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Rebellion PPV Night One


Rebellion this year was scheduled to air on pay-per-view this past Sunday but due to what's been going on in the world they were unable to have the PPV. Impact Wrestling announced that Rebellion would now be a two-night PPV with night one airing tonight. 

Rebellion Night One: Willie Mack vs Ace Austin for the X-Division Championship, Kylie Rae vs Kiera Hogan, OVE vs Tommy Dreamer, Rhino, TBD, The Rascalz vs TJP & Fallah Bahh vs XXXL and the main event for night one will see Sami Callihan vs Ken Shamrock. Stay tuned to Wrestling News World for live updates and coverage.

We kickoff the show with a six man tag team match. OVE vs Tommy Dreamer, Rhino, and Crazzy Steve. Dreamer and Jake Crist start the match. They lock up and have a few go behinds with Dreamer getting control of the wrist but Jake counters and gets control of Dreamer's wrist. Dreamer fights back and gets control of Jake's wrist but Jake counters and knocks down Dreamer. Jake heads to hs corner as Tommy attempts a nip up and eventually gets help from his partners. Crazzy Steve tags in which leads to some double team moves taken down Crist. Jake then tags in Madman Fulton but Steve wants nothing to do anything with him so he tags in Rhino. Rhino gets a few shots in on Fulton sending him into the corner but Fulton is able to get the advantage which leads to Dave Crist tagging into the match. Steve taunts Crist which creeps him out. Steve then takes down Dave in the corner and hits a running cannonball on Dave. 

Crist then tags in Fulton as Steve tags in Rhino. Fulton is able to get some shots in and bring Rhino to their corner which allows Dave to tag back in. Rhino is able to get free and tag in Crazzy Steve. Steve is able to get a few shots in but is taken over by Dave. Steve is then able to tag out to Dreamer and Dave tags out to Jake. Dreamer is able to take control and get a few punches in. Dreamer then hits a huge cutter on Jake. Eventually, everyone gets in the ring and takes each other out. Jake is about to get control and takes down Dreamer for barely a one count. Rhio and Dave Crist eventually are the legal men in the match. Dave tries to hit an Irish whip on Rhino but Rhino counters and goes under the arm and hits a mini gore on Crist. Everyone else gets involved again but are cleared out and in the end, Rhino hits Dave Crist with a gore for the win.

Winners: Tommy Dreamer, Rhino, and Crazzy Steve via pinfall

After the match, we found out that both Eddie Edwards and Tessa Blanchard are not at a Rebellion tonight. Josh Matthews video chats with Eddie and he says that he is not apart of Rebellion tonight because he was looking out for the safety of his family. He also says that he will be back and coming for the world time.

We come back and we get a backstage interview with Micheal Elgin. Elgin talks about how he got his start in wrestling at the age of 14. Then he went on about going to ROH and winning their world title. Then talks about beating Kenny Omega in a ladder match. Micheal Elgin then talks about his scheduled match with Tessa and Eddie saying that he is gonna be world champion by the end of Rebellion.

The next match is a three-way tag team match. The Rascalz vs TJP & Fallah Bahh vs XXXL. TJP and Dez start off the match. They lock up and TJP goes behind and takes control of the wrist of Dez. TJP then transitions into a headlock but Dez shoots off and jaw jacks with XXXL. TJP takes advantage and takes down Dez with a side headlock. TJP continues his offense but Dez fights back and takes control with a hurrcanrana leading to a two count. Dez holds onto the waist of TJP but TJP backs up looking to tag in Fallah but Dez puts a stop to that. TJP then regains control and locks in the octopus but Dez breaks free and tags in Wentz and he then goes on a tear leading to a two count. Wentz stays in control of TJP. Wentz takes down TJP again leading to a two count t. Fallah Bahh comes into the ring after barley being tagged in by TJP. He takes out Dez then TJP climbs on his back as they both splash onto Wentz for a two count as it's broken up by Acey Romero. We come back and Fallah Bahh is hit with a spinebuster from Larry Dean. Dean stays in control and sends Fallah into the corner and takes down Fallah and drops an elbow on him for a two count. Romero is tagged in as both members of XXXL knockdown Fallah and then Acey hits the splash for a two count. 

Larry is then tagged back in and takes down Fallah leading to another two count. Larry locks in a working hold but Bahh tries to fight out but is hit with an elbow leading to a two count but it's broken up by TJP. TJP and Acey then get into a little spat while Larry Dean is still wearing down Bahh. Fallah tries to fight out of it but Dean knocks him down. Fallah eventually fights free and hits a belly to belly on Dean. Dean then tags in Acey and they shoot Bahh into the corner. Acey then hits a running elbow followed by a running knee by Dean. We come back and Acey knockdown Bahh and drags him to his corner and tags in Dean. Dean then hits multiple elbows on Bahh but Bahh is beginning to make a comeback. Dean then hits a headbutt on Bahh but Bahh comes back and hits a Samoan drop. Bahh tags in TJP who tries to hit a Swanton but misses and gets taken out of the match. The Rascalz tag in and get some offensive moves in before TJP comes back and pulls Dez out of the ring. The ring clears out and it's just XXXL and Dez as they take him down for a two count. Wentz comes back in to make the save and they take down Larry Dean for the three count.

Winners: The Rascalz via pinfall

After the match, we hear from The North who are happy to be stuck in Canada. They also say that they are gonna hold an open challenge for any team in Canda for the tag team titles.

We come back and we get a backstage interview from Willie Mack and the returning Rich Swann. Mack says that it means the world to him that Swann is here for him tonight. Mack says that it's bittersweet that they aren't challenging for the tag titles. Swann says it's ok and that Willie needs to focus on getting the X-Division Championship.

The next match is Willie Mack vs Ace Austin for the X-Division Championship.

The bell rings and Ace doesn't want to get into the ring with Willie. Ace finally gets in the ring but as Willie charges him Ace leaves the ring. The referee then begins to count out Ace but eventually gets in the ring but continues to run away and outside of the ring from Willie. Ace gets back in the ring and is looking for a handshake and then tries to kick Willie but Mack intercepts and takes down Ace leading to him escaping the ring. Ace finally gets back into the ring and gets a rollup for a two count. Willie gets back up and takes down Ace leading to him going to the outside. Mack then follows him to the outside and continued the onslaught. Ace then goes to the corner and is able to get the advantage with a kick to the head then sets Willie up in the tree of woe. Ace then begins to repeatedly stomps on Willie. Ace then goes to the top looking for a dive but gets caught into a Samoan drop mid-air from Willie. Mack then hits a standing moonsault then begins to rain down punches. Ace is able to gain control and wears down Willie on the ropes leading to kick in the face from Ace leading to a two count. Ace is firmly in control and throws Willie into the corner and lays on the onslaught. Willie is down in the corner as Ace jaw jacks with the referee. Willie irish whips Ace into the corner and tries to run at him but Ace counters and hits a superkick on Willie. Mack is able to counter and hit a big powerbomb for a two count. Both guys are down as the referee begins to count. Both guys make it back to their feet and they begin to trade blows with each other with Willie getting the advantage. Mack sends Ace into the corner and hits a step-up kick on Ace. Ace is able to counter the stunner and hits the fold for a two count.

 As Ace is now stunned he goes for another cover for another two count. Ace then sets up for another fold but is countered into a cutter for a two count.  Willie makes it to the top but Ace moves to the other counter. Willie then hits the coast to coast 

then goes to the top again looking for the six-star frog splash but Ace moves out of the way and Mack crashes and burns. Ace comes back into the ring with a waist lock on Willie and rolls him up using the ropes but gets caught by the referee. Ace the goes to the top but Mack meets him there with an elbow. Ace then fights back and tries to hit a move but Willie counters with a stunner on the top rope and hits the six-star frog splash for the win.


We come back and see Rich and Wille backstage. Rich says that with Willie winning the title puts a stamp on everything he has done since coming to IMPACT. Rich Swann says that they can still focus on the tag titles. Johnny Swinger then interrupts the celebration saying the Mack and Pack Connection will live on forever but Willie shuts that down. Swinger tries to get a title shot but Rich says they have to get to celebrating Willie's win. Johnny then says that he will bring the car around and hopes Swann doesn't mind if he sits in the back. 

The next match is Keira Hogan vs Kylie Rae.

The bell rings and we see Kylie take off her shirt and folds it up. Kiera gets in the face of Kylie and pushes her. Kylie isn't backing down as she gains control of Hogan and takes her down and tries to lock in the Smile to the Finish. Kiera gets to the ropes and gets Rae backed off of her. Kylie then takes down Kiera with a deep arm drag. Kylie then is talking to the "fans" as Kiera questions who she is talking to. Kiera is sent into the corner as Kylie comes after her and hits a metorea to the back and hops on the shoulders and brings Kiera out of the corner. Keira then hits an elbow on Kylie as she tries to bring herself back into the ring from the apron. Kiera is now in control and brings Kylie back in the ring and hits a kick to the back for a two count. We come back to the show with Kylie in the corner and Kiera making a running start but Kylie gets out of the way. Kiera is able to regain control and takes down Kylie for a two count. Kiera continues the onslaught taking down Kylie. Kiera then shoves her face first in the buckle. Kiera tries to hit the ropes but is met by Kylie then Kylie attempts to hit the ropes but is met by Kiera. The two then trade a pair of superkicks and both knockouts are down. 

They make it to their knees and begin to hit each other with elbows. They make it back to their feet with Kylie still in control. Kylie then hits the Kylie Special then a superkick for a two count. Kiera is able to recover and hits Kylie with a roundhouse kick for a two count. Kiera picks up Kylie who fights free and hits a running elbow followed by a running cannonball for a two count. Kiera fights back with an open palm strike then a pair of superkicks followed by raining down a couple of punches. Kiera then jaw jacks Kylie which allows for Kylie to lock in the Smile to the Finish for the win. After the win, she then apologizes to Kiera.

Winner: Kylie Rae via pinfall

After the match, Josh Matthews runs down night two of Rebellion.

Rebellion Night Two: Suicide vs Chris Bey vs Rohit Raju vs Trey, Joseph P. Ryan vs Cousin Jake, Full Metal Mayhem: Rosemary vs Havok, The Future of the World TItle.

MAIN EVENT: Sami Callihan vs Ken Shamrock

Before the match could even get started during Ken's entrance Sami hits a low suicide dive as the bell rings.

 Sami then hits a suplex on the outside leading to irish whipping Shamrock into the barricade. Shamrock then is able to fight back and takes down Sami then lays in a couple of kicks. Ken then throws Sami into the steel guardrail and follows up with a couple of punches to Sami. Ken then drags Sami's face along the guardrail. Ken then throws Sami into the guardrail again and follows up with a leap off the stage on Sami.

 Sami is then able to push Ken away and head to the backstage area as Ken follows him. We come back and Ken is looking for Sami backstage. Sami then shows up and throws powder in Ken's eyes and hits him with a chair then a trashcan lid. Sami then lines up Ken and hits him with the trashcan lid right in the head then proceeds to hit him with a trashcan. Sami still in control begins to choke out Shamrock with a chain.

 Sami says they are just getting started then repeatedly hits Ken like he is a bull. Sami then grabs a trashcan and tries to hit Ken with it but Ken fights back. Ken is able to get the advantage and begins the ground and pound. OVE then comes to the rescue and beat him down with a trashcan. When it looks like OVE is fully back together Sami then turns on the rest of OVE. 

Callihan and Shamrock then take it to the parking lot. Sami gets the upper hand and rakes at the eyes of Ken. Sami slams him up against a truck but Ken fights back and lays in a few shots but Sami hits low and says it's time to go to sleep as he locks in the sleeper hold. Ken fights free and takes down Sami and locks in the ankle lock. Sami doesn't tap out but he passes out.

Winner: Ken Shamrock via Referee Stoppage

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