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TNA Impact Results (08/05/15) - Full Metal Mayhem; Who Attacked Bully?

TNA Impact Wrestling Results (08/05/15)
Wednesday, August 5, 2015
From Universal Studios in Orlando, FL
Report by Alexander Rasky of

A tribute airs to Roddy Piper.

Following the tribute, we get a video hyping this upcoming episode of Impact.

Bram vs Mr. Anderson

Mr. Anderson stars off the contest going right after Bram. Connecting right after right, Anderson sends Bram outside the ring. Anderson continues his offense, clotheslining him to the outside, and then he throws Bram back inside. Anderson goes for his signature Rolling Fireman's Carry, and Bram counters to send him onto the apron then pull him down onto it. Bram sends Anderson into the barricade, and then runs his back into the side of the ring. With Anderson's head under the apron, Bram begins punching to his back as Anderson goes back inside. Bram begins kneeing Anderson, taking him down with an elbow, and Anderson kicks out at two as Bram goes right back on the offense. As Bram has a headlock on Anderson, the crowd is behind him as Anderson returns to his feet to boot him in the face. Anderson begins punching away then connecting multiple shoulder blocks for a two count. The men are at the top rope, trading punches, and Bram superplexes Anderson for a two count. Bram sends Anderson into the corner, another boot by Anderson who runs into a Spinning Wheel Kick. Bram begins connecting multiple short arm clotheslines, and as Bram goes for another Anderson counters looking for a neckbreaker which Bram counters into a clothesline. Bram tries to cover multiple times as Mr. Anderson kicks out multiple times. Bram is holding Anderson's mic which Anderson counters going for the mic check, Bram counters it looking for a front suplex, which is countered into a small package! Anderson defeats Bram.

Winner: Mr. Anderson

As Anderson walks up the ramp, he turns around to be hit in the head with his microphone by Bram. Bram calls him pathetic as he stands over Mr. Anderson.

We go to Josh Mathews and The Pope as they say a rivalry has formed between the men. They remind of us of the Name vs Career Match between Rockstar Spud and Austin Aries later tonight. They then say they hope for Drew Galloway to put away Eli Drake's ego.

We go backstage as Jeremy Borash is with Matt and Jeff Hardy. Matt says tonight is the night, and they've overcome multiple scenarios in their careers. Matt says tonight he will beat EC3, and he will fulfil his dream to make it a reality.


James Storm comes out to say he wants to bring those who are lost to give them leadership and guidance. He says he took one man, Sanada, who failed him multiple times. Those who fail James Storm will pay for their mistakes. James Storm wants Khoya out right now. James says he will send him back to his crap country, and begins slapping Khoya down multiple times. James Strom turns his back on Khoya, and he turns around to a spinebuster from Khoya! Khoya says he is proud of himself and his country, and he will not touch him again. Khoya says that is not his name, his name is Mahabali Shera.

We get a recap of Taryn Terrell and The Dollhouse and their feud with Gail Kim. We then get a replay of how Brooke won the TNA Knockout's Championship and Gail Kim's attack on Marti Belle and Jade in the steel cage.


We return backstage as James Storm is furious with Shera, who he calls Khoya, and he says he wants a match with him tonight. He wants to prove that Shera is nothing.

3 on 1 Handicap Match: The Dollhouse vs Gail Kim

The match starts as Taryn Terrell is yelling at Gail Kim. Marti Belle is starting the contest with Gail Kim as she rolls under Marti, kicking away at Marti, and then goes to the apron and rolls over Marti Belle. Jade tries to interfere as she wasn't tagged, being thrown into Marti, and Taryn slowly enters as Kim senses her opponent. Marti Belle comes from behind with a clothesline. Marti takes down Gail as Taryn is tagged in to go for the cover, pinning Gail for two, then running to tag in Jade. Gail dropkicks Jade as she is on her knee, and pins her for a two count. Jade connects a bridging german suplex as Gail goes after Taryn for a two count. Jade continues her offense as Terrell is tagged in to get a two count. Taryn tags in Marti, who holds up Gail, and Taryn accidently knocks down Marti Belle. Tarn Terrell is the only one not being beaten down as Gail goes after her, and Taryn runs away from her into the crowd. Jade and Marti Belle are the legal women as they continue to attack Gail, going for a double suplex, which Gail counters into a double clothesline. Gail brings Marti into the center of the ring with an Eat Defeat for the victory!

Winner: Gail Kim

We're shown a video of Drew Galloway saying to Stand Up, and when he showed up he wouldn't let MVP ruin his sport. Drew says Eli cared about nothing, he only cared about himself, and he costs him the world title because of his jealousy. Drew says he is standing up to see Eli Drake fall.


Drew Galloway vs Eli Drake

Drew runs out of the ring as Eli is making his entrance, Drew begin punching away at his former ally. Drew is going for a baseball slide, but Drew pulls him out then drops him onto the barricade. Eli Drake suddenly gains control, looking for a piledriver, but Drew counters with a back slam onto the concrete. As Drew chases Eli, Eli trips over stairs then Drew flies off the steelsteps with a clothesline. Drew lifts Eli Drake to his feet then drops him with a spinebuster on the apron.

The two enter the ring as the match officially begins.

Drew immediately goes for the Futureshock DDT, but Eli Drake escapes up the ring. Drew throws him back inside, stands on the apron, and Eli Drake connects a low blow then throws him into the steel pole. Eli is now in control, choking Drew with the middle rope, and then begins punching down on his opponent. Eli brings Drew to his feet, by his hair, then throws him down to the mat head first. Eli looks to connect an elbow drop as Drew moves, throwing Eli against the ropes then clotheslining him following that with multiple chops and a suplex. As Eli returns to his feet, Drew Galloway german suplexs him into the corner. Eli Drake pokes the eye of Drew as he goes for a big boot, rolling him up as he grabs the trunks and ropes, and Eli Drake defeats Drew Galloway.

Winner: Eli Drake

We get a recap of Impact Wrestling last week where Austin Aries and Rockstar Spud agreeing to their match for tonight. We go backstage to Bully Ray telling Brian Hebner that when Earl retires, he will be the new Senior Referee. Bobby Roode enters his arena as Roode asks about the Austin's career being on the line tonight. Bully says he got what he wanted, and Bobby says that he won't have a partner anymore. Roode says he will make sure Austin Aries will win the match, and Bully says the best man will win the match.


Name vs Career Match: Rockstar Spud vs Austin Aries

Spud and Aries lock up as Austin immediately gets the advantage, locking on the Last Chancery, and Spud reaches the ropes as Aries shows off. Ausit has a headlock on Spud, Spud tries to get the advantage, but Aries doesn't allow it as she sticks in firm control. Aries takes down Spud once again, going to the apron, and then connecting a senton bomb over the apron. Spud goes into the corner as Aries connects a right hand, but now Spud connects multiple right hands. Aries then connects a backbreaker to Spud, and then drops an elbow down on Spud for a two count. Spud throws Aries onto the apron as Austin connects a neckbreaker on the middle rope to Spud. Spud returns to his feet, Austin at the top, and a missle dropkick to Spud. Spud is slowly gaining offense after a kick to Arie's jaw, but Aries punched him followed by Spud dropkicking his leg. Spud begins running off the ropes, connecting elbow after elbow, and then Austin trips him onto the mat. Spud is able to recover quickly, looking for The Underdog (The Kendrick), but Aries throws him off then locks on the Last Chancery once again. Aries dropkicks Spud against the corner, looking for a Brianbuster as Spud rolls him up after Austin took too long! Aries kicks out as he begins connecting multiple discus clotheslines. Aries brings him up into the Brainbuster, connects it this time, and Spud surprisingly kicks out at two! Aries begins shoving Rockstar Spud as the underdog is angry. Spud takes off his bowtie then begins connecting multiple left hands until he's pulled into a clothesline by Austin. Austin throws Rockstar Spud into the corner, up and over, and a wind up right hand by Spud. Aries to the outside, Spud with a senton over the top, and Spud throws him in with a crossbody for as two count. Aries goes for an Underdog as Spud counters, putting him at the top as both men are up there. Both standing at the top, and Rockstar Spud with a Super Underdog for the victory! Austin Aries has to leave TNA!

Winner: Rockstar Spud

Aries cannot believe it as he hands Spud's bowtie to him, holding up his hand in victory then holding up his hand in victory. Josh thanks Austin for the incredible matches as Spud has hand risen in victory.


We return as Austin tells Bobby that Rockstar Spud earned it. Bobby Roode is speechless as Austin says it's not goodbye and he'll see him down the road.

James Storm vs Mahabali Shera

As Mahabali is entering the ring, James Storm kicks him to begin an assault. Storm begins throwing punch after punch, smack talking the Indian wrestler, and connects a back elbow to the former member of The Revolution. As Storm continues to slap him, Shera becomes angered connecting multiple clotheslines. He connects his shoulder into Storm's midsection as Storm turns around, grabbing the cowbell, and connecting it to the head of Shera.

Winner via DQ: Mahabali Shera

Storm tells Shera he is his nightmare.

We go backstage to Bully's office that shows him down on the ground, seemingly being beat down by someone.


Dixie Carter is on the phone, saying that she needs an update on Bully Ray now. Jeff Jarrett walks in says to let him run the show next week for TNA. Jeff says he'll keep her posted.

Josh Mathews wants to know who took out Bully Ray. The Pope doubts we'll figure that out today.

We go to Ethan Carter III training with Tyrus. Ethan says it is so fitting that it's great he picked a match with no pinfalls or submissions. Ethan says the money is with the one percent, the money is with Ethan Carter III.


Full Metal Mayhem Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Matt Hardy vs Ethan Carter III (c)

The match vegins as Matt Hardy is quick to get offense, connecting a bulldog, and he looks for a side effect early on as ECIII clotheslines him. Ethan takes a chair, throwing Hardy's head down onto it, then he tries to do it again as Matt counters it into a Side Effect onto the chair! Matt Hardy leaves the ring, taking a ladder as he runs at Ethan with it. We go backstage as Jeff Hardy is watching on the monitor while the match continues. Ethan throws Matt's head on the ladder, hitting his head on the ladder, and it doesn't do much damage. Matt takes down Ethan, beginning to climb the ladder, and Ethan connects a chair to the leg of Matt as he falls.


We return to TNA as Ethan puts Matt inside of the steel steps then flips it over. Ethen enters the ring, beginning to climb the ladder, but Matt enters the ring as he pushes ECIII off. Ethan sits in the corner, legs open, and Matt pushes the ladder straight in between his legs. Matt sets up the ladder, climbing the ladder, but Ethan Carter III is able to pull him down. Matt takes down Ethan again, climbing once more, and Ethan pushes down the ladder. Matt lands on his feet, counters a clothesline, and he connects the Twist of Fate to Ethan. Ethan is placed on the table, Matt looking to moonsault him on the table as Ethan knocks him down from behind. Matt sits on top of the turnbuckle as he is powerbombed through the table. Ethan begins climbing the ladder again, Matt Hardy now returning to his feet, and he holds onto Ethan's ankle which causes the champion to begin stomping down on and punching away at Ethan Carter III. Ethan begins climbing the ladder once more, Ethan touching the championship, and Matt Hardy powerbombs him off of the ladder. Matt Hardy connects a ladder to Ethan's back, and he sets up the steel steps and he takes out another ladder. The ladder is on the apron and steel steps, Matt standing on the apron, and Ethan slams Matt down on the ladder head first after a low blow. Ethan leaves the ring instead of climbing the ladder, both men on the apron, and Matt Hardy a Side Effect on the ring apron by Matt! Ethan is placed on a table on the outside as he goes to the top and legdrops him from the top through the table! Matt is in the ring as Ethan begins to move, doctors coming out to check on Ethan Carter III, and Ethan enters the ring with a ladder. Ethan with a steel chair to the leg of Hardy's as Ethan begins climbing each rung once again. Matt Hardy climbs on the opposing side as he punches at Ethan Carter III. Ethan kicks the knee of Matt's as Ethan climbs one more rung to grab the championship.

Winner and Still TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Ethan Carter III

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