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Impact *Spoiler* For April 24th; Complete Taping Results For World Cup Of Wrestling

The following article contains spoiler information. Due to the fact the material in this post will spoil upcoming programming, we have removed the excerpt so you must click the link to view the story contents.
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TNA Wrestling taped Magnus vs. Abyss for the April 24, 2014 episode of Impact and the upcoming World Cup "One Night Only" pay-per-view show from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida on Saturday. Wrestling News World'sScott Brooks was there and filed the following report:

Impact Wrestling (Airing April 24, 2014):

Borash said this would air next week but I thought it would on the 24th. They also had a "this Sunday" Sacrifice graphic up so I would say that my date is accurate.

Abyss defeated Magnus via DQ following a low blow. Eric Young was on commentary for the match. After, Magnus grabbed a chair and attacked Abyss with it. He went over and cornered Brian Hebner until Eric ran down to make the save but Magnus low blowed him too. He then attacked EY with a chair. He mockingly raised ET's hand before attacking with him a chair. Magnus posed over both of them.

One Night Only - World Cup of Wrestling (Airing in July)

So they are bringing out the four team captains who will then have a "live draft" for their four team partners. The captains were Kurt Angle, Bobby Roode, Eric Young, and Ethan Carter III. Apparently Dixie allowed EC3 to get the fourth spot. EC3 also appointed Spud as his GM. The teams ended up as (in order of drafting):

Team 1
Kurt Angle (Captain), Mr. Anderson, Davey Richards, Madison Rayne & Sanada

Team 2
Bobby Roode (Captain), James Storm, Samuel Shaw, Kenny King & The Beautiful People (when Roode selected them, he called them a package deal even though only Angelina ended up wrestling.)

Team 3

Eric Young (Captain), Bully Ray, Gunner, Eddie Edwards & ODB

Team 4
EC3 (Captain), Magnus, Jessie Godderz, Gail Kim & Robbie E

Match 1) Eddie Edwards defeated James Storm via countering the Last Call into a roll up.

Match 2) The Bromans (Robbie E & Jessie) w/DJ Zema defeated Mr. Anderson & Sanada. Match was mostly comedy. At one point The Bromans teased that they were going to leave and Anderson went for the laptop to make them stop. He played music on it that Sanada danced to. Anderson went for the Mic Check on Robbie but Zema laid out Anderson when the ref was distracted and Robbie scored the pin on Anderson.

Match 3) Gail Kim defeated Madison Rayne with Eat Defeat.

Match 4) Eric Young defeated Bobby Roode via Piledriver.

Match 5) Kurt Angle defeated Magnus via Olympic Slam
- It was supposed to be EC3/Kurt Angle but EC3 came out before the match and said out of respect for the fans wanting a competitive match since Angle would likely get himself DQed attacking EC3 he chose Magnus to face Angle instead.

Match 6) Angelina Love W/Velvet Sky defeated ODB with the Botox Injection. Lots of comedy, including involving Earl Hebner a few times. Velvet distracted allowing Love to win. ODB beat up Love and Sky after when they tried to bag her and ended up kissing Earl Hebner who fell over after.

Match 7) Ethan Carter III w/Rockstar Spud defeated Davey Richards via the One Percenter.

Match 8) Bully Ray & Gunner defeated Kenny King and Samuel Shaw via Hanger 18 by Gunner on Shaw.

Match 9) In the finals, Team EY defeated Team EC3 w/Spud and DJ Zema.
- ODB eliminated Gail via TKO.
- Robbie E eliminated ODB via roll-up.
- Eddie Edwards was eliminated via double team by the Bromans.
- Ray pinned Goddarz following a Rock Bottom.
- Robbie E pinned Bully Ray following some cheating from team EC3.
- Gunner eliminated Robbie via the Gun Rack.
- Magnus eliminated Gunner following a Michinoku Driver leaving EY by himself against Magnus and EC3.
- EC3 was eliminated by DQ when he hit a low blow on EY to weaken him for Magnus.
- EY eliminated Magnus via Piledriver.

Team EY came out to celebrate with EY after with the World Cup trophy.

Borash said it will be airing on PPV in July in the US.

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