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Today Impact Wrestling goes HARDCORE as the innovator of violence and ECW original Tommy Dreamer booked the show and will be competing himself.


Winner: Doc Gallows via Spinebuster

Winner: Shera via Pinfall

Winner and Number 1 Contender: Tenille Dashwood via Pinfall 

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo via The Queen’s Gambit

Winners: Violent by Design via Piledriver 

Winners: Josh Alexander and Petey Williams via Ankle Lock

Winner: Jake Something via Pinfall

Live Coverage:

This is the opening match of Hardcore Justice. Josh Alexander’s mystery tag team partner is Petey Williams. 

The bell rings and here we go. Fallah and Josh start off the match as Josh looks to get control of Fallah’s arm with an armbar but Fallah puts a stop to it. Josh comes back with a kick to the midsection and multiple punches to the head but to no avail. Josh then counties the offense but Bahh comes back and lights up the chest of Alexander with multiple palmstrikes. Josh is able to make his way to his corner and tags in Petey while Fallah tags out to TJP. The match final picks up some steam a bit as Petey is able to get control of TJP and gets a two count. Petey goes for a suplex but TJP blocks it leading to an octopus submission. Ace then tags in and breaks the hold with a punch to the face of TJP. Ace and TJP then begin to read blows but TJP takes him down then attacks the lower back. TJP tags out to Fallah and throws Ace into the ropes and hits his boots into Ace’s chin. Fulton then helps out Ace leading to him becoming the legal man and going to town on Fallah in the corner. Ace tags back in a locks in a face lock. Fallah then inches his way back to his corner and looks to tag out but Fulton pulls down TJP. Petey then tags back in as Fallah falls to the wrong corner leading to multiple nearfalls from Williams. Josh tags in but Ace makes them clash heads. Josh is able to fight back leading to a German suplex with a bridge for a two count. Ace comes back and takes control of the makes with a knee to Josh then a kick to face. Fulton tags in a use his power advantage and slams down Alexander for a nearfall. Ace tags back in leading to a big boot from Fulton then a diving leg drop for a two count. Ace then locks in a working hold but Josh fights back with multiple shots to the midsection of Ace. Ace is able to regain composure and control of the match leading to a helicopter leg drop for a nearfall. Ace then takes out Petey allowing Alexander to take advantage and take down Ace. Ace then comes back with a outside inside hurricanrana. TJP tags in and takes down Ace then Fulton. Him and Fallah take out Fulton leading to a scoopslam and TJP goes for the Mamba splash and hits it but Josh made the tag before the jump leading to a nearfall for Josh. Down the stretch Petey and Josh was able to clear the ring and Alexander locks in the ankle lock to pick up the submission win for his team.

The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and end up in a stalemate. They both come off the ropes twice and hit each other with shoulder blocks. Shera then hits the ropes again but gets stopped with a boot to the gut from Hernandez. Shera is able to come back and throws Hernandez in the corner and lays in some punches. Hernandez fights back and drops Shera on the top rope and goes to the outside for a chair. Hernandez brings the chair back into the ring and gets caught bay a Shera who eventually slams Hernandez down on the chair. 

The match then spills to outside as Hernandez beats the holy hell out of Shera with a chair. Hernandez waste some time to sit up a structure with some chairs allowing Shera to jump Hernandez. Shera then throws some chairs back in the ring then grabs a chair and swing it across his back multiple times. Shera then tosses Hernandez back into the ring before setting up two chairs but Hernandez comes back and slams him onto the two chairs. 

Hernandez then sets up a chair in the corner before chopping his chest then irish whips him into the turnbuckle. Hernandez then sets up a chair in the middle of the ring then slams Shera’s head onto it and gets a two count. Hernandez then puts Shera in the corner and hits him with a shoulder tackle then kicks him high on the inside thigh before clubbing the back of Shera. Shera comes back and hits the ropes and takes him down with a clothesline leading to a spine buster for a nearfall. The match goes back to the outside as Shera doubles over Hernandez with a kick to the midsection leading to multiple chair shots to the back of Hernandez. The end of the match sees Rohit show up and turns on Hernandez and hits him with a chair allowing Shera to pick up the win. Looks like Rohit and Shera are back together. 

An impromptu match was made at Swinger’s Palace:

The bell rings and we are underway. Taurus runs at Gallows and ducks the boot from Doc. Taurus keeps up the speed leading to a dragonscrew in the ropes. Taurus then goes for a top rope crossbody but is caught and slammed down to the mat. Gallows then throws Taurus into the corner and lays in the rights but Taurus fights back with shots to the midsection. Gallows is able to get the upper hand and sends Taurus to the outside and catches him as he makes his way back in the ring with a boot for nearfall. Gallows then lays in the rights but Taurus is able to escape and hit a step up enzguri which rocks Gallows into the corner. Taurus charges in but eats an uppercut. Gallows then chokes him on the ropes leading to a cheap shot from Anderson. Gallows then hits a vertical suplex and continues to maintain control with a working hold then throws him to the outside. Gallows then throws Taurus over the guardrail 

and hits him with an uppercut. Gallows rolls him back in and hits him with an elbow in the chest for a two count. Gallows then begins to rain down multiple elbows then a chin lock to wear him down. Taurus does make it back to his feet but is pulled right back down. Gallows then hits a legdrop for a nearfall. Gallows panders to the camera which allows for Taurus to get back to his feet for a few shots before taken down with a big boot. The match comes to a close with Karl making the distraction leading to a ring shaking spine buster for the win.

We then hear from Violent by Design ahead of the Hardcore War main event:

Johnny Swinger v Matt Cardona(Mystery Crate Match):

The bell rings and we are underway. Swinger looks for a handshake but turns around and runs for a crate but Cardona rolls him up for a nearfall. Swinger then kicks Cardona in the midsection but he comes back and looks to punch him and Johnny says that Cardona tried to potato him. Johnny then takes down Cardona and begins to showboat. Swinger then locks in a full nelson but Matt fights back and takes him down and hits the Memphis Strut. Swinger ends up in the ropes and hits a low blow behind the referee’s back. 

Swinger jumps on Cardona and gets two nearfalls. Swinger then opens a crate to reveal a picture of Scott Hall. 

Cardona fights back and throws the picture out of the ring but Swinger is able to turn the tables back in his favor and knocks Matt off the apron and he crash and burns on the guardrail. The referee begins his count and Swinger catches Cardona as he tries to reenter the ring leading to a nearfall. Johnny is able to open a second crate and gets caught with a mouse trap 

allowing Cardona to gain control and obtain a nearfall. The ending of the match sees Swinger take his time to get the brace knuckles out of a crate allowing Cardona to hit Radio Silence for the win. Cardona then grabs the other crate and makes his way to the back. What is in the final crate?

Winner: Matt Cardona via Radio Silence

We are now taking a look back at RVD vs Sabu from Hardcore Justice 2010 where RVD retained the world title.

We see that the drinking match is still going on at Swinger’s Palace:

Sami Callihan comes out to the ring and makes an open challenge. Sam Beale accepts the challenge. 

Sami Callihan vs Sam Beale:

The bell rings and we are underway. Sami tells Sam to hit him and misses the dropkick and pays for it. Sami then toys with Sam and kicks him around a bit but Sam fights back with shots to the midsection but Sami stops him in his tracks against the ropes. Sami then drops Sam and begins to choke him then turns his attention to the digits. Sami then tosses him to the floor and follows him. Sami then chops the chest of Sam but Sam looks to fight back but they have no effect. Sami then hits a back suplex on the floor as Sami rolls back in the ring. Sam rolls back in the ring and breaks the count. Sami then begins to clap and picks up Sam for a suplex but Sam rolls him up for two nearfalls and gets dropped by Sami leading to a package piledriver for the win.

Winner: Sami Callihan via Package Piledriver 

The bell rings and here we go. Both guys have their blindfolds on and both guys are searching for each other. They both swing for clotheslines but miss. Myers accidentally grabs the referee leading to Jake sending him out of the ring and Jake follows. Myers cracks Jake across the head with a trash can lid. Myers continues the offense and gets a one count. Jake then begins to fight back but Myers shuts it down leading to a flatliner and tries to pin the back of Something. 

Myers goes for a sunset flip but Jake rolls through and gets a two count as he hits a one arm powerbomb. Something then hits four clotheslines as he holds the arm of Myers. Myers then pulls the referee in between them causing the referee to go down. Myers then lifts his blindfold to hit two superkick but Cardona comes out and tosses in the crate as Something smashes it over the head of Myers allowing him to pick up the win. 

We then hear comments from Team Dreamer ahead of the main event:

The bell rings and we are underway. Susan makes her way to the ring but Su Yung shows up and attacks Susan. Now it looks like Su Yung will be entering the match. 

Tenille rolls out of the ring and Alisha tries to roll up Jordynne who puts a stop to that and takes her out. Havok then looks to reform the unholy alliance but Su Yung drops her. Su, Havok, and Rosemary take each other out. Back in the ring Jordynne intakes it it Alisha hitting her with clubbing clotheslines to the front and back. Tenille makes her presence known as she attacks Jordynne leading to Tenille hitting Jordynne with a frying pan. Alisha then shows back up and staples the backside of Tenille. 

Tenille rolls back in the ring and becomes surrounded by the rest of knockouts. Kaleb then sacrifices himself and takes a staple to the chest. Havok and Alisha take out Kaleb but then Havok turns on Alisha and takes her out. Jordynne then takes advantage of that and hits a clothesline on Havok. Alisha then introduces a trash can but gets stopped by Grace. Jordynne then eventually is able to hit a back body drop to Alisha on a trash can. Su then enters the ring and takes it to Grace and then drives her face first into a chair in the corner. Rosemary then comes back into the ring with some rope looking to choke out Su but she fights back and they end up clothesling Havok. Down the stretch Nevaeh throws powder in the face of Havok leading to a Vader bomb from Jordynne but Kaleb shows back up and hits her with a superkick and Tenille slids back in to pick up the win. 

We see that the good times are rolling on still at Swinger’s Palace:

The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and Jazz pushes her back into the corner. We get a clean break and Jazz kicks Deonna in the midsection and continues the attack. Deonna seems to fight back a bit but Jazz hits her with a spinning kick for a nearfall. Deonna comes back and turns her focus to the arm of Jazz. Deonna sends Jazz into the corner but Jazz comes back out and takes her down with a clothesline and Deonna rolls to the floor for a break. Jazz meets her at the ropes and Deonna pulls down the arm leading to a slingshot on the bottom rope. Deonna reenters the ring and goes right back to the arm. Deonna brings her down to the canvas and continues to work the arm leading to a nearfall. Deonna then locks in a working hold on the already hurt left arm. Jazz gets back to her feet and fights back and looks for a whip but Deonna reverses and takes her down for a nearfall. Deonna stomps on the arm then rolls and slams it on the mat. At this point in time the match is coming up all Deoas she continues to attack the left arm of Jazz leading to another two count. Jazz begins to fight back to her feet but Deonna quickly shuts it down and throws her in the corner. Jazz fights back by getting the boot up and the match has now spilled to the outside. Jazz begins to lay into Deonna and slams her face first into apron. Jazz then begins to look for plunder as she introduces the toys into the ring. Jazz rolls Deonna back into the ring and goes for the chair but Deonna stops her. Jazz  then takes it to Deonna leading to the X factor for a nearfall. 

Deonna comes back with a side Russian leg sweep and transitions into an armbar but Jazz makes it to the ropes. Jazz is able to fight back grabbing a chair and hitting her in the back multiple times before hitting a DDT on the chair for a nearfall. Jazz looks to lock up Deonna for something but Deonna breaks free leading to a rolling exploder. Deonna then hits the Queen’s Gambit to retain her title and end the career of Jazz. 

Looks like someone took out Tommy Dreamer before the match. 

Eddie Edwards and Deaner will kick off the match. The bell rings and we are underway. Eddie gets the jump on Deaner and sends him to the floor. Eddie then drives Deaner face first to the apron then lays in shots to the midsection. Deaner then fights back and pulls his hair and chokes him with his scarf. Eddie begins to fight back and rolls Deaner back in the ring. Deaner catches Eddie as he comes into the ring and throws him into the corner and lays in the right hands. He then whips Eddie into the ropes but Eddie comes back and hits a overhead belly to belly suplex and Deaner rolls to the floor. Eddie rolls to the floor too and throws a chair in the ring but is met by Deaner. They get back in the ring and Deaner is able to take down Eddie. Deaner goes to the top and goes for a dive but gets caught by Eddie leading to a backpack stunner. 

The clocks runs out and now Rhino joins the fray with a pool stick in hand. Deaner takes advantage of Eddie focusing on Rhino. The double team now begins as Deaner drives a chair into Eddie then face first into the chair. The next participant to enter the match is Willie Mack who brings a chain and Kenny to the ring. The odds are now even as Willie and Eddie are able to take down both Rhino and Deaner. Mack then hands Kenny to Eddie who tees off on Deaner. Deaner who is now in the corner gets choked out with a chain by Mack. Eddie then slids out to the floor and hands Willie a toaster. The clock runs out and the next participant is Joe Doering. It seemed that Eddie and Mack had Doering where they wanted him but he comes off the ropes and takes them down with a double clothesline. Deaner drills Eddie with a cookie sheet while Rhino chokes out Willie. Violent by Design is in total and complete control right now. The next participant to enter is Rich Swann who brings a table and handicap sign with him. Swann is a house on fire right now as he takes out all of VBD. Swann then drills both Deaner and Rhino in the head with the handicap sign. Now Team Dreamer is in control of VBD as Swann tells them to get the table. The clocks strikes zero as Eric Young makes his way to the ring with a hockey stick. 

Young goes on a tear and takes out everyone. Deaner begins to choke out Willie with a chain while Young hits and chokes out Eddie and Swann. Eric drapes Eddie on the guardrail and looks to hit Eddie across the back with the stick but Eddie moves and the stick breaks. The clock strikes zero and Trey Miguel comes out to replace Tommy and cleans house. 

Trey then lays forearm shots into Joe’s face leading to a suicide dive onto another VBD members. Trey gets back in the ring and gets laid out with a HUGE crossbody from Joe Doering.  Down the stretch Eric Young breaks up a pin and hits a Piledriver on Willie Mack to pick up the win.

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