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Impact Wrestling Genesis Results (1/16/14) - The New Beginning

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Impact Wrestling Genesis Results - 1/16/2014
From Huntsville, Alabama
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts off with the camera on Taz and Mike Tenay as they dedicate this Impact Wrestling to Mae Young. Both Taz and Mike give their praises to the late great Mae Young. A screen is then shown showing her date of birth and the date she passed.

A video plays showcasing Magnus winning the TNA World Championship in the Dixieland match. It then shows AJ Styles returning. Both square off in one match to determine the Undisputed TNA World Champion. After Dixie gathered everyone who is on her side, they attacked AJ in the match while AJ only had Sting (as the others were all taken out). At the end of the day, Magnus retains and is the true champion. The new era begins.

The camera shows the arena and the crowd is going crazy. They are on their feet. Rockstar Spud is in the ring and they start to boo as he begins to speak. He can't even speak without being booed. He tries to speak but they won't let him. Spud begins one more time and says tonight is a monumental night in professional wrestling. He is doing a favor as nothing monumental happens in Huntsville. Tonight he introduces the woman who said she would bring back the TNA World Championship... and she did. She is the Queen of TNA Wrestling... Spud's Queen and our Queen... Madam Dixie Carter! Dixie's music plays and she comes out on the stage. She walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. Spud and Dixie kiss on the cheeks and he gives her the mic. She thanks everyone and tells them what happens when they cross the boss. First Jeff Hardy and last week AJ Styles. Who is next? Who will be tonight? If someone wants to play a game, she is willing to do so.

Dixie goes on to talk about AJ and says he knew better than to mess with her. She owns this company. He did not listened and went above the law. She offered him time after time to get in the line like everyone else, but he couldn't do so. The lonely redneck in him ram his head into every situation. Where did that get him? That got him to where he started in his career. That story ends and this is a new chapter in the company. This is about someone who earned this spot. He is a role model. He represents everything Dixie wants to represent his company. He is the Undisputed TNA World Champion Magnus! Magnus' music hits and here comes the champion. Magnus comes out with a suit on and one championship over his shoulder and the other one around his waist. He gets in the ring and Spud and Dixie celebrate. She gives Magnus the mic.

Magnus introduces himself. He states this is a historic night in Huntsville. The crowd starts to chant, "You sold out, You sold out!" Magnus says he didn't sell out and this is the night where it is out with the old and in with the new. He calls it the Reign of Magnus! He states that he has the two championships and it is a little annoying but there is a reason for it. He tells Dixie to come forward. He tells Dixie to look around and this is because of her. There are TNA fans all around the world. Magnus then gives Dixie the championship around his waist to her. He states this championship is for her and what she has done for the company. Dixie states she is almost a lost of words but Magnus is the real champion. She then states that we have to thank other people who helped last week. Music hits and here comes The BroMans (with Zema Ion), Bad Influence, Bobby Roode, Gail Kim and Lei'D Tapa. Dixie says they all went above the call of duty last week. She really points out Bobby Roode and says what he did at the end was pure art. Everyone will benefit greatly and they will see that in their paychecks.

Dixie states this is the Genesis of a new company... of TNA Wrestling. This is the Genesis of Dixie Carter's TNA. For that to happen, everyone has to stand above. Everyone has to stand up. She then brings up Ethan Carter III and says he has to stand up and still keep his undefeated streak and beat Sting tonight. He is EC3! Music hits and here he comes. Ethan runs down the ramp and gets right in the ring. He kisses Dixie and then gets the mic. He clears his throat but the lights go out and music hits! Here comes Sting! Sting is shown in the crowd. He is on top of the steps as the spotlight is on him. He smiles and points his bat toward the ring.


Sting is still in the crowd and has a mic. He asks if this was the future in the ring. He starts to laugh. He says the wait might not be worth it. He talks about people in the back and how she tried to buy them all. He says he feels bad for Dixie and says that she shouldn't mess with wrestlers. What she did to Kurt's family was horrible. She shouldn't even mess with their families. He then turns to the champion and calls him the paper champion. He says they brought him into the Main Event Mafia to help him shine. He turned on them though. He sold out. He says they are not a house united but a house divided. He says it is not going to come crashing down. He says, "We are going to fight tonight." Dixie asks, "Who is we?" She only sees him. Sting says to look around as they are in Huntsville. Just then, stars come out on the stage. Stars from Samoa Joe, Gunner, James Storm, Joseph Park, and ODB. They run down the ramp and get in the ring. They start fighting the Dixieland faction. They fight in the ring and then take it to the outside. Magnus goes after Park while Sting is going after Ethan. Sting has his bat in his hand and backs up Sting in the corner. He has the bat up under his chi in. He then pounds it right in the gut of Ethan.


Team TNA is now in the ring as Dixieland is on the stage. Joe has a mic and yells, "Huntsville, Alabama!" He says tonight they came for a fight and they aren't leaving till he gets one. Just then, Rockstar Spud comes out with a mic. If he wants a fight, then he just might get it. It will be 6 vs. 6 in a 12 man tag! It will happen right now!

Bad Influence, The BroMans, Zema Ion, & Lei'D Tapa vs. ODB, Samoa Joe, James Storm, Gunner, Joseph Park, and Eric Young

Joe and Ion start the match in the ring. Joe has Ion in the corner and pounds away on him with punches. He takes Ion down and then whips him in the corner and does a huge splash and then a pele. Ion sides out and then Joe goes to the apron. ODB and Tapa get in the ring and they fight back and forth. ODB backs up into the ropes. Tapa runs to her and they go over the ropes. James Storm and Daniels come in and they fight. Storm sends Daniels over the ropes. Kaz comes in and dropkicks Storm and he goes out of the ring. Gunner comes in and goes after Kaz. He whips him in the corner. Kaz pops out and Gunner lifts him up and tosses him to the outside. Eric Young and Robbie E are in the ring. Robbie whips Eric in the corner and Eric flips over to the apron. He does a strut and then goes after E but Jessie comes in and attacks him. Park enters and he helps Young to take down Jessie and he does a big splash. Young goes to the corner and climbs but they knock him down. The BroMans are in and they do a flapjack on Young and then Ion gets in and does a huge springboard moonsault on Eric. ODB gets in and BOOM! He does a fallaway slam on Ion. Tapa comes in and does a huge battering ram. ODB goes outside. Tapa goes to the outside. Daniels and Eric come in now and Daniels does a dropkick. He covers but Eric kicks out.

Daniels does a headlock. Eric comes up and fights out of it. Daniels and Eric punch back and forth. Daniels rams Eric in the corner. He then whips him in the opposing corner but Eric jumps up and gets away. He does a belly to belly suplex. Eric goes to his corner and tags JOe. Daniels runs to him but Joe punches him and then closelines him twice and then does an atomic drop and then a back splash. He covers but Kaz stops the count. Joe pushes him in the ropes and does a huge scoop powerslam on Kaz. Joe runs and then does a suicide dive on The BroMans. ODB and Tapa get down and fight to the back. Park gets in the ring but Kaz enters and dropkicks Park in the face. Park starts bleeding from the mouth. He gets crazy and takes Kaz down, Ion down and then does a Black Hole Slam on Kaz. Gunner and Storm get in and do a double team but Park closelines both down. Park then goes to the outside and goes after Ion. Daniels and Joe get in. Joe is in the corner and Daniels runs to him but Joe lifts him up with one arm and slams him down. He does a Rear Naked Choke and Daniels taps! Winners: Samoa Joe, Gunner, James Storm, Eric Young, Joseph Park, and ODB

Velvet Sky is backstage. She is talking to Austin Aries. She asks him what she is suppose to do. Aries tells her to do what is best for her and he thanks her for what she said about him on the back of his trading card. Chris Sabin comes in the picture as Aries leaves. Sabin asks what that was about but Sky blows it off. Sabin isn't happy and says she is coming with him to the ring now!


Kurt Angle is backstage knocking on doors looking for Dixie Carter. He asks the camera man if he seen Dixie. He hasn't. He asks if he he saw Al Snow. He didn't either. He tells the camera man to get out of his face.

Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky are in the ring. Sabin tells Sky that she has some explaining do to. She is worth him as he is champion and they are a team. Just then, Austin Aries comes out and calls Sabin the "Worst boyfriend that ever lived". Aries gets in the ring and says he is a vegan but he wouldn't mind to have some pigeon pie. He tells Sabin that he told Sky that she doesn't need to put up with his crap. Sabin says she loves him and she will do exactly what he wants her to do. Aries says that is what he is talking about. He is a pawn. He needs to be what he always has been. He needs to be one hot piece of... Sabin cuts him off and slaps Sky in the butt. Aries says if Sabin is a man then how about him vs. Aries next week without Sky because no one thinks Sabin can beat Aries without her. Sabin says everyone knows Sabin is greater than Austin Aries. Aries wants to make sure the pigeons don't get lose they have to put her in a cage so he won't have her do anything. Sabin says no one is going to put her in it. Sky takes the mic from him and says she will do it. She doesn't know why she got into the mix as she didn't even want to be involved. She will be in the cage and if Sabin doesn't wins then she might have to find someone else to spend her time with! Sky leaves the ring.

Kurt Angle is walking backstage. He comes down some steps and asks this guy if he seen Dixie. He hasn't. Kurt keeps looking.


Some guy is backstage and states to, "Shoot everything backstage." He turns around and walks away but Samuel Shaw is walking. He praises Shaw for his work a couple weeks ago. He thanks him for being there. They shake hands. He then tells Shaw to get over Christy. She may be pretty but work on the match. They turn the other way but Sam turns back and attacks the guy. He beats him up to a pulp and then uses his shoe to destroy his face. Shaw smells the shoe and then blasts the guy with it one more time. He then says, "Thank you. It's Samuel." He walks away.

Ethan Carter III is backstage looking in the mirror. Magnus comes in and they begin to talk. Magnus says if Ethan is dedicated enough he can be just like him. Ethan says he is going to beat Sting soon. Magnus stands and says he knows Sting and beat him at Bound for Glory. He tells Ethan to focus on his match instead of him. Magnus walks away and Ethan thanks him for disrupting his preparation. He turns to the mirror and says, "I am a Carter and I can beat Sting."

Bully Ray comes down the ramp slowly as his music plays. As he does, Mr. Anderson runs down and attacks Ray from behind. He then leans him against the apron and starts punching him.


Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson in a No DQ Match

They are on the outside and Ray takes Anderson to the announcer's table. Anderson counters it and smashes Ray's face in the table. He takes him in the ring and the bell sounds. Anderson goes after Ray in the ring with multiple moves. He does a neck breaker and then goes for the Mic Check but Ray blocks it. They do a double closeline. Anderson has his hospital bracelets on as his kids were born this week. Ray leaves the ring and grabs a chair under the ring. Anderson does the same. They get in the ring and have a chair battle. Anderson hits Ken in the gut with the chair and then to the back. Ken goes in the corner but smashes the turnbuckle with it as Ray moves. Ray runs to him but Ken kicks him in the face. Ken comes out but Ray spears him down. He then grabs the chain and swings at Anderson with it right in the gut. He does it again. He then elbows him. He covers but Ken kicks out. Ray goes to Earl Hebner (the referee) but Earl fights back. Ken grabs a chair behind Ray. Ray turns and Ken turns with him. Ray turns around and Ken smashes Ray's chair which goes right into his head. Ken goes outside and grabs a piece of the guard rail under the ring. He brings it in the ring and goes to Ray in the corner but Ray kicks it. Ken falls. Ray does a body slam to Ken on it. Ray goes for a splash but Ken moves. Ken goes to the top and does the Swanton Bomb but Ray moves.

Both slowly get up. Ray goes to Ken but Ken does the Mic Check on the guard rail. He covers but Ray kicks out. Anderson goes to the outside and listens to the crowd. He looks under the table as the crowd wants tables! Ken looks under the ring and brings out a table! He brings it in the ring. Ken sets up the table as a ramp. He goes toRay but he fights back. Ray goes up the corner but Ken hits him via low blow. He then puts him on his shoulders and rolls through right through the table! He covers but Ray kicks out! Ken goes to the outside again and grabs another table. He brings it in the ring. He sets the table up and then goes to Ray but Ray grabs him and slams him down to the mat. He covers but Ken kicks out. Ray goes to the outside and looks under the ring. He grabs lighter fluid! Ray holds it up and the crowd roars. Ray gets in the ring and goes to the table. He turns and then goes to Ken and says this is for his wife and his b@stard children. Just then, Ken pops up and does the Mic Check on Ray. Anderson grabs the lighter fluid and goes to the table. He pours it on the table. He sprays it all over! He throws the bottle down. He then grabs a lighter but Ray does a low blow form behind and then does a huge piledriver! Ray covers him and gets the win! Ray exits the ring quickly and has his hand up in the air. He holds Earl. Ray stumbles around the ring. Winner: Bully Ray

Kurt Angle is walking backstage. He goes through a door and sees Al Snow. Kurt lifts the table up that is in front of him. He pins Al against the wall and asks him who put him up to it. Al says he has family problems. Kurt asks him who made him do it. He doesn't say. Kurt slaps him in the face and leaves.


Kurt Angle's music plays and he walks down the ramp. He gets right in the ring as he is on a mission. He grabs a mic. He says Dixie Carter is the reason why he came to TNA 7 years go. He wants to talk about what she did last week to his family and you never mess with family. So boss, come down now as he wants answers and won't leave till he gets answers. Dixie's music hits and she walks down the ramp. She doesn't look too happy. She gets in the ring. She grabs a mic. Dixie tells Kurt that he has to realize things are changing and it is not 7 years ago. Kurt says she is right because the Dixie 7 years ago isn't here anymore. That Dixie was nice. Dixie faked an emergency about his wife and kids are in the hospital. Dixie states she tried to protect him for what would have happened. She wanted to save him. Kurt laughs and says she is twisted. She took out AJ and half the locker room. Now faking his family? Dixie says he needs her to look out for him. She would have been attacked and hurt and he would have been out of money. She says she doesn't want him to be like AJ or Hardy. She wants what is best for him. That is what she does for her team. Kurt says he is not on her team and he will beat Bobby Roode tonight and then will be at Sting's side. Dixie says Kurt is unstable and can't wrestle tonight so she is postponing his match with Roode till next week. If he goes anywhere near the match with her nephew then there will be some consequences. Kurt tells her to fire him if she wants to. He asks her to fire him. Dixie says she can't take it and only wanted to protect him. She calls for security. They come in and try to get Kurt but Kurt backs Dixie in the corner. Bobby Roode quickly runs out and attacks Kurt from behind. He lifts him up and then does the Roode Bomb. Dixie tells the security to leave Roode alone but to take Kurt out. The security roll Kurt out.

Jeremy Borash is backstage and introduces Madison Rayne. Rayne goes to talk but Lei'D Tapa enters the picture and Rayne asks if she is suppose to be afraid of her. Gail Kim jumps Rayne from behind and tells Madison that she has to be afraid of her. Tapa holds Madison up and Gail smashes her knee into the gut of Rayne. Tapa drops her and Gail tells her, "See you out there, BFF!"


Dixie Carter and Earl Hebner are backstage. Earl starts to walk away from Dixie but she stops him. He states that he is the senior referee there, but Dixie tells him to not to worry about it. He asks who will do it and she tells him to wait like everyone else. Earl walks one way and Dixie goes the other.

Madison Rayne's music plays and she comes out. She comes to the ring as video footage of her attack moments ago plays. Gail Kim and Tapa come out next. They walk down the ramp.

Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim (Champ) for the Knockouts Championship

Madison runs right after Gail but Gail hits her with a closeline. Gail then kicks Rayne in the gut and lifts her up to her feet. Gail hits another running closeline and covers but Madison kicks out. Rayne comes back and goes after Gail. She does a roll-up but Gail kicks out. Rayne transitions it to a scissor stomp. Both get p and Gail takes Madison down and then face first into the turnbuckle. Gail chokes her and walks away. She comes back and Madison comes back with punches but Gail fights back. Madison fights back again and then does a closeline. She goes for a kick but Gail ducks and then kicks Rayne in the gut. She then applies a head scissors to Rayne's head on the mat. Rayne rolls and reaches the ropes. Gail gets up. She grabs Madison and goes to whip her but she reverses it and Gail goes in the corner. Gail exits to the apron but Madison knocks her off and Gail falls to the outside. Madison goes to the outside and gets Gail and puts her in the ring. Tapa grabs her and chokes her above her head. She then throws her down. The referee comes out and throws Tapa out. Tapa goes to the back. Gail grabs Madison and does a Figure Four Leg Lock to the ring post. She releases it at four. Gail gets in the ring as Madison is suffering on the outside.

Madison slowly gets in the ring. Gail runs to her but Madison lifts her up and smashes her down on the mat. She then does a huge knee to the back of the head and covers Gail. She covers and wins! Winner and New Knockouts Champion: Madison Rayne

Jeremy Borash is backstage with Sting. Sting takes the mic from Borash. He says he knows people in the back want to come to the aid of Sting but it is not about that. It is about getting his hands on EC3 tonight.


Dixie Carter is backstage with The American Wolves. She says she watched them in a lot of videos and likes them. She will have them fight next week for a tryout match. The American Wolves asks what she is talking about as they signed their contracts this morning. They hand her the papers and leave. Dixie looks at them and it says it was signed by a new investor. Dixie quickly goes on her phone and starts calling away.

Mike Tenay and Taz hype up next week's show.

The lights go out and EC3 is shown on the titan tron. Ethan comes out and gets in the ring. The lights go out again and Sting's music plays. Here comes The Icon Sting! The crowd roars! They are on their feet. Sting comes down the ramp and gets in the ring. Music plays for the special guest referee. Rockstar Spud comes out and here is the referee!

Ethan Carter III vs. Sting - Special Guest Referee: Rockstar Spud

Sting and Ethan move to the center of the ring. Spud points out his referee shirt to Sting. The crowd chants, "You're a d@uchebag!" Just then Sting grabs the bow tie on Spud and tosses it in the crowd. Sting goes after Ethan and puts him in the corner. Spud starts to yell at him. Sting turns away but Ethan goes after him. Sting tries to come back but Spud yells at him again. Ethan goes after him. Sting pushes him back and does a dropkick. Ethan goes to the outside. Sting whips Ethan in the steel steps and then smashes his face in the steps. Sting then does a huge suplex on the entrance ramp. Sting brings Ethan in the ring. Ethan goes to the corner. Sting goes for the Stinger Splash but Spud blocks him. Sting breaks. Ethan comes out and goes after Sting and stomps away. He then takes Sting to the corner and kicks him in the gut.

He whips him in the opposing corner. Ethan runs and does a closeline. Ethan then does a back suplex. Ethan goes to the corner and jumps for an elbow drop but Sting moves. Sting then closelines Ethan multiple times. Ethan goes to the corner and Sting does the Stinger Splash. He goes for the Scorpion Death Lock and does! But, Spud goes on top of Sting's back. Sting unlocks it and spins around Spud's legs hit Ethan and knock him down. He throws Spud off and then goes for the Stinger Splash. Spud isn't going to count. Sting grabs him and takes him down and starts to count using his hand. Just then Magnus enters and pulls Spud out of the ring. Magnus rips off his shirt and reveals the referee shirt underneath. Ethan does a roll-up on Sting and Magnus runs in and does a quick: 1-2-3. Winner: Ethan Carter III

Sting grabs a mic as Spud and Ethan leave the stage. Sting says he will do anything to fight Magnus. Anything! Magnus stops in his tracks and turns around. He starts walking down the ramp.


Magnus is on the ramp with a mic. Sting has a mic too. He says it is not about EC3 and him or Dixie and him but it is about Magnus and Sting. Sting brought Magnus in Main Event Mafia and he pays him back by spitting on him. He is a disgrace to AJ Styles, Hardy, and professional wrestling. Sting calls Magnus a cancer and says he needs to be taken out. He wants one more time. Give him one match. Magnus states one more is one too many and everyone knows Sting lost at Slammiversary last year. Magnus owes Sting nothing. Sting says Magnus owes himself and says he needs to be the king of the jungle. Doesn't he want to earn the World Title? Sting says a champion is a man and the man is a champion and boys wear belts. Sting asks if he is going to be a man or is he going to be a little boy? Magnus comes down the ramp and gets in the ring. Magnus says he knows what Sting is trying to do. He is doing the reverse phycology. He will not fall for it. However, he does know that Dixie is thinking about extending Sting's contract. If Sting wins then he is TNA World Champion but if Sting loses then Magnus tears that contract up and Sting is done. Sting says Magnus likes to gamble, so let's gamble! Sting agrees. Magnus says he can't wait to beat him and tear his contract and legacy to shreds! Sting and Magnus are face to face. Magnus slowly backs up and leaves the ring. Sting's music plays as he leaves the ring. He walks up the ramp.

Mike Tenay and Taz are shown as they hype up next week's show. They go over the match line-up. The show fades.

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