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IMPACT Wrestling LIVE Coverage and Results(6/19/20)


Moose vs Hernandez(TNA World Heavyweight Championship)

Winner: Moose via Lights Out

The North vs The Rascalz(IMPACT Tag Team Championship)

Winners: The North RETAINS

Ace Austin vs Eddie Edwards(Street Fight)

Winner: Ace Austin via The Fold 

Rhino vs Rohit Raju

Winner: Rhino via Gore

Reno Scum vs XXXL

Winner: Reno Scum via Pinfall 

Kimber Lee vs Nevaeh 

Winner: Nevaeh via DDT

Live Coverage:

The show opens up with a recap of what happened last week with a focus on Deonna Purazzo and the Knockouts Championship match.

The North vs The Rascalz(IMPACT Tag Team Championship):

The Rascalz music hits as the IMPACT Tag Team Championship match kicks us off tonight. Trey shows up before they walk out and believes that Wentz didn't attack him two weeks ago. The champions, The North make their way to the ring to defend their titles. The bell rings and here we go. Wentz and Ethan start off the match. The match gets started quickly as Wentz tries to take it to The North.

 Ethan tags out to Josh and he throws Wentz into the ropes who hits a handspring kick to take down Josh. Wentz then tags in Dez who continues the onslaught and takes down Josh and tags in Wentz who gets a one count before Page breaks up the pin. Alexander then takes control of the match and throws Wentz in the corner leading to a big chop and tossing Wentz into the corner and tags in Page. Page then takes down Wentz and gloats about being in control and tags out to Alexander. Josh then takes control tossing Wentz into a corner leading to a big knee and a stomp to the back for a one count. Wentz would then fight free with a forearm and a knee taking down Josh and tags in Dez. Dez comes in hot off the ropes and takes down Josh for a one count before Page breaks it up. Dez sends Alexander into the corner and looks for a running attack but Alexander counters to take down Dez. Josh tags in Page who continues the onslaught and works over Dez with clotheslines and stomps. He then picks up Dez and drags him into his corner and tags in Josh. Page holds Dez as Josh hits him in the midsection. Josh then takes down Dez and tags in Page. Page comes in a blows a kiss to Wentz railing him up. Page then turns back to Dez and lays in the stomps leading to a delayed vertical suplex walking to his corner as Alexander tags himself in and Page hands over the suplex who eventually puts him down for a two count. Alexander mocks Dez and jokingly kicks him and tags in Page. Ethan then runs and takes Wentz off the apron leading to a backbreaker stretch on Dez. Dez fights back with a clubbing blow and elbows but Ethan mantains control and hits a DDT. 

He then drags Dez back to his corner and tags in Alexander who gets a two count. We come back and The North are in control as Ethan has a working hold on Dez but Dez fights back with punches to the midsection. Ethan looks for a powerbomb but Dez slips out the back and tags in Wentz who comes in hot with punches and kicks leading to Josh coming in but Dez takes him out leading to Aentz taking down Ethan and hitting a standing moonsault for a two count. Ethan recovers and hits a forearm leading to Wentz hitting a big boot. Wentz tags in Dez who rolls up Page for a two count. Dez climbs to the top and Ethan ducks leading to Page hitting multiple superkicks and tagging in Josh and Dez tags in Wentz. Wentz hits a Canadian Destoryer for a two count. 

Dez looks for a dive but gets caught and Ethan throws him into the guardrail. Josh puts Wentz in the torture rack position as Ethan slides back in the ring and The North hits their finisher for the win and retain their titles. After the match backstage we see The North happy about their win but Ethan is mad that no one is backstage or ringside to see them retain their titles. Ethan is mad and says that no one is watching the champs to study tape and find a way to beat them.

We see that Trey has been attacked AGAIN. The Rascalz show up to the scene and now believe that Reno Scum is behind the attack. So they leave to go talk to them.

We come back to the show and Jimmy Jacob talks to Ace Austin about Trey being attacked again. Ace is mad that people are accusing him. Eddie Edwards then shows up looking to attack Ace but has to be held back by security.

Kimber Lee vs Nevaeh:

This is Nevaeh's in ring debut. 

The bell rings and here we go. They both lock up but they seem to be at a stalemate. Both ladies then begin to trade forearms and Nevaeh looks for a clothesline but Kimber Lee ducks with a split but Nevaeh then drops Lee. Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz show up ringside with a sign and snacks to watch the match. 

Lee is firmly in control of this match hitting multiple kicks leading to a submission to the reconstructed knee of Nevaeh. Lee then draps Nevaeh on the ropes and hits a forearm leading to a suplex for a two count. Lee then leans her on the ropes again hitting her with multiple forearms but Nevaeh fights back with a few punches of her own leading to a German suplex for a two count. Nevaeh picks up Lee but eats big kick and takes her down for a two count. Nevaeh is able to recover and hit a DDT for the win.

 After the match Hogan and Steelz throw popcorn at Havok wbo scares them off. 

We see a group of guys backstage along with Reno Scum looking at the greatest hits of Ken Shamrock which makes The North mad. Ethan then smashes the iPad. 

We come back to the show and get a message from Cancel Culture about Crazzy Steve getting canceled next week.

We then see a promo from Steve who is tired of hearing the word no and being stuffed into a box. He says that next week they will make a macomb of a masterpiece.

Rohit Raju vs Rhino:

Rhino makes his way to the ring but Rohit ambushes him. Rohit tosses him into the ring looking for a pin but the bell didn't ring yet. The bell finally rings and Rohit is all over Rhino. He then tosses him into the corner with multiple punches and forearm. Rohit comes in hot but Rhino counters with an elbow. Rohit is able to regain control and take down Rhino and send him to the floor. Rohit follows him to the outside and continues the onslaught laying in clubbing blows to the back of Rhino. Rhino is able to regain control and looks for a slam but Rohit slips out the back and sends him into the post.

 He then throws Rhino back in the ring for a two count. Rohit remains in control choking Rhino on the rope with his boot and multiple forearms. Rohit locks on a working hold but Rhino escapes and takes down Rohit. Both guys are down but Rohit gets back up and takes down Rhino in the corner leading to him climbing to the top but Rhino moves out of the way and hits the Gore for the win.

 After the match we see Rohit have a temper tantrum in the ring.

We see Michael Elgin on the phone again but Jimmy Jacobs interrupts the phone call saying that Trey has been attacked AGAIN and that he is a prime suspect. Elgin says that he doesn't jump people from behind he lets the whole world see and sends people to the hospital.

We come back and get a backstage segment between Susie, Kylie Rae, and Taya Valykire 

Moose vs Hernandez(TNA World Heavyweight Championship):

The bell rings and here we go. Moose tries to get the jump on Hernandez but he ducks and lays in on Moose leading to a clothesline sending Moose to the floor. Hernandez follows him out to the floor and eats a big right hand. Hernandez then comes back and attacks Moose throwing him back in the ring and comes in but Moose sends him into the bottom turnbuckle. Moose regains control as he hammer throws Hernandez into two separate corner turnbuckles. Moose then sets Hernandez on the top rope leading to a dropkick sending Hernandez to the floor. 

The referee begins the count but Hernandez makes it back into the ring and is met by Moose. Moose then holds down Hernandez and rakes the eyes leading to a running boot. Moose then focuses on the camera and trash talks. Moose then rakes the eyes and nose of Hernandez and jaw jacks the referee. Moose continues the onslaught and raking the face of Hernandez. Moose then calls Hernandez a piece of garbage and slaps him. Hernandez comes back and throws Moose across the ring leading to the super mex and looks for a border toss but turns it into a backbreaker for a two count. Hernandez the looks for a supbut Moose slips out the back and catches Hernandez with a low blow leading to a spear for the win. Instead of playing Moose's music they play the music of EC3.

We then see The Rascalz confronting Reno Scum about attacking Trey TWICE now. They tell them to talk to TJP & Fallah Bahh since they were mad that they beat them a couple of weeks ago.

We come back and get a promo from The Deaners and Willie Mack 

Reno Scum vs XXXL:

The bell rings and here we go. Acey and Adam start the match. Thornstow tries to lock in a headlock but Acey just picks him up and tags out to Larry. Luster comes in and gets taken down and Dean and Acey drop Thornstow on Luster. Luster is able to recover and pulls down Larry Dean and tags in. Luster continues the onslaught on Dean and tags out to Thornstow. Adam then reamins in control and locks in a working hold but Dean fights back and takes down Thornstow. Both guys are down but Dean is able to tag in Acey and Adam tags in Luster. Acey is able to hit a huge sidewalk slam for a two count. XXXL takes out Adam leading to Dean taking down Luster. 

Adam comes back into the ring and hit a step up kick on Dean leading to a spinebuster. Thornstow tags in and hits a top rope splash for the win. 

We get a backstage segment between Chris Bey and Johnny Swinger. Bey is wondering if Swinger knows a guy to be their partner for the six man tag next week. Swinger calls a guy and strikes out but tells Bey not to worry and knows someone else who will do it for cheap. 

We come back and get a look at the life and career of Deonna Purazzo. Purrazzo says that atracking Jordynne Grace is the first move on her chess board.

We then hear from Jordynne Grace and says there was no point of attacking her. Purrazzo then come out of nowhere and attacks Grace locking in the Fujiwara Armbar.

We come back to the show and get a recap of Deonna Purazzo attacking Jordynne Grace moments ago. 

Ace Austin vs Eddie Edwards(Street Fight):

Before the match can begin Eddie jumps Ace during his entrance. 

Eddie hits Ace with a knife edge chop then goes to the back to get weapons. Ace grabs a chair. Eddie tries to hit Ace with a trashcan but Ace counters with an elbow. Eddie then is able to hit Ace with the trashcan. Ace then is able to recover and runs at Ace only to be thrown over the guardrail leading to Eddie crotching Ace on the guardrail. Ace then hits Eddie with a stick from out of nowhere and both guys are down. 

We come back to the show and Ace Austin is in control. Both guys are finally in the ring as Eddie is in the corner Ace lins him with a trashcan leading to a one count barely. Ace then locks in a working hold with multiple elbows to the chest. Ace then gives Eddie multiple chops leading to Eddie countering and taking down Ace for a second as he is able to sending Eddie into the corner leading to a suplex onto a steel street sign. Ace grabs to cookie sheets and knocks Eddie upside the head with them. Eddie begins to gight back and hits a big forearm leading to a swing with the cookie sheet. Eddie them sends Ace to the outside and looks for a dive but eats a trashcan lid. 

Ace sends Eddie to the floor and he follows attacking Eddie's eye with his magic stick. Ace then bridges the guardrail on the apron and continues the onslaught attacking the eye of Eddie. Ace tries to send Eddie into the guardrail but Eddie puts in the brakes and hits a belly to belly sending Ace into the guardrail. 

Eddie makes it back to his feet and moves the guardrail and focuses back on Ace and sends him back in the ring. Eddie then cracks Ace upside the head with a street sign leading to a blue thunder bomb for a two count. Eddie then hits Ace in the back with a cookie sheet. Eddie looks to hit Ace with a steel chair but Ace moves out the way with the steel chair bouncing off the turnbuckle. Ace then hits the chair sending it into the face of Eddie. 

Ace then sets up a chair and stomps on Eddie. Ace then brings in a table and hits Eddie with multiple forearms and a street sign leading to setting Eddie on the table. Eddie then stopa Ace from going up top. Eddie then sets Ace up top but Ace brings out the laminated card and rakes it across Eddie's eyes then Ace leaps over the table for a crossbody leading to a spinning heel kick. Eddie figts back and hits a tiger driver. Eddie then grabs Kenny but Ace counters and drop toeholds Eddie on the chair. Ace then tries to hit Eddie with the kendo stick but Eddie counters and hits Ace with the kendo stick. Eddie then hits Ace with a neckbreaker in the leg of the table.

 Eddie looks to end the match but Madman Fulton shows up and chokeslams Eddie multiple times then picks up Ace and holds Eddie up for Ace to hit the fold for the win. 

Madison Rayne thinks that Fulton and Ace are working together and he was the one to attack Trey. 

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