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Last night's edition of IMPACT saw the fallout from Final Resolution and oh boy was it a wild one. Last night we saw two matches announced for Hard to Kill, a match announced for Genesis and the reformation of one of the biggest factions in all of Pro Wrestling.

Here are the results and recap:

Tenille Dashwood defeated Alisha Edwards:

Results (via IMPACT) - Alisha looks to even the score tonight after Tenille Dashwood pinned her in a tag match this past Saturday at Final Resolution – of course, it wasn’t without the help of Sami Callihan. Tenille hits a double underhook slam in the early going. Tenille adds insult to injury with the DashWoogie. Alisha builds momentum with a series of running clotheslines, followed by a bulldog. Kaleb pulls Tenille to safety. Kaleb takes out Eddie with his camera bag at ringside. Alisha launches herself off the top but Tenille uses Kaleb as a shield! Tenille capitalizes with the Spotlight Kick to win.

After the match, Sami Callihan appears on the screen and his mind games continue. Callihan suggests that he and Edwards settle their differences man to man, once and for all. Callihan wishes Edwards a happy holiday season – because it might be his last.

This was the opening contest of the night between two former teammates. Alisha and Tenille teamed up for the Knockouts Tag Title Tournament but didn't make it past the first round but Alisha asked for the team to continue. Alisha then got too caught up in Eddie's on going rivalry with Callihan to care about the team. This match came about from the mixed tag team match that took place at Final Resolution. This was short match but did what it needed to do and Tenille gets the win here and bounces back from Final Resolution.

An "I Quit" Match announced for Genesis:

Results (via IMPACT) - Self-proclaimed TNA World Heavyweight Champion Moose is in the ring and reveals that due to his recent attack on Willie Mack, he will be unable to compete for the next two weeks. Willie’s music hits and out comes Chocolate Thunder. He’s angry that he lost his match to Moose due to referee stoppage because nobody other than himself determines if he can or can’t continue. Willie challenges Moose to a match at Genesis. January 9 on IMPACT Plus, where he can make his own decisions – an I Quit match! Moose warns Willie that facing him in an I Quit match is a bad idea. Willie charges the ring and a huge brawl breaks out! Security separates them and brings Willie to the back. A security guard rips the shirt that Moose is wearing, sending Moose on a vicious rampage.

On the other side of the curtain, Gia Miller asks Moose what happened. He says he’s sick of the independent wrestlers who are trying to make a name for themselves by posing as security guards. Moose claims that they couldn’t even last three minutes in the ring with him before storming off.

Looks like this feud between Willie Mack and Moose is over yet but will come to a head at the first Impact Plus Special of 2021, Genesis. Moose has been using Willie as a way to get the attention of IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann and at Final Resolution he finally accomplished his goal. Last night Moose announced that Mack would be on the shelf for a few weeks but Willie doesn't care what the doctors have to say and has challenged Moose to an "I Quit" match. Moose has become a star since becoming TNA World Heavyweight Champion and IMPACT started producing empty arena episodes and looks like a complete BADASS. 

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Chris Bey defeated Manik via Disqualifications:

Results (via IMPACT) - Chris Bey approaches former X-Division Champion Rohit Raju in his locker room. This past Saturday at Final Resolution, Rohit lost the title to the returning Manik. Rohit reminds Bey that he wasn’t the only one who lost a title match at Final Resolution. Rohit says that he’s getting his contractually obligated rematch at Hard To Kill, January 16 on Pay-Per-View. Bey has an idea and asks Rohit to join him at ringside for his match against Manik tonight. If they can prove that Manik is TJP in disguise, perhaps management will reverse the decision and hand the X-Division Title back to Rohit!

Manik takes control in the early going with a springboard crossbody to the floor. Manik is perched over the second rope as Bey drives an elbow into his back. Bey begins to wear down Manik with a series of submissions. Manik retreats underneath the ring as the referee begins his count. Manik reappears on the other side of the ring, taking out Rohit with a crossbody! Manik hits the Detonation Kick. Bey grabs hold of the referee, allowing him to connect with an illegal low blow. Rohit gets involved in an attempt to remove Manik’s mask but Bey wants to finish the match first. Rohit loses it and attacks Bey from behind, causing the disqualification!

Manik made his return to IMPACT when he answered the final Defeat Rohit Challenge at Final Resolution. He would go on to defeat Rohit and win the X-Division Championship. Rohit would announce his rematch for Hard to Kill but Chris Bey had plans to get Rohit to the championship faster. The plan is to unmask Manik and IMPACT will hand Rohit the title. This plan would benefit Bey as he picked up a DQ win over the champion. Before the DQ this was a great high octane match. 

Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz defeated Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary to advance to the Finals:

Results (via IMPACT) - The winners of this match go on to face either Jordynne Grace & Jazz or Havok & Nevaeh in the tournament final at Hard To Kill, January 16 on Pay-Per-View! Taya hits Tasha with a spinebuster. Moments later, Rosemary keeps the momentum going with a sidewalk slam to Kiera. Rosemary locks in the Upside Down on Tasha. After Kiera and Tasha take control, Rosemary hits a spear to create separation. Rosemary makes the tag to Taya who goes on the attack! Taya hits Kiera with a spinning sitdown powerbomb for two. Meanwhile, Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee pull Rosemary off the apron! Deonna eliminates Rosemary with a flatliner on the stage. Kiera capitalizes with a superkick to Taya, followed by a swinging neckbreaker to win.

When it was time for Tasha Steelz to award the roll of cash to Hernandez at Final Resolution, it had mysteriously disappeared from her fanny pack. Moments after her their victory in the Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament, Tasha tells Kiera that it wasn’t part of her plan and that the money is truly gone. Johnny Swinger stumbles onto the fanny pack and finds the money in a hidden compartment!

When the Knockouts Tag Team Championship where first announced to make a comeback at Hard to Kill everyone assumed that Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz would win the titles. When the brackets was first announced it seemed that Hogan and Steelz were on the tougher side of the bracket but that was until the announcement of JAZZ. Since they became a team I have been a fan of them and proclaimed that they would win the titles. At Final Resolution it was Hernandez vs Fallah Bahh with Keira Hogan as the special guest referee and Tasha Steelz as the ring announcer. In the end Hernandez would win the match but it would seem like Tasha lost the money. Last night on IMPACT Kiera and Tasha would defeat the team of Taya and Rosemary thanks to assist of Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee. After the match Tasha would stay true that she didn't know what happen to the money leading to Johnny Swinger finding a secret compartment in the fannypack and now has control of the money.

The Baptism of Cody Deaner:

Results (via IMPACT) - As he looks to remove the sickness from IMPACT Wrestling, Eric Young says that he’s going to change Cody Deaner. Last Saturday at Final Resolution, Cody apparently joined forces with Young when he betrayed his own Cousin Jake.

Eric Young tells Cody Deaner of a sickness that gave nothing and took everything from him, something he believes Cody has suffered from in professional wrestling as well.

Eric Young baptizes Cody Deaner in the holy water of change.

This past Saturday at Final Resolution Cody Deaner turned on his tag team partner and Cousin Jake to join Eric Young and Joe Doering. Last night on IMPACT we saw the transformation of Cody Deaner as he was free and clear after being baptized. I still don't know what the end game is here but I'm now locked into the roller-coaster and there's no turning back now.

The North continues to crumble; Brian Myers defeated Josh Alexander via Disqualification:

Results (via IMPACT) - After Ethan Page lost to Karl Anderson at Final Resolution, The North were eliminated from future Tag Team Title shot consideration. Josh Alexander tells him that The North can’t be together right now. Page responds by saying that “we” will always have your back, referring to a potential third member of The North. As Page walks away confidently, Brian Myers attempts to persuade Alexander into teaming with him but Alexander wants no part of it.

Mere minutes into the match, Ethan Page comes down to ringside to cheer on Josh Alexander but Myers sends him crashing into the steel ring post! The distraction allows Myers to take control. Page reappears but as his alter ego, the Karate Man! He attacks Myers with a series of Kung Fu maneuvers as the referee calls for the bell.

After the match, Alexander is furious with the Karate Man for getting him disqualified. Alexander screams at the former Ethan Page, telling him he needs help.

In the weeks leading to Final Resolution we began to see the cracks in The North‘s armor and things got worst when Ethan Page came up short against Karl Anderson at Final Resolution. Last night we got to see The Karate Man make his IMPACT debut but he costed The Walking Weapon the match. I don't know why IMPACT is doing this to me first Rohit lost the X-Division Championship and now The North is set to break up. 

Acey Romero vows that Larry D was set up; Dreamer motives Cousin Jake and Rhino:

Results (via IMPACT) - After Larry D was sent off to jail for shooting John E Bravo, Acey Romero claims that he was set up in a conversation with Tommy Dreamer. The innovator of violence tells Acey to prove his partner’s innocence. Moments later, Dreamer motivated Cousin Jake and Rhino to join forces in their fight against Eric Young and Joe Doering.

Kenny Omega Returns to IMPACT; IMPACT Tag Team Champion Karl Anderson defeated Chris Sabin; The OG Bullet Club Reunites:

Results (via IMPACT) - Josh Mathews reveals that the luxury bus of AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and Don Callis has arrived at the IMPACT! Zone.

Moments later, we see Kenny Omega and Don Callis pumping up Anderson for his match against Sabin!

Anderson makes his way from the luxury bus into the IMPACT! Zone where he’s confronted by IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann and the Motor City Machine Guns!

Kenny Omega is angry at Rich Swann for disrespecting him and Karl Anderson earlier tonight. Omega apologizes for what he’s about to do.

 AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and Don Callis are watching the match from their luxury bus! Anderson sends a message as he hits a strong Irish whip into the corner turnbuckles. Anderson manhandles Sabin from the opening bell. Sabin attempts a slingshot crossbody but Anderson quickly shuts him down. There’s a clash of heads in the middle of the ring, giving Sabin a window of opportunity! Sabin quickens the pace with a top rope crossbody for two. Sabin counters the Gun Stun into a tornado DDT for another near fall. Both men are out after an explosive double clothesline! Anderson connects with his signature spinebuster but this time it’s Sabin who barely gets his shoulder up! Anderson rolls him up with a hold of the tights to steal the victory.

Post-match, IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann attempts to have a word with Anderson but instead, Anderson attacks him! Meanwhile, Kenny Omega is seen leaving his luxury bus. The Motor City Machine Guns join the fray backstage when Doc Gallows makes his return. It’s total anarchy until Rich Swann is blindsided by Kenny Omega! The AEW World Champion stands alongside the IMPACT Tag Team Champions, The Good Brothers as Rich Swann and the Motor City Machine Guns are laid out beneath them. Don Callis uses his power as IMPACT Executive Vice President to make the following match official: On January 16 at Hard To Kill, the Bullet Club will reunite as Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers take on Rich Swann and the Motor City Machine Guns in a six-man tag team match!

All I have to say is IMPACT in 2021 is shaping up to be their best year ever. The Bullet Club is back in IMPACT.

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