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TNA Impact Results (07/29/15) - Jeff Joins The TNA Hall of Fame; Mickie's Last TNA Match

TNA Impact Wrestling Results (07/29/15)
Wednesday, July 29, 2015
From Universal Studios in Orlando, FL
Report by Alexander Rasky of

A video plays highlighting the events of last weeks show to start us off.

Austin Aries comes out to start the show in a suit, not in wrestling gear. Aries says he is not in a good mood, and everybody should know that he takes pride in what he does. Aries says the other thing they should know about him is nobody is better than him. Austin says he deserved to be in the #1 Contenders match with Matt Hardy and Bobby Roode. Bully Ray comes out and down to the ring to say that the only opinion that matters is the fans opinion. Bully says Austin moves his mouth a little to fast, and Aries will get another shot at what he deserves. Bully says he cannot give him a shot because he lost to Kurt Angle. Bully cannot give him a tag team title match because Dirty Heels just lost to The Wolves. Bully Ray says Austin Aries has a shot at the X-Division championship, but Austin says he doesn't need the X-Division championship. Aries say it's for guys like Rockstar Spud who is not at his level, and Rockstar Spud comes down following his comment. Spud says that he is did not come out to get up in Aries' face, and Spud says it hurts to hear Austin say that about him. Spud says Austin is the best TNA World Heavyweight Champion this company has ever had. Aries says he's giving Spud the opportunity to go one on one with him. Spud says he has always shown he can 'hang', and he cannot hand with Austin, he can beat Austin! Aries says if he can't beat Spud, he doesn't belong in this ring. Bully Ray interrupts and says Spud deserves credit. Bully Ray says if Spud eats Austin Aries, he will never wrestle in TNA anymore. Austin says he'll accept if when he beats Spud, he wants to be called Rockstar Austin Aries. Aries says he's nothing but little old Spud then connects a cheap right hand to Spud.

We go backstage as Kurt Angle is telling Melendez that Eric Young is bad news. Angle says he can beat Eric, and he has to go after him.


Chris Melendez comes out for his match saying he will not accept defeat. He says he keeps on fighting and fighting. He tells Eric that he wants his rematch right now. Eric says that he dropped Chris on his head real bad, and he is trying to do Chris a favor. Melendez better quit while he is still breathing.

Sgt. Chris Melendez with Kurt Angle vs Eric Young

The match starts as Eric goes after Chris right away, but Melendez will not allow it. EY slaps Chris but Chris connects a harder slap. As Chris looks for a big boot, Eric stops him to take him down. EY throws him against the corner to punch down then stomp down on Chris. Eric puts Chris on the second rope as he begins chocking him down on the rope. Eric continues his dominant offense until Melendez begins taking shots at Eric's gut then face. Eric continues his right forearms until practically out of nowhere, Eric Young connects a piledriver to Chris for the win.

Winner: Eric Young

A video plays remembering Sting's Hall of Fame induction ceremony.


We return as JB is asking Matt Hardy what stipulation he picked for his World Championship match with ECIII. Matt says everyone will figure out later tonight.

As Brooke is making her entrance, Marti and Jade are waiting to attack her. Brooke takes them down as she is in the ring with Taryn.

TNA Knockouts Championship Match: Marti Belle with The Dollhouse vs Brooke (c)

The bell rings as Marti bulldogs Brooke as she is not paying attention. Marti kicks the back of Brooke followed by a sitting neckbreaker, and the crowd is solidly behind Brooke. Broke is able to get in some offense until Marti kicks her in the side of her face. Marti is being cheered on by The Dollhouse, and turns around put Brooke in the corner and continue attacking her. With the two knockouts at the top, Brooke throws her off to connect a flying clothesline. Brooke connects a fury of clotheslines to take down Marti, and follows that with a flying forearm. Brooke with a russian leg sweep as the crowd continues to cheer for Brooke. Marti runs at Brooke who takes down Marti. Taryn and Jade begin to get involved as Gail Kim music plays which allows Brooke to connect the Butterface Maker for the win.

Winner and STILL TNA Knockouts Champion: Brooke


A video plays about Kurt Angle's TNA Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

A video plays of Tigre Uno in Mexico with his family. He says he loves being a father. Tigre then says TNA is huge for his family, and it is huge for his family. He says lucha libre is masks and aerobatic. This became apart of his persona. He says that being X-Division Champion is huge opportunity for him and for the Mexican people.

We go backstage to Christy Hemme who is asking Tigre what he thinks about Donald Trump. Tigre says when they're attacked they are ready to fight. He says the Mexican people are not afraid of Donald Trump.

We then go to ECIII who says he is unbreakable and undefeated. He asks for Matt Hardy to hit him with his best shot.


Ethan comes out to the ring to talk about Matt Hardy. Ethan says Bully tricked him to allow Matt to pick the stipulation. ECIII says The Hardy's are a great wrestling family, but they're actually hillbillies from North Carolina. Ethan says if this was against Jeff Hardy, he would be sweating slightly. Ethan makes fun of Hardy for doing stunts in the ring then breaking his leg after falling off of a bike. ECIII says Matt is the Khole to Matt's Kim. As Ethan speaks, Jeff Hardy comes down to the ring! Jeff hugs and high fives the fans in the Impact Zone then enters the ring. The crowd chants "Welcome back" and Jeff thanks them. Hardy says he has been watching Impact, and he gets sick when he sees him. Hardy says he is healing well, and he's afraid he will never wrestle the same. Jeff says he's making steps to wrestling again, and he's going to be the next world champion. He asks the crowd if Ethan is a good champion which the crowd boos in response to. Jeff says this has to change, and the person who will change it all is Matt Hardy. Matt Hardy comes down to the ring as the crowd chants "Matt For Chance." Matt says Ethan is like everyone else, he says they can't, and then they do. Matt says him and Jeff don't believe their is competition between each other. Matt says they're coming up with stipulations, and Jeff announces that the championship match will be a Full Metal Mayhem Match. Another added stipulation is that no one is allowed at ringside during that match next week. Matt says his dream of becoming a world champion becomes a reality next week.


A video plays on Team 3D's TNA Hall of Fame induction.

Backstage, JB has Magnus and Mickie James. Magnus says it should be a celebration about Mickie, but this isn't a match. This is going to be one last fight. Mickie says she couldn't think of a better match. Mickie says she cannot believe James Storm brainwashed her, and she will ensure Serena will see the light.

The Revolution (James Storm and Serena) vs Magnus and Mickie James

Mickie immediately goes after Serena, and Magnus goes after James as the engaged duo are already in control. Magnus attacks James Storm outside the ring before the go inside the six sided ring, which is where James is able to get his momentum going. Serena goes for a shot to Magnus' ribs as he scares Serena off of the apron. James Storm stays in control after that as we go to commercial.


We return as Mickie James is chasing Serena around the ring when James Storm connects a backstabber to Magnus. Storm blows a kiss to Mickie then chokes James on the middle rope. When James goes away, Serena does the same once the referee turns his back. Storm lifts Magnus to his feet, Magnus gaining some momentum, but James quickly stops it. James continues his right hands then has a headlock on Magnus. Mickie has the crowd clapping for her fiance as Magnus rolls to his corner. James Storm pulls Magnus outside of the ring to throw Magnus into the steel barricade. Magnus begins punching at Storm until he catches Magnus with a codebreaker. Storm goes for the Last Call, but Magnus counters and both men connect a running crossbody to each other. Both men tag in their female counterpart as Mickie dropkicks Serena multiple times then drops her with a flapjack. Mickie goes to the top with a Lou Thesz Press on Serena. James has Mickie by her hair, but Mickie slaps him. Serena with a gut buster to Mickie as Magnus spears Storm. Serena is in the ring as she calls for Khoya. Serena goes to the outside as the women begin trading punches until Mickie is thrown into the steps. Khoya runs out to connect a walking stick to Storm by accident. Magnus powerbombs Storm and Mickie connects the Mick-DDT to Serena! Mickie covers Serena for the victory!

Winners: Magnus and Mickie James

Mickie connects a Mick-DDT to James Storm following the match as the couple celebrate their victory.


We return to Anderson saying Bram is a dark individual. Anderson says he can have the same mindset, but it will be brutal and it will be nasty. Anderson says he does not know. Bram demands a match between him and Mr. Anderson next week on No Surrender. Bram says for Anderson to tell his kids goodbye because their is no way in hell Mr. Anderson is going home.

A video plays of a retrospective of Jeff Jarrett.

We go to the ring as Mike Tenay welcomes us to the 2015 TNA Hall of Fame Ceremony. Dixie Carter comes out to the ring with Mike Tenay holding a box. Dixie takes the microphone as she says she is honored to induct Jeff Jarrett. She says Jeff is the TNA Original and professional wrestling is in his DNA. Dixie Carter recalls her post college life as her neighbor was Jeff Jarrett. Dixie would never believe their paths would cross again, and without him they wouldn't have TNA or this ceremony. Dixie Carter says she is proud of Jeff Jarrett, and anyone who feels associated with this company feels the same way. Dixie Carter introduces Jeff Jarrett to the Impact Zone as he is accompanied by Karen Jarrett. Dixie and Karen hug, Jeff hugs Mike and Dixie as we go to commercial.


We return as Dixie formally inducts Jeff into the TNA Hall of Fame. The crowd chants "Thank You Jeff" as he takes the microphone. Jeff says if you have been a TNA consumer, thank you. Jeff then says that if you have ever worked for TNA and received a paycheck, thank you. Jeff throws some names out to thank them because you cannot have a match unless you have production, referees, finance, legal: Bob and Janice Carter, the crew in Dallas, Andy Barton, those who have worked in Nashville on each story of the building, the cameramen, and he says he could go on and on. Jeff says nobody has no idea how much Mike Tenay means to him, and he kept the train on it's tracks. Jeff thanks the X-Division stars for every night defining TNA, he thanks the knockouts and he says thank you to Kong, Gail, and more. He thanks Team 3D for continuing to work their best from WWE to TNA. He lists Mick Foley, Booker T and Kevin Nash as household names. He thanks Dixie Carter that without her choosing Jeff to be in the Hall of Fame, he would not be back in TNA. He thanks his family and he thanks God for the first time in seven years, him and his father reconciled. Jeff thanks his kids for their love and support. Jeff says love conquers all and Karen has stood by him through everything. He says he loves her and thanks her for always believing him. The crowd chants "Thank you Jeff" as the show closes while the TNA roster steps out onto the stage. Jeff shakes hands with each member of the staff.

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