picks up the table and throws it onto Matt then stomps on it! The two are in the ring as Bobby is choking Matt down with his foot. Bobby runs at Matt as he counters with an elbow, a boot, and then a second rope elbow drop. Matt is looking to bulldog Bobby through a table, but Roode counters Matt with a Spinebuster. Bobby is trying to choke Matt with the legs of the table as Hardy will not allow it. Roode is able to do it until Roode connects him with a low blow. Matt Hardy connects the Twist of Fate, and places Bobby Roode onto the table. Matt goes to the top looking for a moonsault when Roode knocks him down with this leg. Roode sets up the table stalks matt, going for the Roode Bomb, and Matt throws him over the top through the table!

Winner: Matt Hardy

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