Trey vs Michael Elgin:

Winner: Trey via pinfall. Trey is advancing to the finals to face Ace Austin.

Ace Austin vs Hernandez:

Winner: Ace Austin via The Fold. Advancing to the finals of the #1 Contender's Tournament.

Cousin Jack vs Chris Bey:

Winner: Chris Bey via The Ultimate Finesser 

Havok vs Kimber Lee:

Winner: Kimber Lee via DQ

The North vs Cody Deaner & ???(IMPACT Tag Team Championship):

Winner:The North via pinfall 

Live Coverage:

Ace Austin vs Hernandez(#1 Contender's Tournament Semi-finals):

The bell rings and here we go. Hernandez tries to lock up but Ace Austin moves to the side and kicks Hernandez in the face followed by a punch. Hernandez is able to regain the advantage and toss Ace into the corner but Ace comes out and goes for a shoulder tackle but it doesn't faze Hernandez. Hernandez then tosses Ace into the corner. Ace then tries for a springboard move and sweep the legs but Hernandez counters and takes down Austin. Ace then looks for a sunset flip but Hernandez stands his ground and looks to attack Ace whi counters and sends Hernandez to the floor. Ace goes for a dive but gets caught and Hernandez boxes the ears of Ace. Hernandez slides Ace back into the ring and slides in the ring himself but gets caught by Ace. Austin throws him into the corner and begins laying in multiple shots and as Hernandez is looking to recover Ace sweeps the legs and remains in control. Ace controls to wear down Hernandez with his boot in his throat. Ace thwn begins to stomp Hernandez multiple times as he is talking trash. Ace tosses Hernandez into the corner then brings him out with a snapmare leading to a kick to the back. Ace locks on a working hold but Hernandez fights free and throws Ace away and is in control for a second as Ace takes down Hernandez for a two count. Ace doubles over Hernandez on the ropes and ad Ace is coming off the ropes Hernandez hits him with a huge shoulder tackle sending him flying. Hernandez continues the attack and sends Ace on a ride leading to a backbreaker for a two count. 

Hernandez is looking for the Border Toss but slips through the back and clips the knee of Hernandez. Ace then hits multiple punches to the head but Hernandez grabs Ace for the Border Toss again but his knee buckles. Ace is able to fight back and counter with a hurricanrana for a two count. Hernandez regains control and takes down Ace and looks for the Border Toss but Ace slips through again and clips the knee leading to The Fold for the win and advancing to the finals.

After the match Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne runs down the rest of the card for tonight.

We now get a video package of Cody Deaner heading up to the Deaner Compound.

We see Johnny Swinger and Chris Bey backstage. Swinger says he sees chemistry between the two. Bey says that Swinger is allowed to be ringside and they will figure it out as they go.

We come back and see The North showing up to the Deaner Compound. They are welcomed by another Deaner who are warned that the last person who laughed at them then runs away.

We get a video promo from Elgin who talks about all the former champions he has beaten since coming to IMPACT. He then says that he had always been the #1 contender and will beat Trey and go on to win the tournament.

Cousin Jack vs Chris Bey:

The bell rings and here we go. They both lock up but Jack gets the power advantage and pushes Bey into the corner. Bey slaps him and trash talks him which leads to Jack hitting a be powerslam.

 Jack firmly into control takes down Bey leading to multiple short arm clotheslines. 

Bey is able to escape and comes off the ropes but gets put down with a big stomp from Jack. Jack then hammer throws Bey into the corner turnbuckle leading to a delayed vertical suplex. Jack stays in control and takes down Bey with a chop to the throat. Bey goes to the apron and ducks multiple clotheslines from Jack. Swinger tries to get involved leading to Bey who tries to take advantage but Jack takes him down. Bey is able to comeback off the second rope taking down Jack with a dropkick. We come back and Bry gets a running start and hits a elbow to Jack in the corner leading to a two count. Now Jack is in the corner leading to multiple stomps from Bey. Chris distracts the referee leading to Swinger getting a cheap shot. Bey then leans his knee on the throat of Jack. Jack eggs on Chris and eats a big punt kick for a two count. Jack is now down as Bey trash talks Jack and holds Jack down across the ropes by stepping on his back. Bey comes off rhe ropes and looks to clip the leg but Jack leapfrogs leading to Jsck taking down Bey. Bey gets back up and eats a big shot from Jack leading to multiple shoulder tackles and a huge discus clothesline. Jack looks for another clothesline but Bey ducks looking for a tiltawhirl but gets caught and Jack slams him to the mat for a two count. Swinger tries to fan off Bey and tell him to get up which leads to a distraction allowing Bey to get the advantage. Jack counters and hits a major slam for a two count. Bey fights back and looks for a kick but Jack looks to counter but Bey counters that into a code red for a two count. 

Swinger now gets on the apron distracting Jack. Bey charges Jack but he moves out of the way but has to put on the brakes. Jack looks to take control but Bey counters and hits a famasuer leading to The Ultimate Finesser for the win. After the match we get a post match beatdown leading to Willie Mack coming out to make the save.

We get a backstage interview with Rohit. He is asked what is next for him but he is interrupted by the TNA Original Chase Stevens leading to a match between the two next week.

Havok vs Kimber Lee:

The bell rings and here we go. Lee charges Havok and tries to get the advantage attacking her from behind. Havok is able to fight back and throw Lee into the corner. Havok charges and slaps Lee. Havok goes for a running boot but Lee side steps leading to multiple kicks and a roundhouse kick to Havok.

 Lee is able to ground Havok and lock in the sleeper hold. Havok makes it back to her feet and slams Lee bsck first into the turnbuckle. Havok ducks a clothesline and hits a huge spinebuster leading to a clothesline. Havok stalks Lee leading to multiple running boots in the corner. Lee stumbles out of the cornerand goes for the fireman's carry but Lee rakes the eyes and slips out the back. Lee is able to get the brass knuckles but Neveah shows up and stops Lee causing the DQ finish. Neveah and Havok double team and take out Kimber Lee. Seems like we are getting a resurgence of the Knockouts Tag Team Division.

We get a backstage segment with both Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan bullying Kylie Rae. Susie then shows up and tries to break them up and says that bullying is back. Kiera snaps her fingers and Tasha Steelz takes out both Rae and Susie. It seems like they have awaken Su Yung.

We see The North walking up to a barn and knock but no one is around. The werid guy shows up but then runs away. The doors to the barn opens up and they are welcomed by members of The Deaner Clan.

We come back and Joseph P. Ryan tells the Crist Brothers that he has a match with Crazzy Steve next week.

Cody Deaner & Wheels vs The North(IMPACT Tag Team Championship):

We get a video promo from Cody Deaner who says that their ancestors stole the land they live on and that it's time for them to win the titles. The North show up and says that it's a TWO on TWO match. The North assumes that Wheels is Chris who is the referee. Cody says he is not wheels leading to a hot girl driving up with a tractor. The North is made that Cody is wasting their time and Wheels finally shows up. The bell rings and here we go. We start with a brawl outside the ring then they enter the ring and the Deaners are in control. Cody hits a hammer throw irish whip leading to a two count. Wheels is now legand and takingbit to Ethan Page. The match breaks down as Cody fights off Josh Alexander to the outside of the barn while Wheels is still beating up Ethan. Josh is thrown into the back of a hay truck but Ethan makes the save and takes out the rest of the deaners. Cody somehow ends up on top of a horse trailer and dives onto The North. Josh and Ethan take down Wheels and Ethan goes for the pin but Cody makes the save. Cody takes out Ethan on top of a car leading to Josh breaking up the pin. Ethan grabs and pipe and throws it at Cody who ducks and it smashes the window. Jodh hits a piledriver on Cody on top of a truck. 

Ethan tells Josh he has Wheels in the ring and theh look to finsh him off leading to a near fall. Cody makes it back to the ring for the comeback.and hits a DDT on Josh and goes for the pin but the referee is down. The North takes advantage and hits their tag team finisher. Wheels makes the save but The North regain control and take out Wheels. The announcer from the previous title defenses show up and reveals that he is a referee too and counts the 1 2 3. The North retains.

After the match we get a backstage interview from TJP & Fallah Bahh who say they are still on the northern trail and talk about when they recently beat the entire tag team divison. The Rascalz interrupts and say they also recently got a win but it was over Fallah Bahh & TJP so they are now one and one. This leads to a match between the two teams next week.

We come back and The Rascalz are in the treehouse. Trey announced that next week it's TJP & Fallah Bahh vs The Rascalz for rhe #1 contendership. Moose shows up and surprises The Rascalz in the treehouse. Moose then plugs TNA every Tuesday on AXS TV. It seems like Moose is recruiting The Rascalz to join him on the TNA Train. He tells Trey to come after his title instead of the IMPACT title.

The IMPACT Moment of the Week is Moose vs Cody for the IMPACT Grand Championship.

We come back and get breaking news. DEONNA PURAZZO HAS SIGNED WITH IMPACT WRESTLING.

We get another bar scene between Rosemary and John E. Bravo.

Michael Elgin vs Trey:

The bell rings and here we go. Both guys lock up but Elgin gets the power advantage and shoves off Trey. Elgin grabs the wrist kf Trey and maintains cont4ol of it but Trey fights out and grabs the wrist kf Elgin. Trey goes for a deep armdrag but Elgin puts the brakes on that. This leads to Elign taking control and tkajng down Trey and locking in a body scissors. Trey fights out and sends Elgin into a corner and Trey charges in but Elgin side steps and sends him into the corner. Treybis able to fight back and send Elgin to the outside. Trey attempts a tiger fient kick but moves into a DDT and both guys are down.

 Trey gets back to his feet and sends Elgin back into the ring leading to a split legged moonsault for a two count. Elgin is able to fight back and take Trey down with a back breaker for a two count. Elgin sends Trey into the ckrner and in gulfs Trey with multiple shots to the back and stomach. Elgin hammer throws Trey into the corner then begs Trey to hit him. Elgin then drops Trey and begins to trash talk Trey. He still begs for him to hit him which leads to multiple forearm strikes but Elgin is still standing and sends Trey face first into the turnbuckle. Trey finds a way out but gets caught off the ropes and eats a big spinebuster for a two count. Elgin picks up Trey and hits a massive forearm to the face then drops Trey to a knee. Elgin is now stalking Trey and hitting him multiple times which angers Trey. Trey gets a big flurry of shots but is taken down by Elgin. Trey is able to fight back and hit a jawbreaker sending Elgin to the corner. Trey charges Elgin but eats an enziguri leading to Elgin going for a powerbomb but Trey slips out of the grasp leading to a double foot stomp to the back of Elgin. Elgin gets back up and clubs the back of Trey who comes off the ropes and hits a meteora and both guys are down.

We come back and Elgin goes for a clothesline but Trey ducks and lays in multiple shots bit Elgin counters and takes down Trey who comes off the ropes and takes down Elgin for a two count. Trey runs and hits a big elbow to Elgin in the corner. Trey goes to the apron and looks for a springboard but Elgin grabs the ropes and brings him back in the hard way and hits a cutter. 

Elgin continues the onslaught but Trey catches him off the ropes. Eligin comes back and floors Trey. Elgin picks up Trey and begins to lay in multiple shots. Leading to Trey hitting a superkick but Elgin ducks and hits a clothesline but Trey comes back and connects with a superkick this time leading to Elgin bouncing back up and hitting a huge clothesline. 

Both guys are down and Elgin hits running elbows to Trey in the corner but gets caught and Trey takes him down for a two count. Elgin fights on and hits Trey with a boot. Now in the corner on the top rope Elgin puts Trey in the fireman's carry but counters with a hurricanrana. Trey looks for another move but gets caught by Elgin and gets send face first into the turnbuckle. Elgin then takes down Trey for a near fall. Back in the corner Elgin is looking for a superplex but Trey blocks and and sends Elgin crashing into the mat for a two count. Both guys are down but Trey climbs the turnbuckle and is perched and jumps off but gets caught midair with a powerbomb for a two count. Elgin hits another move for a near fall. Sami's graphics pop up on the screen to distract Elgin which allows Trey to roll up Elgin for the win. It will now be Trey vs Ace Austin in the finals.

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