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The TNA Championship came to be in 2007 when the company parted ways with the NWA and became known as just TNA aka Total Nonstop Action. The championship has seen it's fair share of name changes over the years but the first ever TNA World Heavyweight Champion was Kurt Angle. Angle would go on to hold the title for only ONE DAY after defeating both Christian and Sting at Sacrifice. Tha match ended in a double pinfall which resulted in Angle being stripped of the title and having to win it again only this time it was at Slammiversary in a King of the Mountain match. Angle would go on hold the titld this time for 119 days. When you think of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship who is the first person that comes to mind? Who are some of the greatest TNA/IMPACT World Champions of all time? I take an in depth look at the latter in this article.

When I think of the richest prize in all of TNA/IMPACT I think of guys like AJ Styles, Robert Roode, Sting, and Kurt Angle who brought prominence and prestige to the championship. Many TNA Legends and future hall of famers have held the gold but who among them have been the greatest world champions in the company's history. 

Bobby Roode:

My first pick for being one of the greatest TNA/IMPACT World Champion would have to be Robert Roode. When he was in TNA and NXT he was known as Bobby Roode. Staying focused on his TNA/IMPACT career Roode was known predominantly as a tag team wrestler. He was one half of the former five time tag championship team of Beer Money Inc. alongside The Cowboy James Storm. In fact Roode would go on to beat Storm to win his first world championship. It was the shot heard around the world as during their friendly championship match in 2011 Roode would smash a beer bottle over the head of James Storm to win the title. This would signal the end of their partnership and Roode's heel turn. Roode would then go on to hold the title for a whopping 256 days which is still to this day the longest regin. During Roode's title regin he would take on the best that TNA/IMPACT had to offer as he would retain his title against the likes of James Storm, AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, RVD, and Bully Ray. His first title regin would solidify him as one of if not the greatest TNA/IMPACT World Heavyweight Champion in history.

Bobby Roode Wins His First TNA World Title:

Kurt Angle:

Other name that pops into my mind when thinking of greatest TNA/IMPACT World Heavyweight Champions of all time would have to be none other than The Olympic Gold Medalist himself Kurt Angle. Angle is a former six time world champion and also has the honor of being the inaugural champion. While his first regin only lasted a day he more than made up for it with his second regin. His second regin would go on to last 119 days and during this span he would defend the title against the likes of Joe and Team 3D. Angle even went on to have a blood feud with Joe which culminated in a winners take all match in which Angle would win and become the TNA World, Tag Team, and X-Division Champions signifying Angle as the first person to ever hold all the gold in TNA.

Kurt Angle Wins ALL The Gold:

Austin Aries:

Another greatest TNA/IMPACT World Champion of all time would have to be none other than A Double himself Austin Aries. Wheather you like him or hate him Austin Aries was an amazing world champion. He proved that size doesn't matter as he took on the bigger guys of TNA/IMPACT such as Bully Ray. Austin Aries came to earning a title shot at Roode's world title when he cashed in option c at Destination X 2012 in the main event. This was the first of it's kind as Hulk Hogan the authority figure at the time felt that the guys in the X-Division who are the foundation of the compnay deserve to fight for the world title too. The rule was that whoever was the X-Division Champion by the time of Destination X could cash in their championship for a shot at the world title. Austin Aries did just that and defeated Bobby Roode now known as Robert Roode to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Aries would go on to have a spectacular title run holding the belt for only 98 days but what he did with the belt in those 98 days was elevate his career, proved all the doubters and naysayers wrong that size doesn't matter, and gave the X-Division in hope that theytoo could challenge for the world title someday. Aries who is now a former two champion would hold the belt again until 2018 when he returned to the company to the shock of everyone and pin Eli Drake in a matter of seconds to win the belt. 

Austin Aries Cashes In Option C:

These are three of the greatest TNA/IMPACT World Heavyweight Champions of all time. Do you agree with the champions I've chosen? What are your thoughts?

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