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Impact Wrestling Gives An Update On Mr. Anderson

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In case you missed tonight's Impact Wrestling (results can be found here), Bully Ray defeated Mr. Anderson in a Last Man Standing Match after spearing him through the table. Mr. Anderson was stretched up the ramp to sell the "injury". Bully tipped Ken off the stretcher and ended it with a piledriver on the stage. Impact Wrestling gave an update on Mr. Anderson. The official statement is below:

On Thursday at the "No Surrender" IMPACT special, Aces and Eights President Bully Ray successfully defended the World Heavyweight Championship against Mr. Anderson in a violent and chaotic bout. Anderson refused to give up - and took a major beating from Bully Ray. Bully Ray battered and bloodied Anderson, eventually putting him through a table and winning the bout via countout. Bully Ray continued the assault after the match, dumping Anderson off a medical stretcher on the entrance ramp and annihilating him with a piledriver on the steel structure. has learned that in addition to several lacerations to his head and body, Anderson suffered a possible concussion and was being examined for damage to his neck from the piledriver. Anderson will be evaluated tonight by doctors at a local St. Louis hospital, and we hope to have an update on his condition on Friday.

Below is the video highlight of the attack:

Alex's Assumptions:

I usually only do this at the end of my Impact Wrestling coverage, but I felt like it was something that I should add to this story. After doing some research, I found out that Mr. Anderson signed a long-term contract with TNA Wrestling back in late September of 2010. Their contracts usually last 3 years, which means it very well could be coming to an end within the next couple of weeks. I have yet to hear of any negotiations, but it looks like the "injury" angle is to write Anderson off television until a possible agreement can be reached.

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