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TNA Impact Results (08/12/15) - TNA vs GFW; New KOTM Champion

TNA Impact Wrestling Results (08/12/15)
Wednesday, August 12, 2015
From Universal Studios in Orlando, FL
Report by Alexander Rasky of

The show starts of a video of Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett arriving with GFW superstars at the Impact Zone.

Jeff Jarrett comes out with Karen Jarrett as he holds the King of the Mountain Championship. The two enter the ring as Jeff says his TNA career is over. He is a proud member of the TNA Hall of Fame. He says tonight is TNA vs GFW as the best of the best compete. Sonjay Dutt will go one on one with Tigre Uno. Awesome Kong will enter action against Lei'd Tapa. The Wolves will face Trevor Lee & Brian Myers. In the main event, the King of the Mountain Championship will be on the line. Eric Young comes out, obviously furious. Eric says he doesn't care about the fans, he doesn;t care about Jeff, and he only cares about himself. He walks around claiming to be the king of the mountain but Eric is the king of the world. He calls himself God and he decided the fate of the World Title, Kurt Angle, and he took Melendez's leg because he felt like it. Eric says Jeff Jarrett is the promoter, and he wants to go against Jarrett for his championship. Jeff says he could kick his ass if he wanted to, but the KOTM Title is going to be defended around the ring in multiple companies. Jerr Jarrett announces Eric Young as the first member of the King of the Mountain Katch. Eric Young begins attacking Jeff as the GFW Superstars cause him to run away. The TNA Superstars come out as cavalry as GFW and TNA begin brawling.


W return as the GFW wrestlers are furious. Jeff says this is not about an invasion and this is about putting on the best matches possible.

Lei'd Tapa comes out with a man named Royal Red. Royal Red says Tapa is the most fearful and dominating female in the wrestling business. He wants the knockouts to bow down.

Lei'd Tapa vs Awesome Kong

The bell rings as Tapa and Kong lock up and Tapa immediately throws a forearm at Kong. The women begin running at each other as Tapa headbutts Kong. Kong begins throwing her body at Tapa then throwing her into the corner then splashing against her. Tapa begins throwing forearms again then connects a high big boot for a two count. Kong now begins throwing forearms and backhands then connecting multiple clotheslines followed by a splash, which Tapa kicks out of. Tapa elbows Kong then lifts her and connects a Samoan Drop which Kong kicks out of now. Kong returns to her feet as she chokeslams her and Tapa returns to her feet next to the apron then is clotheslined outside. Both women outside, Tapa begins going to work on Awesome Kong. The referee called for a double count out as the two women continue to fight. Awesome Kong lifts Tapa then scoop slams her.

Winner: None. Double Count Out

We hear from PJ Black as he says he has new toys to play with.


We return to Drew Galloway saying he is representing TNA and he'll do whatever it takes to win.

We return as Bobby Roode is in the ring with a microphone. Bobby says it's an understatement to say things are chaotic right now. Bobby says their are a lot of unanswered questions and it concerns him. He is pissed off that Jeff Jarrett put together this main event, and he was not considered to be apart of the match. Bobby Roode believes if anyone deserves to be in the main event it's him. He tells Jeff to be a man and say if he has a problem with him, tell him. He then calls out the man who defeated Austin Aries last week, Rockstar Spud. Spud comes out as Bobby says Rockstar Spud should be proud. He ended Austin's career in TNA. He proved anyone could beat anybody on any night. Rockstar Spud says he thought he could never see Roode as such a condescending pr!ck. Spud says he told his parents he wanted to be a professional wrestler and he was going to be a champion and he did it. He says he defeated the greatest man that ever lived, and he doesn't care what kind of mood Roode is in. He says to take out his anger, and not to include him in his problems. The crowd begins chanting for Rockstar Spud as Bobby says he is right. He has been an underdog his entire life, and he shouldn't take his aggression out on him. Bobby Roode says he should end Rockstar Spud's career. Spud says one man can stop him as he punches Roode which Bobby reacts by clotheslining him then punching down on Spud. He takes the microphone as he hits Spud with it as he takes his aggression out on Rockstar Spud. He begins to choke Spud with his suit jacket as Bobby connects the It Factor to the smaller man. When it seems Roode is done, he throws Spud to the outside. He takes Spud and throws him into the steel steps as Spud holds onto his shoulder as Bobby is fast to react as he locks the crossface onto Spud.


We return backstage as Jeff Jarrett and Bobby Roode are having a verbal altercation. Bobby says that was a wake up call for him to be booked correctly.

Jessie Godderz vs Bobby Lashley

The match starts Jessie trash talks Lashley then pushes him against the corner. Lashley clotheslines Jessie the lifts him into a military press and he drops him onto the mat. Jessie rolls out of the ring as Lashley throws his head against the apron numerous times. Jessie is thrown in the ring by Lashley as The Destroyer lifts him up into a one arm suplex. Lashley is stalking Jessie with a spear as he moves and Lashley begins to throw right hands. Jessie with a knee to the gut then dropkick Lashley. Jessie begins kneeing the back of Lashley, dropping an elbow on his head, and the crowd is chanting for Lashley. Lashley returns to his feet as he connects a running shoulder to Jessie. Jessie goes for a clothesline as Lashley counters it into a German Suplex followed by a Belly-To-Belly. Jessie goes for a scoop slam which gets a two count. Jessie is locking for the Adonis Crab as Lashley pushes him off to connect the spear.

Winner: Lashley

We get a replay of the Full Metal Mayhem match from Impact last week.

We go backstage as Drew Galloway is knocked out.


We return as Jeff says he will make this work as Dixie Carter is going to the hospital to check on Drew Galloway.

We go to the ring as Ethan Carter III comes out in his suit holding his TNA World Heavyweight Championship as Tyrus follows behind. Ethan takes the microphone as he says he is the world champion. He was born to carry TNA into the future, and the title represents his life work. Ethan Carter III says this title represents he is better than any man in any locker room across the world. He says Matt got to pick the stipulation, he had a wave of momentum, but he still lost. The crowd begins chanting he sucks as Ethan says he defends his championship in God Mode. He unbeatable and undefeated forever. Matt Hardy comes down to the ring as he takes a microphone an getting a good reaction from the crowd. Matt wants Ethan to know that he heard everything he said, he has a claim to be the best, and Matt says he didn't think Ethan could beat him. Matt is not making excuses and Ethan is one of greats as champion. Hardy says as long as Ethan is champion, Matt will not stray away from Ethan. #MattForChamp will become a reaction. Matt says he won't stop, he won't quit because Matt Hardy will not die. Ethan says he respects him for being humble in defeat. Ethan says he was surprised he was able to move after that leg drop. Ethan is letting the crowd decide if Matt Hardy will get a title shot as the crowd cheers loudly. Ethan says the answer is no as Tyrus attacks Matt Hardy. Tyrus holds Matt as Ethan strikes him with the world title.


We return as Taryn Terrell is saying she changed Gail Kim to a freak. She wants Jade and Marti to fight Gail Kim in a cage so Gail Kim will never touch her again.

We then go to Chris Mordentsky as Chris says he thinks it's GFW's chance to show it's dominance over TNA.

The Wolves vs Trevor Lee and Brian Myers

Brian and Davey are starting off the contest as it's very technical. Davey and Eddie are making fast tags to work on arm of Myers. Brian then knees Eddie as Davey tags himself in and he runs into a double hip toss. Davey covers Brian for a two count. Eddie is tagged in as he is scoop slammed by Brian. Brian tags in Trevor Lee as they're sent to the outside followed by being hit with a pair of baseball slides. Then, The Wolves follow that with a suicide dive. Eddie looks for a foot stomp as Trevor Lee moves and he connects a dropkick. Brian is tagged in with a snapmare followed by a kick to Eddie's back. The GFW team of Brian and Trevor are in control as Brian taunts the crowd. Brian tags Trevor back in as he kicks down on Eddie multiple times. Brian is tagged back in as Trevor chokes Eddie on the rope. The two go for a double back suplex as Eddie lands on his feet then connects with a double hurricanrana. Eddie is tagged in as he goes to work on Trevor and Brian. Eddie goes to the top rope with a dropkick to Trevor Lee for a two count. Off the ropes, Eddie goes into a German which he counters as Tervor and Davey connect forearms. Eddie breaks up a pin after the German as he throws Brian out. Eddie lifts Trevor into a powerbomb, Davey with the backstabber, and The Wolves win!

Winners: The Wolves


We return as Lashley only enters matches in TNA to win. Lashley says he wants to represent TNA, and he is destroying everybody in the ring that comes at him.

Tigre Uno vs Sonjay Dut

Tigre Uno and Sonjay Dutt start off the match as the crowd is behind Dutt. Uno is thrown off the ropes as he goes over Sonjay, Dutt and Uno both rolling through the ring, and Tigre Uno dropkicks Sonjay Dutt. Tigre runs from the corner connect a low dropkick to the GFW star. Tigre Uno looking for a dropkick as Sonjay counters with a hurricanrana outside followed by a dropkick through the bottom rope. Sonjay rolls off of the apron into a hurricanrana onto the floor. Sonjay with a springboard splash as Tigre kicks out at two. Tigre Uno taunts the crowd as he plaches Tigre Uno on the top followed by a chop. Sonjay Dutt goes for a hurricanrana from the top which Tigre counters into a roll up for the victory.

Winner: Tigre Uno

We go backstage to Jeff Jarrett talking to Ethan. Ethan Carter III says he cannot pull this crap on him. Ethan says for Jeff to tread lightly as he has beaten all TNA Hall of Famers. Jeff announces Ethan will defend the the championship next week against the King of the Mountain winner.


We return to TNA as Mr. Anderson talking about that he thinks this it because of Bram and maybe he'll go home to just be a dad. He says today is not that day. Next week, he challenges Bram to a match to see who can climb and get the microphone first.

King of the Mountain Match for the King of the Mountain Championship: Eric Young vs Lashley vs PJ Black vs Chris Mordetzky vs Robbie E

The bell rings as Chris goes after Lashley, but Robbie E attacks Chris. PJ B lack stays to the side before rolling up Chris and beocoming eligible. Lashley and PJ are eligible as Lasley is in control over Lashley and Robbie. Robbie and PJ begin trading forearms as Lashley is taken out, Robbie with the Boom Drop, and Robbie E is now eligible to hang the title. Lashley spears Robbie as Robbie is out, but Eric and Chris are now free to escape. Eric and Chris begin attacking Robbie and PJ as we go to commercial.


We return as Chris rolls up Eric to allow Chris to be eligble. PJ Black and Robbie are eligible as Robbie is at the top of the cage. Robbie with a crossbody from the top to take down Lashley and Chris! Robbie is slow to his feet as PJ Black takes a ladder, entering the ring as Robbie attacks PJ from behind. PJ begins throws right hands before Robbie throws PJ into the steel cage. Eric Young is back in the ring as Robbie goes right to work leaving PJ Black alone in the ring. EY then with a piledriver to Robbie E onto the steel steps as Robbie is sent to the penalty box and every man is now eligible. Chris takes the championship as PJ and Chris begin fighting with each other. Chris begins punching away at PJ until PJ counters as he begins to climb the ladder. They begin throwing punches at the top of the ladder as Lashley pushes the ladder down. A spear to PJ! A spear to Chris! Lashley begins climbing the ladder with the championship as Eric enters the ring to push Lashley off the ladder. Eric celebrates as he sets up the ladder once more, and connecting the title to the head of Chris. Eric begins the climb with the championship as PJ Black enters the ring, jumping onto the ladder with a springboard as EY and PJ are throwing punches. Lashley is at the top with a spear to take down Eric from the ladder! PJ Black sits on top of the ladder with a 450 Splash to Lashley! PJ Black climbs the ladder as he hands the title!

Winner and NEW King of the Mountain Champion: PJ Black

Ethan stands at the top of the ramp holding up the TNA World Championship as the show ends.

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