This all began during the main event of night two of IMPACT's Rebellion special where Moose made headlines by bringing back the TNA World Championship. It was on this night that Moose began referring to himself as the new TNA World Champion. With the promotion now essentially having two world champions could this ultimately lead to a Civil War?

The current IMPACT Wrestling World Champion is Tessa Blanchard who won the title from Sami Callihan back in January at the Hard to Kill PPV becoming the first-ever female world champion in the company's history. The TNA Championship however is built on years and years of legacy and is the prestige foundation of this company. Now that Tessa Blanchard is stuck in Mexico due to travel restrictions that leave IMPACT without a world champion which is where Moose and the TNA Title comes in.

Moose is someone who has been looked at as a future world champion someday but after having multiple opportunities to win the title and coming up short it just seemed like Moose would never become champion. Now by bringing the TNA Title out of retirement Moose has now jumped the entire roster and has finally become champion. Many people on the roster don't recognize Moose as champion which is why IMPACT management had him originally penciled into the #1 Contender's Tournament which he ultimately turned down. Since announcing himself as champion Moose's stock has risen and he is proving to everyone why he should be taken seriously as champion. Moose has also defended the title three times so far in three great matches against some of the best both IMPACT and TNA have to offer. But where is this all leading to exactly? This is all leading to a Civil War among the roster.

Josh Matthews and others of the IMPACT roster have stood up and vocally announced that Moose is not a champion and will never consider him their champion while former Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne is the first one to stand up for Moose and vocally claimed that Moose is her champion and supports him. 

When Tessa comes back to the company I could see her and Moose arguing about who is the rightful champion and this could lead to a civil war and a match. Team IMPACT led by Tessa Blanchard vs Team TNA led by Moose and no matter which team wins this will lead to a brand split which could be a good thing for the roster as the whole. Moose could take the TNA Championship and bring back the TNA name and have it's own show where they use all the old TNA Titles. Some of the talent on the roster have expressed interest in the company bringing back TNA such as Ethan Page of The North. This was even teased on this week's episode of IMPACT when Moose suggested that Trey should forget challenging for the IMPACT World Title and just challenge for his title. The TNA roster could be made up of the returning TNA Originals and some of the IMPACT talent as well. Talent on the lower card could benefit from this and finally, become champion. This split also benefits the talent who stay and support IMPACT as they can now move up the card to replace the talent who left for TNA. I would go as far as too have each brand have their own PPVs as well as face off against the IMPACT roster four times a year.

What are your thoughts? Would you be down for a civil war in IMPACT? Let me know on twitter.

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