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Impact Wrestling Destination X Results (7/31/14) - A Night Full Of Action!

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Impact Wrestling Destination X Results - 7/31/2014
From the Manhattan Center in New York City
Report by: Alex Barie of

The Destination X themed Impact Wrestling starts off with a video from earlier showing Austin Aries in the ring. He says tonight is the night. He says the arena is empty now but it will be packed tonight and it will be full of energy. Tonight is where Aries will fight Lashley as he uses Option C and will become the TNA World Champion again!

A video package plays showing Austin Aries winning the X-Division Championship and cashing it in for a TNA World Championship shot. It then shows Jeff Hardy saying he is back. Matt Hardy is back as well and they will team up to fight for the TNA World Tag Team Championships. Tonight is Destination X!

The camera shows the Manhattan Center as the crowd is on their feet! They are cheering as they are ready to go!

Music hits and here comes Dixie Carter! Rockstar Spud is in front of her as he reveals the beauty. Ethan Carter III is at her side. They walk down the ramp. Big Zeke, Rhino, and Snitsky are behind them. She gets on the mic and says "Hello New York". The crowd starts to boo real loud. Dixie says she keeps changing the game just when people thought she was done. She keeps on going. The crowd continues to boo. She says the crowd lives in the past with stars like Tommy Dreamer. Rhino grabs the mic and says, "You show some respect for this woman." Rhino says she and Ethan are Carters and they deserve respect. Dixie says she will allow the crowd to chant ECDub. She says those people they are cheering left that company and went to another company to make bigger bucks and that company died. She wants to give ECDub. Dixie says she is giving us a real star of a real company and that's EC3! Ethan gets the mic and introduces us to his Army of Extreme!

Ethan says Big Zeke was a former ECDub Champion and now he is join to be Rick Lawn. Also, when you chant for "ECW" you will now chant for Gene Snitsky. And, you chant "Gore, Gore, Gore" for Rhino!!! The crowd chants, "You sold out." Ethan talks again and says Ray, Devon, and Dreamer are warriors but this is war! He says they will have one more battle. He wants one more battle. The crowd chants, "We want tables," but Ethan says that Dixie will never go through a table. Ethan says they will battle and they will rebuild the company brick by brick as a Carter house. "We... I... will put you down forever!" Ethan's music plays and the entire group raises their arms.

Music hits and here comes Jeff and Matt Hardy... The Hardys! They come out through the curtain together. They walk down the ramp as the crowd cheers. They get in the ring. The Wolves come out next and they get in the ring. The crowd also cheers!


The Hardys vs. The Wolves (c) for the TNA Tag Team Championships

Matt starts off with Eddie and Matt applies a quick headlock but Eddie gets out and works on the arm but Matt quickly changes and does an armlock. Eddie turns it around and works on the arm and tags Davey. Davey climbs the corner and jumps on the arm and then here comes the double team. They drop Matt down and Davey kicks him with a low dropkick. Matt gets up and goes to his corner and tags Jeff. Jeff enters and applies a headlock. Davey whips him in the ropes. Jeff goes to kick him but Davey grabs his leg but Jeff turns around and kicks him in the chest. Jeff whips Davey in the corner and runs but Davey lifts him up and goes on the apron. He pushes Davey into Matt and Matt works on the arm as he tugs on it on the top rope. Matt tags himself in and goes to work on Davey. He quickly tags Jeff back in. They drop Davey and then work on the arm. Jeff tags Matt back in and they toss him in the corner and then hit a double suplex.

Matt covers but Davey kicks out. Matt continues to work on the arm. Davey punches Matt in the face multiple times as he tries to tag Eddie. Matt drops Davey and tags Jeff. Jeff enters and they double whip him in the corner. Matt goes to his hands and knees as Jeff goes to jump on him but Davey jumps instead and closelines Jeff down. He tags Eddie and he enters and takes Jeff and Matt down multiple times. As he goes to attack Matt, Jeff attacks him from behind. They try for a double back suplex but Eddie hits a double hurricanrona. They both go out of the ring. Davey enters and they hit a double suicide dive onto Matt and Jeff. They fall. The Wolves stand in unison. They bring Jeff in the ring. They double whip him into the corner. Davey runs and hits him with a forearm while Eddie hits him with an elbow. Eddie then kicks him in the face. Davey hits him with a german suplex and Eddie covers but Jeff kicks out.

They go for a double suplex but Matt stops it. He and Jeff come back as they toss The Wolves on the outside. Matt goes on his hands and knees and Jeff flies in the air, over the ropes, and lands on The Wolves. They bring Eddie in the ring. Jeff tags Matt. They are in the ring and double whip Eddie in the corner and then Jeff flies again as he jumps on Matt and lands on Eddie. Matt hits Side Effect and Jeff goes for the Swanton Bomb. He hits it. Davey enters and takes Jeff out of the ring but Matt takes Davey out. Matt climbs the corner and hits the moonsault. He covers but Davey saves the day as he breaks the count. Matt grabs Davey and tosses him out of the ring. Matt applies the Icepick Submission. Davey enters to stop but Jeff comes in and applies the same submission to him. Davey leans forward and drops Jeff onto Matt and he stops the submission. Davey rolls to the outside. Jeff goes after him but he misses as he goes through the ropes. Eddie and Matt face in the right now. Matt goes in the ropes and Eddie lifts him up and Davey enters and kicks him in the chest. Eddie goes for a double foot stomp and Davey hits one too. He covers but Matt kicks out!

He tags Davey in the match. Jeff grabs Davey's leg from the outside but Eddie jumps over and takes Jeff out. Davey and Matt stand and Matt hits a Twist of Fate. He covers but Davey kicks out. Davey does a backslide and Matt kicks out. Both stand and Matt closelines him down. He gets him up on the corner. He goes for a superplex but Eddie runs over and kicks Matt in the face. He then does a sunset flip and goes for a power bomb but Matt holds on. Eddie has him up on his shoulders. Davey jumps and puts his knees to the back of Matt and drops him down for a huge backbreaker. Davey covers and gets the win as Eddie blocks Jeff off. Winners and Still TNA Tag Team Champions: The Wolves

The Wolves put the TNA Tag Team Championships in front of them on the mat and get down to one knee. They extend their hands and Jeff shakes each one of their hands and Matt does the same.

A video package plays of Low Ki. Low Ki is shown saying he has accomplished everything he wants to accomplish. However, every time he comes to TNA there always one more thing he wants to do whether that is one match or one more championship. He says the X-Division made TNA and he respects the company for the X-Division. He helped build this division and he takes pride in it. And when he shows up, you better be on guard.

Low Ki is walking backstage. So is Samoa Joe. They stop and stare at each other. They part ways.


Video package plays from the TNA World Tag Team Championship match.

DJ Z is in the ring. Music hits and here comes Manik! He makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. Music plays and here comes Low Ki. He comes out through the curtain and the crowd pops. He gets in the ring.

DJ Z vs. Manik vs. in a Qualifying match for the X-Division Championship

They look around at each other. Low Ki goes right after DJ Z and Manik goes after DJ Z and he slides out of the ring. Low Ki and Manik face off and they are evenly matched. They stare at each other. They turn around and DJ Z does a springboard dropkick to both. He tosses Manik out of the ring and goes after Low Ki. He tosses him in the corner and runs to him but Low lifts him up. DJ lands on the apron but jumps back over and lands on Low's face and then goes to the side and knocks Manik down on the outside. DJ comes back in the ring and goes for a DDT but Low stops him and puts him in the corner. He climbs and punches DJ in the face. Manik comes in and takes Low down and tosses him in the opposing corner. Manik runs but Low kicks him in the chest. DJ runs to him and attacks him. He whips him into Manik but Manik ducks and Low kicks DJ in the face. Manik stands and goes after Low. Low fights back and whips Manik in the corner. Manik slides down and kicks Low and then does a hurricanrona on DJ. Low stands and goes after Manik but Low crashes and burns as he slides to the outside. Manik takes DJ down and goes for a submission leg lock. Low gets back in and kicks Manik in the chest and he falls as he has the leg lock. Manik grabs Low and does a northern lights suplex on Low as the leg lock is applied. Low kicks out. Manik grabs Low from behind but Low fights back and he goes after DJ.

Manik grabs DJ from behind and Low runs and kicks DJ and he and Manik fly back into the corner. Low climbs the corner but DJ knocks him down. DJ runs to Manik and goes for a cover but Manik kicks out. DJ stomps on Manik's face and climbs the corner. Low does a summersault and kicks DJ with a roundhouse and he flies all the way to the ramp. Manik grabs Low from behind but Low rolls through and does the double foot stomp and hits the Ki Crusher. He covers and wins! Winner: Low Ki


James Storm is in the ring with a mic. He has a beer bottle in the other hand. James says he is "The Legend" Cowboy James Storm. He says what happened last week when Sanada turned on The Great Muta... that was just the student learning better than the teacher. There is a revolution and and James Storm is the leader of that revolution. As James is the leader of Sanada, his new mentor, and his new friend... he welcomes the man who destroyed The Great Muta... he gives us Sanada! Sanada's music plays and he comes out on the stage. He walks down the ramp as James Storm is there. He tells him to stop and look at him in the eye. Sanada stops and looks at him in the eye. James tells him something. Sanada nods and then continues walking. James goes to the back. Music hits and here comes Brian Cage! He makes his way to the ring. Music hits and here comes Rebel, The Freak, Knux, and finally Crazzy Steve! Steve comes out on a little bicycle with balloons in hand. He gets in the ring and is going crazy.

Sanada vs. Brian Cage vs. Crazzy Steve in a Qualifying match for the X-Division Championship

Brian quickly closelines Steve and then Sanada. He takes Steve down again and does a neck breaker on Sanada. He closelines Steve out of the ring. Sanada goes after Brian from behind but Brian pushes him away and then hits two backbreakers over his knee. Brian covers but Sanada kicks out. Steve gets in and stomps and then pounds his chest. He shows his muscles and then raises his hand for a strength test. Steve stomps on his foot, but Brian fights him off. He grabs Sanada and then grabs Steve and does a fallaway slam on both of them. Sanada takes Brian down face first to the middle turnbuckle. He goes after him with punches to the face. Brian stands and Sanada runs to him but Brian lifts him up and he sails to the outside. Steve climbs the corner and Brian goes to him. He lifts him up and keeps him in a vertical stance but Steve falls back to the corner and then bites Cage's head and does a sunset flip power bomb. He covers but Sanada breaks the count. He goes after Steve but Steve fights back. He jumps up and bites him on the top of the head and then does a sunset flip and Sanada goes head first into the turnbuckles. Steve goes after Brian but Brian slams him down and then does a springboard moonsault but Steve moves out of the way. Sanada grabs Steve and hits a German Suplex with a bridge and wins. Winner: Sanada

A video plays from earlier tonight where Ethan Carter III asks for one more battle between his/Dixie's team and Bully Ray's team.

Ray, Devon, and Dreamer are in the back. Ray states they heard what they had to say, they know what the answer is going to be, so now it is just for them to tell everyone what that answer is.


Austin Aries is stretching backstage. Bobby Roode is walking backstage and says "deja vu". He says Aries is cashing in his Option C opportunity against at Destination X and it was just like 2 years ago when he cashed it against Roode. Roode says he was too confident then. Aries says Roode called that a fluke. Roode says it wasn't a fluke. He says he was the better man that night. He says tonight is Aries' chance for retribution. Aries will over come the odds and when he does, he can't wait to fight Roode again with the belt on the line. Lastly, Aries makes sure that it wasn't a fluke and Roode says it wasn't.

Bully Ray, Devon, and Tommy Dreamer walk out on the stage and get in the ring as the crowd pops. As they get in the ring, Ray runs out and to the stage as he shows he has goosebumps. He runs back to the ring. Devon grabs a mic and says, "Why hello New York City." The crowd chants, "Welcome home!" Devon says he may have been gone for a little bit, but Ethan must be stuck on stupid. He came out and challenged him, his brother, and Dreamer to a war. If there is one thing they know what to do that is how to start a war but they also know how to end a war. Tommy Dreamer grabs the mic. He says he wants to make this short and sweet. This isn't about Ethan Carter III but about something bigger. He was in war with people with blood, sweat, and tears and with people who would die for the fans. There are people in the back who have the same work ethic as people did in ECW. Dreamer says he would go to war with Roode, Aries, EY, Joe, The Wolves. He would give it all for the fans. He says he isn't going to talk anymore. He wants Ethan Carter III and let's do it now! Ethan Carter III, Rockstar Spud, Rick Lawn, Gene Snitsky and Rhino come out.

Ethan has a mic. He says the war is set on his time and that is next week. Ray grabs the mic and questions next week. He says he doesn't want to go to war next week. NO one wants it next week. They want it now. "Ethan, do you know where you are???" "Do you know where you are??????" Ray says they are in New York City and he is going to die! Ray says if he wanted to, he can start a riot right now. The crowd does a huge pop. Ray says he has a history in this town and one thing he can do in this town and that is to have a mother trucker riot! Ethan starts to hop up and down as he is getting warmed up. Ray says if they want it next week, then Ethan will name the time and Ray will announce the terms. It will be an 8 man weapon filled extreme hardcore match. He says by this time next week, his aunt Dixie Carter will go through a table! "Oh my brother, TESTIFY!"

Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle are talking backstage. The camera peaks around the corner. They shake hands and Joe walks away. The camera meets up with Kurt and asks him about the conversation. Kurt smiles and says the X-Division is about to become "no limits".


Team Ethan is backstage (with Dixie). Ethan is giving them all a pep talk. Ethan says they have been waiting for this. Dixie says they got this and they are going to tear them down!

The Beautiful People are backstage. The camera man asks them about the match last week. Love says is is people like them who put Taryn and Gail on a pedestal but it should really be them. She says Kurt is blocking her of getting a championship match. They don't like it. She says they will make an announcement though.

A little video shows a letter of H with constant letter changes and "Is Coming" afterwards.

Samoa Joe's music plays and he comes out and gets in the ring. He grabs a mic. He welcomes New York City to Destination X. He says he had a discussion with Kurt Angle in the back and Kurt told him that tonight is about rebuilding the X-Division. Joe told Kurt he added some turnbuckles and added some talent that people want to see, but he can't rebuild the X-Division without Samoa Joe. Joe is still pro wrestling and he will be our next X-Division Champion. Music hits and here comes Tigre Uno. Here comes Homicide as he gets in the ring.

Samoa Joe vs. Tigre Uno vs. Homicide in a Qualifying match for the X-Division Championship

Homicide kicks Joe in the gut and then goes right after Uno. He knocks Uno down and he slide sour of the ring. Homicide takes Joe down and he slides out of the ring. Homicide runs to the side and flips over and lands on Joe and Uno. They both fall.


Tigre jumps over the ropes as Homicide is resting on the middle rope and Uno hits a leg drop. Uno jumps back over and hits Joe with a bulldog and then hits him with a dropkick. He runs in the ropes as Joe and Homicide stand. They kick Uno in the gut and knock Uno down and he rolls out of the ring. Joe and Homicide walk around the ring and then face off. They punch each there back and forth. Joe now adds kicks to the side. Joe hits the ropes but Homicide hits him with a cutter and covers but Joe grabs the ropes. Both stand and Joe goes after Homicide but Homicide runs in the ropes and Joe hits him with a belly to belly suplex. Homicide gets in the corner and Joe kicks him in the face and then knees him in the chest and face. He goes for a power bomb but Uno enters and dropkicks Joe in the face. Homicide whips Uno in the corner. Homicide runs to him but Uno goes over the ropes onto the apron and knocks Homicide down. Uno climbs the corner and hits a flying leg drop between the legs of Homicide. Uno stands and Joe punches him multiple times. He does an atomic drop and then a kick to the chest. He goes for a senton drop but Uno moves out of the way and hits a springboard corkscrew. Homicide grabs Uno and takes him down. He hits a DDT and covers but Uno grabs the bottom rope. Homicide goes of the Gringo Killer but Joe breaks it up and hits a closeline to Uno that turns him inside out.

Homicide and Joe fight in the corner. Homicide runs the other way and then back to him. Joe lifts him up and slams him down with one arm. He gras him for the Muscle Buster but Homicide fights him off with an eye rake. Uno climbs the corner but Joe comes over. Uno kicks him and then goes for the flying cross body but Joe moves out of the way and Uno crash and burns. Joe grabs Homicide and hits the Muscle Buster. He covers and wins. Winner: Samoa Joe

A video package plays showing Bram and Abyss. It shows the story between them with Janice as he attacked Abyss with her. Abyss returns and gets revenge on Bram.

Abyss is backstage. He says he has been through everything imaginable - tacks, barbwire, fire, etc, etc. But, when Bram buried Janice into his gut, he took it to the next level. Abyss has two tickets to Monster's Ball... one for him and one for Bram. He will see how sharp Janice is. What makes Abyss feel this way? Just then, Abyss pulls out Janice. He then says, "My girl." He laughs.

A video package plays showing Austin Aries and how he has held the X-Division Championship around this time last year. He cashed it in two years ago and won the TNA World Championship. He is doing it again this year.


Austin Aries' music plays and he comes right to the ring. Lashley's music plays and he walks down the ramp. He has the TNA World Championship around his waist! He gets in the ring.

Austin Aries vs. Lashley (champ) for the TNA World Championship

Both move around the ring. They move up to each there and stare in each there's face. Aries talks to him. He backs up and goes forward to Lashley but he takes Aries down. Aries pops up. Lashley jumps up and down. Aries walks around and goes to lock-up but goes behind him and kicks him in the back of the leg. Lashley moves. They go to lock-up again but Aries ducks and kicks Lashley in the back of the leg again. He then does it for the third time. Aries goes to do it again but Lashley grabs him and drops him down on his rear end. Aries gets in the corner and Lashley runs but Aries kicks him and then makes him fall to the mat. Aries locks in Last Chancellory but Lashley gets out of it. Both stand and Aries put Lashley in the corner as he constantly kicks him in the leg. He runs away and then back with a dropkick. He continues to work on the leg but Lashley tosses Aries to the outside.

Aries jumps back in and hits Lashley with a dropkick and Lashley goes through the ropes. Aries climbs the corner and jumps but Lashley catches him and hits a belly to belly suplex.


Lashley has Aries in the corner and hits him with multiple shoulder blocks. He then chokes him on the middle rope. Lashley takes Aries in the corner and hits a shoulder block and then a running shoulder block. Aries goes through the ropes and to the outside from that. Lashley exits the ring but Aries elbows him in the gut but Lashley hits him in the back. He picks Aries up and smashes him stomach first into the steel post. Lashley grabs Aries and hits him stomach first into the steel post again. Lashley sends Aries into the ring. He lifts him up and slams him down chest first. Lashley applies a rear gut wrench. Aries stands and elbows Lashley in the head. Lashley locks in the rear gut wrench even more. Aries falls down. The referee lifts Aries' arm up. It went down at one but Aries stands quickly and elbows him several times in the head. Lashley breaks the grip. Aries punches him in the head but Lashley applies a bear hug.

Aries elbows Lashley in the back of the head and then rings his ears. Aries runs in the ropes but Lashley picks him up and hits him with a military slam. Lashley lifts him up on his shoulders but Aries slides out and hits him with the disc forearm twice and then punches him in the face. Lashley is in the corner and Aries chops him twice. He climbs the corner and punches him 9 times till Lashley pushes him down. Lashley runs to him but Aries pulls the ropes down and he goes to the outside. Aries climbs the corner and hits the double sledgehammer to Lashley. Aries brings him in the ring. He grabs him through the ropes and hits a huge neck breaker. Aries climbs the corner. He hits a missile dropkick. Lashley gets up in the corner. Aries runs with a cross body but Lashley grabs him and hits him with a running powerslam. Aries slowly gets up.

Lashley runs to him but Aries counters him with a front face lock and locks in the Last Chancellory. Aries unlocks it and knees Lashley in the gut. He goes for the Brain Buster but Lashley lifts him up and hits him with a front suplex. Aries stands and Lashley goes for a spear but Aries side steps and he goes shoulder first into the post. Aries kicks him with a dropkick and his head goes into the steel post. Aries gets in the ring and hits him with a disc forearm and then another. Lashley is in the corner. Aries runs with a full speed missile dropkick and then goes for the Brain Buster. He covers but Lashley kicks out! He can't believe it!

Aries climbs the corner. Lashley rolls out of the ring at the last minute. Aries runs in the ropes and goes through the ropes with a suicide dive but Lashley moves and Aries goes right into the steel guard rail. Lashley rolls Aries in the ring. Lashley gets in and waits. Aries stands and Lashley hits him with a spear that turns him inside out. He covers and wins! Winner and Still TNA World Champion: Lashley

Lashley holds the belt over his head and then exits the ring.

A video package plays showing what will happen next week and that is Dixie Carter will go through a table! The show fades.

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