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This round of Impact Wrestling Hidden Gems features a couple of WWE Hall of Famers, a legend in Japan, current AEW stars, a fomer Cruiserweight Champion, a former NXT Champion, and a former WWE Champion.

Jay Lethal vs Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart:
This match took place on the November 12th, 2009 edition of IMPACT! Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart answered Jay Lethal's "Black Machismo Invitational." The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and The Anvil pushes Lethal back into the ropes and follows up with a punch to the midsection. The Anvil then puches Lethal again before irish whipping him into the ropes and MASSIVE back bodydrop. The Anvil then looks to charge at Lethal in the corner who moves out of the way in thr nick of time. Lethal then climbs to the top rope and hits a a doubled sledgehammer fists to the head of Neidhart. Lethal then punches Neidhart twice in the jaw before irish whipping him into the ropes and Neidhart answers back with a clothesline taking down Lethal. Both guys get back up to their feet and Lethal hotshots Neidhart throat first into the ropes. He rolls back in the ring and goes for the cover getting a two count. Lethal hits a running elbow shot to the head of Neidhart knocking him down to the mat. Anvil gets back up and and ducks a clothesline attempt from Lethal and catches him with a powerslam for the pinfall victory.
Winner: Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart via Powerslam

Kazuchika Okada and Homicide vs Generation Me:
This match took place on TNA Xplosion back on April 10th, 2010. The bell rings and here we go. Jeremy Buck and and Okada start off the match. Jeremy looks for a handshake bit Okada opts for the traditional Japanese bow and Jeremy looks to do the same but gets a kick in return. Okada then clubs him in the back and looks for a bsck drop suplex but Jeremy lands on his feet and locks hands with Okada before slapping him in the chest and steps up to the top rope and jumps off the ropes taking down Okada. Okada then tags out to Homicide who runs in and gets taken down with an armdrag. Jeremy then wrings the arm of Homicide then tags out to his brother Max who moonsaults onto the arm of Homicide. Max then takes control of the arm and tags back out to his brother who double stomps the arm on his way back into the ring. Jeremy then charges Homicide sho sides steps and sends him chest first into the opposite turnbuckle. Homicide distracts the referee allowing for Okada to clothesline Jeremy from the apron. Homicide then hits a front suplex and tags out to Okada. Okada comes in and irish whips Jeremy into the ropes who comes off and eats a dropkick from Okada. Okada then hits the ropes and hits a low dropkick for a nearfall. Okada then tags back out to Homicide who comes in and attacks the midsection of Jeremy. Jeremy tries to fight back attacking Homicide's midsection and then hits the ropes as Homicide drops down and Jeremy leaps over him and comes off the ropes right into a spin elbow from Homicide. Jeremy pulls himself up in the corner and Homicide looks to charge but Jeremy gets the boot up in time and runs at Homicide and gets caught by a belly to belly suplex followed up by three pinfall covers each one a nearfall. Homicide then jaw jacks with the referee and then drags Jeremy to his corner and tags out to Okada who comes in and clubs the back of Jeremy. Okada then paintbrushes Jeremy and looks for a German suplex but Jeremy breaks the hold with a back elbow to the face. Jeremy then rolls into a tornado DDT and tags in Max. Max ducks a clothesline from Homicide and takes out Okada on the apron. Homicide then follows him in but Max gets tje boots up in time. Okada gets back in the ring as Max ducks a clothesline then hots the ropes into a bulldog on Okada for a nearfall as Homicide breaks up the count. Jeremy then enters the ring and Homicide throws him out to the floor. Homicide then kicks Max in the midsection and looks for the Gringo Killer but Jeremy makes the save. Jeremy then hits the ropes and Max lifts him up into Homicide as Jeremy dropkicks him out of the ring. Max then picks up Okada in a fireman's carry but Okada jabs him multiple time in the ribs and slips out the back. Okada then puts on a waistlock and they Max pulls him into his brother who is sitting on the top rope and gets his boot up in time breaking the hold. Max then superkicks Okada then a 450 splash from Jeremy into a moonsault from Max for the pinfall victory.
Winners: Generation Me via Moonsault

Ric Flair vs Matt Hardy vs AJ Styles:
This was a Street Fight that took place on TNA Impact! on March 10th, 2011. Ric Flair and Matt Hardy confronts AJ Styles about leaving Immortal and starting Fortune with the approval of Flair. The bell rings and here we go. Styles says he does like Matt or his brother and clocks him in the face and lays in the rights as Flair goes to the floor. Styles tries to grab at Flair but turns his attention back to Matt. He ligjts him up with punches as he sends him into the corner. Flair decides to hangout on the floor and let Matt Hardy do all the dirty work. Styles is still in control and lays in the punches before send Hardy face first into the turnbuckle. Styles hits Hardy with a punch then turns his attention to Flair which allows Hardy to take him out with a clothesline. Flair then finally enters the ring and the match as he stomps on the chest of Styles multiple times. Flair then goes for an elbow drop but misses as Styles rolls out of the way. Flair tries for the elbow drop again and Styles rolls out of the way again. Hardy then looks to grab AJ but Styles tosses him out to the floor. Flair looks to go after Styles but AJ punches Flair and looks for a kick to the midsection but Flair catches it. Flair was busy stylin' and profilin' while hold the leg of Styles gave AJ the opening to hit him with an enziguri. Styles then stomps Flair in the chest and locks in the Figure Four Leglock as Hardy rolls back into the ring. Hardy goes up to the middle rope and hits a legdrop on Styles to break the hold. Hardy then goes for the cover and gets a nearfall. Hardy then follows up with multiple shots to the face but AJ begins to fight back with punches to the midsection but Hardy puts a stop to that real quick with a knee to the midsection. Hardy then sends Styles to the floor and Flair pokes him in the eye. Flair then grabs Styles by the arm and hits him with a knife edge chop to the chest and looks to drive him face first into the steel guardrail but Styles puts a stop to it and drives Flair face first into the guardrail. Hardy then grabs Styles but AJ fights back with multiple shots to the face and drops Hardy. AJ turns his attention back to Flair who is now busted open as Styles punches right in the head multiple times. Styles then drives Flair back into the guardrail as Matt hits him over the back with a garbage can. Matt then drives Styles shoulder first into the guardrail as Flair yells "Get him Matt" and his becomes a crimson mask. Hardy rolls Styles back in the ring and tosses in a steel chair and a ladder. Matt stalks him with the ladder waiting for AJ to get back to his feet. Matt runs at Styles with the ladder and takes him down. Matt props the ladder up against the ropes as he turns his attention back to AJ and punches him. Matt looks to irish whip Styles into the ladder but AJ counters and looks to do the same but Hardy counters and looks for the twist of hate but Styles pushes him off and Hardy has to put on the brakes. Styles then sends Hardy into the ladder which allows for Ric to get back in the ring and kick Styles in the midsection and take him down with a chop to the chest. Ric then sets AJ up in the corner and tees off with the rights and lefts to the face of Styles. AJ is able to turn things around and put Flair in the corner then begins to tee off on the open wound of Flair. Hardy then slips back in and hits Styles with a side effect for a nearfall. Hardy looks for another side effect but AJ blocks it with multiple back elbow strikes to the head but Hardy is still able to take down Styles. Hardy then looks for an elbow drop and AJ rolls out of the way. Flair gets back up and grabs the chair and looks to hit Styles but gets caught with a superkick. AJ then puches the open wound of Flair again before ripping open his shirt and hitting him with multiple chops to the chest. Hardy comes at him and Styles punches him in the face and then goes back and forth chopping Flair and punching Hardy. Styles then ducks the clothesline atrempt from Hardy and hits him with a pele kick. Styles then looks to hit the Styles Clash on Matt Hardy on top of the chair but Flair comes in from behind with low blow to Styles. Hardy then hits the twist of hate and Ric Flair covers for the win.
Winner: Ric Flair via Pinfall

Tony Nese vs Jack Evans vs Jesse Sorenson:
This match took place on Impact on July 7th, 2011. Both "The Premier Athlete" Tony Nese and Jesse Sorenson make their IMPACT debuts. The winner of the is match joins a fatal four match the winner will be awarded an Impact Wrestling contract. The bell rings and here we go. All three men look for a test of strength with Nese getting the advantage by kicking both guys in the midsection and then kicking Sorenson into the ropes while he Jack Evans drops down and kicks Nese into the ropes and rolls him up for a nearfall as Sorenson breaks it up and rolls up Evans but only gets a one count as Evans rolls all the way through. Sorenson runs at Nese but gets kicked in the midsection for his troubles. Nese then kicks Evans in the knee then sends him out to the floor. Sorenson then rolls up Nese for a nearfall as Nese counters into a pinfall atrempt of his own and gets a two count. Nese then catches Sorenson with a running knee to the midsection. Nese them looks for a back drop suplex but Sorenson slips out the back and shoves him into the ropes and gets hit with a kick to the head from Evans on the apron. Nese stumbles back and get nailed with a picture perfect dropkick from Sorenson for a nearfall as Jack Evans flips back in to break up the pin. Evans then kicks up off of Sorenson and lands on the apron rhen flips back in touching the head of Sorenson and hits the ropes and ducks the clothesline attempt and comes off the ropes and flips into a kick on the head of Sorenson. Nese comes back in and takes off the head of Evans with a clothesline for a nearfall. Nese then climbs to the top but Sorenson meets him with an enziguri that knocks him off the top and to the floor and goes for the cover and gets a two count. Sorenson then knocks Nese off the apron with a superkick. Sorenson then flys over the ropes and takes out Nese. Back in the ring Evans springboards onto both guys on the outside. Jack Evans then rolls both guys back in the ring and gets a two count on Nese. Evans then covers Sorenson for a nearfall too. Nese props himself up in the corner and Evans irish whips him into the opposite corner. Evans then looks for a hanspring back elbow but Nese moves out of the way. Nese then runs at Evans and hits a back elbow before running at him again and hitting him with his knee. Nese then covers Evans and gets a nearfall as Sorenson breaks it up. Sorenson then grabs Evans and hits him with a cross rhodes right on top of his head for a nearfall as Evans gets his foot on the bottom rope. Nese then grabs Sorenson and looks for a suplex but eats a back elbow while maintaining the grip and eats another back elbow this time losing the hold. Sorenson hits the ropes and Nese shoots him up in the air and slams him down face first onto the mat. Nese then hits a German suplex on Sorenson with a bridge and only gets a two count as Evans hits a standing moonsault on Nese to break up the pin. Jack Evans crawls into the pin on Sorenson and gets a two count. Sorenson gets back to his feet and runs at Evans powers him into the corner. Sorenson then motions to finish the match and sets Evans up on the top rope and slaps him across the face. Sorenson then meets him up top and punches him in the face and looks for a big mobe as Evans fights back with punches to the midsection. Evans then sends Sorenson to the floor who hits his face on the apron on the way down. Nese then rolls across the ring and catches Evans with a kick to the head then springs up to the top for a superplex but Evans counters and slams Nese face first into the mat. Jack Evans then hits a 630 splash for the pinfall victory.
Winner: Jack Evans via 630 Splash

Tommaso Ciampa vs Crazzy Steve:
This match took place on Xplosion on October 17th, 2015. Tommaso Ciampa was in between promotions at the time and this is his only one on one match with the company. The bell rings and here we go. Steve runs atound the ring honking his horn and the crowd chanting his name. Tommaso then has enough of thr fun and games and slaps Steve across the face. Ciampa then puches him in the face then kicks him in the midsection before tosses him to the outside and follows him to the floor and chops Steve in the chest multiple times as he yells at Steve "This isn't a game boy." Ciampa then rolls Steve back in the ring and looks for an irish whip but Crazzy Steve counters and takes down Ciampa with a clothesline. Steve then chokes out Ciampa who is sitting down in the corner before chophim in the chest and stomping him in the chest multiple times. We come back to the match and Steve is talking to his stuff monkey and eats a running kneelift from Tommaso. Ciampa then looks for a German suplex of sorts but Steve pjts a stop to it and goes behind himself as Ciampa runs into the ropes and holds on to break the count. Ciampa then kicks Steve followed up with a punch. Steve stops Ciampa with a kick to the midsection and hits the ropes but gets caught with a huge clothesline that turns him inside and out. Tommaso then grabs the pet monkey of Crazzy Steve and claps the cymbals in it's hands before punting the monkey into the crowd. Steve then props himself in the corner and Tommaso hits a running to the side of the head of Crazzy Steve. Tommaso them looks to end the match but Steve pushes Ciampa into the corner. Steve then slaps Ciampa in the face and runs back into him but eats a boot from Ciampa instead. Ciampa then charges at Steve in the corner who moves out of rhe way and Steve goes on the attack with multiple clotheslines to the throat of Ciampa. Steve then throws his body at Ciampa before running at him and hitting a cannonball. Steve then panders to the crowd before turning his attention back to Ciampa. He hits him with a right hand then sets him up on the top rope and clubs him in the back multiple times. Steve looks for a superplex but Tommaso fights free and loks for a powerbomb but Steve holds onto the ropes and punches Tommaso in the head multiple times. Tommaso then slips out and tucks in Steve's head before kicking him in the head. Ciampa then hits a powerbomb for the pinfall victory.
Winner: Tommaso Ciampa via Powerbomb 

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