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Impact Wrestling Results (2/20/14) - Gunner Lost All His Luck

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Impact Wrestling Results - 2/20/2014
From Manchester, England
Report by: Alex Barie of

A Nelson Frazier Jr. graphic is shown. May he rest in peace.

A video package plays showing Gunner winning the TNA World Championship briefcase from Feast or Fired. It then shows Magnus rising up to the top and becoming champion. Gunner is here because this is what he lives for. He isn't Magnus and doesn't want to be treated as him. He wants the title and the winner of tonight's bout will fight Samoa Joe at Lockdown.

Magnus, Dixie Carter, Rockstar Spud, and Ethan Carter III are backstage. Magnus asks Dixie if it is a done deal. Dixie says everything is done but starts telling Magnus that he is champion and doesn't need anyone. Magnus says if the company is going down then he isn't going down with the guy. Spud is with him but Ethan doesn't say anything. Magnus tells him out it is and then he and Ethan shakes hands. Dixie tells them to go and they leave the area.

Magnus and Dixie walk out on the stage as Magnus' music plays. Both come down the ramp and get in the ring. Magnus grabs a mic and says he is going to cut right to the chase. He tells MVP to come out as he has to make an announcement. He then tells the audience to sit down and be quiet as he needs to tell MVP something very important. The lights go out and MVP's music hits. He comes out on the stage and then walks down the ramp wearing his suit. MVP gets in the ring. Magnus tells MVP that he has to explain something to him. He tells MVP that his name is Magnus and he is his World Champion and he is not impressed with his glorified criminal conduct and his 9 years in jail. If he ever gets in the ring against Magnus 9 years would be nothing compared to 9 minutes against him. Before Magnus' tells MVP what he needs to tell him, the crowd chants, "Paper Champion!" Magnus says if MVP steps out of line, he doesn't care how much money he has, he will make an example out of him. MVP gets on the mic and says he knows he is champion as he tells everyone he is champion who really doesn't care about what he is. The champion shouldn't be doing that. People should look at him and say he is champion. MVP says they can exchange vocal blows all night, but he wants an answer to Lethal Lockdown - Winner gets control of TNA. Yes or no? Magnus tells the fans to be quiet as they chant "Yes"! Magnus says, "It is with great pleasure on behalf of TNA President Dixie Carter, we accept!" MVP says Dixie will be President for now. Magnus goes on to say that he won't be Team Captain in that match as he has to defend the title at Lockdown against Samoa Joe as he will beat Gunner tonight. MVP says he shouldn't look past Gunner. He is a bad@ss. Magnus says he is a bad@ss. He doesn't care if someone is a war hero or a cheep 50 cent knockoff. Magnus will make MVP his b%tch. MVP told Magnus not to say it. He then punches Magnus right in the face. Magnus goes in the corner. MVP continues the attack with punches to the face and then kicks in the gut. Ethan Carter III runs down the ramp and gets in the ring. He goes after MVP. He and Magnus gain up on him. The camera shows that Spud and an official are holding The Wolves back. The Wolves fight them down and then run. Gunner's music plays and he runs down. He helps MVP as Ethan and Magnus leave. Just then, The Wolves come out on the ramp. Magnus looks behind and then pushes Ethan to The Wolves as he runs away. Edwards grabs Ethan from behind and Richards does a spin kick to Ethan right in the gut.

A video plays showcasing Magnus going after the TNA World Championship and then defending it. It also shows Bobby Roode helping Magnus up. The agreement between him and Dixie is that if he helps then he will get a World Championship shot. Dixie gives Roode to Joe and the winner will get a title shot. Roode lost. Roode still wants his championship shot. He really needs to think about where he is at right now and then Dixie tells guards to take him away.

Bobby Roode enters the arena and the camera man asks Roode about tonight. Roode says whatever he announces tonight he will go out and announce it to the world. Roode walks away.


Ethan Carter III is furious as he smashes doors open. He goes in the locker room and Magnus is in there getting ready. Ethan asks what that was about. He thrown him to The Wolves. Magnus stands up and he did it in best interest of his and Aunt D. Ethan says he's got it. He tells Magnus good luck and he's got it. Ethan goes right out of the room as he holds his gut.

Samoa Joe is in the ring. He has a mic. He says at Lockdown he will face the winner of Magnus/Gunner's match tonight. That left his dance card empty tonight, but he will change that. He didn't come here to watch a match... he came here to get into a fight. So, let's break it down... any residence of Dixieland in the back who wants to fight can come out! BOOM! The Bro Mans' music plays. They come out as well as Zema Ion. They come down the ramp. Each get on the apron and then get in the ring. Joe gets back on the mic and says which one of you will it be? Well, how about all three! Joe throws the mic to Ion and he goes right after Robbie.

Samoa Joe vs. The Bro Mans and Zema Ion

Joe whips Robbie in the ropes and slams hi down on the mat. He then goes after Jessie and takes him down. He goes after Ion and whips him in the corner but Ion climbs the corner and goes for a moonsault but Joe moves. Joe brings Ion to the corner but The Bro Mans continue the fight. They hold him and Ion kicks him in the gut. He then does a dropkick and Joe goes down. They continue the attack. They have Joe down and they jump off the corners and land on Joe. Ion does a huge moonsault. They take Joe to the corner face first and smash his face in. Ion goes to the corner and goes for a dropkick but Joe moves out of the way as Joe pushes Jessie and Robbie away. Jessie and Robbie grabs both of them and he does a Russian leg sweep and a DDT at once. They slides out of the ring. Joe runs and does a huge suicide dive to both. He gets in the ring and goes to Ion. He lifts him up for the Muscle Buster but Ion rakes his eyes. Ion goes for a DDT but Joe pushes him away. He goes for the Muscle Buster again and hits it. He does a Rear Naked Choke and Ion taps. Winner: Samoa Joe

Christy Hemme is backstage asking a producer about her battery pack as she thinks the battery is dead. The guy gives her a new one and makes a joke and she laughs. She walks away. Samuel Shaw was walking in the background and stops. He goes up to the guy and chokes him from behind. He then takes him over to the cargo boxes and smashes him face first into them and then slams his head into the truck doors. Shaw walks back over to the table and grabs the battery pack Christy had and starts caressing it.


Bobby Roode is sitting backstage beside James Storm. Roode thanks James. James asks for what. Roode says they have been part of this business for awhile but sometimes it feels like this business rips the heart out of you. Roode says he couldn't trust anyone when he first started in the company. He started to travel and change alone because he couldn't relate to anyone. James doesn't know what he is saying. Roode says they have a huge history, but they had something special with Beer Money. At the end of the day, James was the only guy who he trusted. Storm laughs and says he must be drinking because the beer is stronger in the UK. If he thinks Roode is going to do what he is going to do then he ether not be. James says they slap people in the face if they get in their way and they keep going. That is what the business is about. Roode and Storm stand and they hug.

MVP is on his phone. Austin Aries knocks on the door and enters. MVP shakes his hand and they both sit. Aries sits on Dixie's side. He moves the flower over to MVP's side as he puts his title on the table. MVP asks about Aries for Lethal Lockdown and says he can be the anchor. Aries says he doesn't want to be the anchor but the difference maker. MVP says he wants to make this company better and Austin can trust him. Aries says he is a straight shooter, as well as Aries, so he will definitely think about it. They stand and shake hands again. Aries tells him he has a nice office and leaves.

A video package plays showcasing the Maximum Impact tour and what the superstars and employees of TNA have been through. They are tired and exhausted but they love it. As the tour continued, tension between Madison Rayne and Gail Kim escalated and they fought backstage at an event. Guards came and ripped them apart.

Music plays and here comes Madison Rayne. She comes down the ramp as she has the Knockouts Title across her shoulder. She then grabs a weapon that is in a trash can and brings it in the ring.


Gail Kim and Lei'D Tapa come out. Gail Kim turns around and taunts but Madison Rayne runs up and hits her in the back with a lunch tray. She brings her down and gets her in the ring.

Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim in a Street Fight

Madison continues the attack but Gail gets up to her knees but Rayne smashes her in the face with a dropkick. She covers but Gail kicks out. Rayne puts a lunch tray in the corner and goes to smash Gail's head in it but Gail stops and goes after Madison. She grabs a kendo stick and chokes her with it. Gail then taunts. She bounces off the ropes and smashes Rayne in the head with it. She goes for a sharpshooter but Rayne pushes Gail away and she goes face first into the lunch tray in the corner. Rayne then kicks her and Gail flips through the ropes. Tapa grabs the tray and slams it against the apron. Rayne gets on the apron and jumps but Tapa grabs and and spins her but Rayne hits Gail with her feet as Tapa spins her. She then applies a choke hold but Tapa rams her back first into the apron. Gail get up and wraps Madison's legs around the steel post and does a sharpshooter. She let's go and grabs a chair. She goes to swing it but Rayne moves her leg and then kicks the chair which goes right into Gail's face. Rayne brings Gail in the corner.

Rayne runs as Gail stands and does a spear. Rayne stands but Tapa gets in the ring. Just then Rayne hits her in the gut with a lunch tray. She then grabs a kendo stick and ducks a closeline from Tapa and hits her with it in the back. Tapa starts to get mad. She then grabs a chair but Gail grabs the Knockouts Title and hits Rayne in the back of the head with it. She falls. Gail covers and wins. We see she is bleeding from the nose. Tapa grabs her and carries her off. Winner: Gail Kim


Christy Hemme is backstage with Mr. Anderson. He is showing her pictures of his newly born twins. Just then Samuel Shaw comes around the corner and sees her interacting with him. He stares and then turns away slowly and walks away.

A video package plays showcasing Gunner and his childhood. He wanted to be a wrestler when he was a kid. He always wrestled in his house. Once he graduated high school he wanted to join The Marines. He served this country. He got through the training. He knew if he got through that he could get through anything. However, he always wanted to be a wrestler. He could still be in The Marines but he wanted to achieve his dreams. He wouldn't be happy if he wasn't going for his dream. His mom is shown saying it was hard seeing him wrestling and not getting paid and losing money. Gunner says it takes work to get where they want to go. His wife is shown and she says the day he signed with TNA she was very happy as he was going after this dream. His dad starts to cry as his dad couldn't see him accomplish anything but he is seeing his son accomplish a lot. Gunner says he didn't want to be a rich man, but wanted to be champion and be known as the best.

Gunner is backstage. He is getting ready. Just then, James Storm meets up with him and asks if he has a minutes. He does and he follows Storm into a room.

Bobby Roode is walking backstage. He will be coming out next.


Video plays showing Ethan Carter III destroying Kurt Angle's knee 2 weeks ago. Kurt, injured or not, will be inducted into the Hall of Fame next week.

Ethan Carter III opens a door to a camera man. The camera man asks if he can expand on his attack on Kurt two weeks ago. Ethan says he thinks Kurt is one of the best ever but allows Kurt to "break the news" next week at his ceremony. The guy asks about the news and Ethan says "patience is a virtue". Ethan closes the door. The door has "Dixie" on it.

James Storm and Gunner are backstage. James says he remembers going for the World Championship and it's wild. He says Gunner deserves it. Gunner says his is what he always wanted. This is for being in the Marine Corp and for everyone who he was with back then and who has fallen. James says that is what he likes about him as he thinks of others but he has to think about himself and winning the championship. James says when he sees him holding the title he may start to cry. Gunner says he has something for James and he gives him the Tag Team Title briefcase. James asks if he just gave it to him so he doesn't have to carry it in the airport anymore. Gunner says that is part of it but he wants him to have it. James and Gunner shake hands.

Bobby Roode's music hits and he slowly walks down the ramp. He gets in the ring. Roode grabs a mic and says for the last 11 years Roode was proud to call Impact Wrestling his home. As small children we all have dreams to become something big and do something with our lives. In the past 17 years Roode has lived his dream to be a professional wrestler. To put on a pair of boots, walk down the aisle, and perform for the fans like all of them! (The crowd cheers). Roode goes on and says that there was a lot of things in his career that he is not proud of. He thought he was a ruthless guy here but you should see him backstage. He ruined friendship and alliances. All he can do is change his future. That is why Roode is here tonight. Tonight is his last night as a professional wrestler. The crowd chants "No, no, no, no"! He can't do it anymore. The last several months he looked in the mirror and seen hate. He hates himself. The last several weeks he walked in Dixie's office and listened to her crap. He has to walk away. He can't be here anymore. He's sorry. Before he goes, he wants to do something he has never done ever before in his career. He wants to thank all of the fans. "Thank you!" Roode goes to exit the ring but music plays and here comes Dixie. She has a mic and tells them to cut his music. Dixie tells Roode that he can't decide when to leave. He has a TNA Wrestling contract and she is the one who can say when he can leave.

Roode says he can't do this anymore. He doesn't want to be here anymore. Dixie is in the ring and brings up AJ, Sting, and Hardy. He didn't want any of them in her company. He wants Roode though. Roode asks her if she needs him? For what? Just to use him again? Dixie says she will do something for the first time and says, "I'm sorry." She has been going through a lot. Roode says he doesn't want to be here anymore. Dixie says Lockdown is the most important night in company history. More so, it is the most important night in her career. She needs a captain for her Lethal Lockdown team. Roode asks if she is really asking him to be the captain? What has she done for him? Dixie says she needs a captain and needs her team to win this match. She is willing to give 10.... 10% ownership of TNA. That is how important this is. Roode wants to make sure that she wants him as captain and if his team wins then they will be business partners? Dixie says he will be part owner. She says his lawyers can make the contract. Roode starts to throw it out the window but Dixie says it will happen and it will be in front of a judge with her hand on the bible and everything. Roode asks if he wins then he becomes an owner. She says yes. Roode looks around and then says, "You have a deal." They shake hands. Roode then says that if Dixie thinks for one second to screw him over then Roode will make the purpose for the rest of his career to destroy hers.

Jeremy Borash is backstage. He introduces Bad Bones as he is the Gut Check winner beating over 200 wrestlers. Bad Bones introduces himself and, out of nowhere, Samuel Shaw runs and attacks Mr. Anderson and Christy Hemme. Anderson goes right into the steel truck doors and falls. Shaw continues to beat him up and then goes over to Christy. He picks her up and takes her away.


Bad Influence is backstage and Roode is by them. Daniels starts to freak out and says they can team up and really destroy Team MVP and they can be the starts of the show and do what they want. Daniels wants to have them rejoin together but Roode says this his huge for them and if they want to be part of it then they have to prove themselves.

The Wolves come out and get in the ring. Bad Influence come out and Daniels and Kazarian dance their way down the ramp and into the ring.

The Wolves vs. Bad Influence

Kazarian and Richards starts the match. They work back and forth with multiple holds and reversals. They get up at the end and look at each other and around at the crowd. Kaz goes after him and brings him to the corner and tags Daniels. He gets in and whips Richards in the ropes. He knocks him down and then goes for a taunt but Richards gets up and goes after Daniels. He tags Edwards. He enters and they do a double team to Daniels. They then go after Kaz. They continue to go after Daniels. Richards goes to the top rope but Kaz stops him. Richards right Kaz off but Daniels knocks Richards off. Kaz works him on the outside and then brings him in. Daniels tags Kaz. Kaz continues the attack and goes for a cover but Richards kicks out. Daniels tags and he grabs Richards in the corner and does a huge stomp on him. He then goes to Edwards and knocks him off the apron. Influence continue to work on Richards but Richards fights back and kicks them in the head. He tags Edwards. Edwards come in and knocks both of them down. Daniels whips Edwards in the ropes but Kaz is there and Edwards kicks him in the face and it knocks him down.

Edwards takes him to the corner and does many chops and then whips him in the opposing corner and does a huge kick to the face and then takes him down. He goes to cover but Kaz breaks it up. Richards breaks it up. Edwards continues the attack on Daniels. He climbs the corner and jumps on Daniels while Richards punts Kaz away. Edwards does another flying move from the corner and then Richards flies for a double foot stomp. A cover and a pin. Winner: The Wolves

Samuel Shaw is backstage carrying Christy Hemme. He puts her on a table. She wake up and asks where Anderson is as he was showing her pictures of his kids. Shaw tells her to calm down and everything is okay. He touches her back and then looks up and sees the camera man. He says, "Hey," and goes after him.


A video plays showcasing Willow. He talks about television and how it is nearing. He then talks about social media and how it is improving everything. "We love, we hate, we die." Willow does a sick laugh and then closes a door to a cabin.

A video shows Magnus and he gives his thoughts about being champion and what it takes to be champion. He talks about rising up and not being a paper champion. He says Gunner is a wrestler while he is an asset.

Magnus is shown walking backstage. We then see Gunner walking backstage. Their match is next.


Gunner comes out first to his entrance music. He has the briefcase in his hand. Magnus comes down next as his music plays. He lifts the TNA World Championship up. He gets in the ring and continues to taunt. Jeremy Borash introduces the match.

Gunner vs. Magnus (c) for the TNA World Championship in a No DQ/No Countout Match

Magnus moves around the ring and then Gunner follows. Magnus exits the ring and walks around. The crowd boos. He then trashes some of the fans and then walks up the steel steps. He gets back in the ring. He moves around the ring. Gunner does as well. They lock-up and Gunner goes behind Magnus. Magnus releases the hold and works on the arm. Gunner changes it and works on the arm of Magnus. He twists it. Magnus rolls through and then changes it around and works on the arm of Gunner. Magnus then switches it up for a headlock. Gunner tires to push him but Magnus holds on. Gunner lifts him up for a suplex but Magnus continues the headlock hold. Gunner gets to his feet and goes to whip Magnus but Magnus rolls through but comes back as he grabs on the hair of Gunner. The headlock is back. Gunner goes to lift him up but Magnus rolls through as the headlock continues. Gunner rolls back to have Magnus' shoulders down but Magnus lifts them up. Gunner gets up as Magnus continues the lock. Gunner sends Magnus in the ropes and knocks Gunner down. Magnus goes in the ropes but this time Gunner knocks him down. He puts him in the corner and attacks him. He puts him in another corner and strikes him. He whips him again and goes after Magnus with a smash but Magnus kicks him in the face. Gunner turns around and Magnus runs and knees him in the back. Gunner goes through the ropes. Magnus then calls for backup. However, The Wolves and James Storm come out instead. Magnus doesn't look so confident now.


Magnus goes for a suplex on Gunner but Gunner blocks it and hits a suplex himself. Both get up and Gunner runs to Magnus but Magnus does a drop toe hold and then applies a camel clutch. Gunner is trying to get out of it. He starts to gain strength. He lifts Magnus up on his back and then rams him back first in the corner. Gunner runs in the ropes but Magnus ducks and applies a sleeper hold. Gunner spins around and hits Magnus with a back suplex. Both are down. The referee counts. Both slowly get up and Magnus punches him in the face. Gunner punches back. They go back and forth but Gunner gets the best of him and goes in the ropes. Magnus hits Gunner with a knee to the gut and he spins over. Gunner gets up and Magnus does a powerslam. He goes to the apron and then climbs the corner. He jumps and does the flying elbow. He covers but Gunner kicks out. Magnus exits the ring and then grabs his TNA World Championship. He brings it in the ring. Gunner slowly gets up as he uses the ropes to do so. Magnus goes to hit him but he tosses the title and Gunner ducks. Gunner punches him back. He goes in the ropes as well as Magnus and they bot hit the cross body move. Just then, Ethan Carter III and The Bro Mans come out and they go after Storm and Wolves. They fight in the ring and then exit and fight up the ramp. In the ring, Gunner lifts Magnus up and does a huge power bomb. Gunner goes to the apron and climbs the ropes. He flies and does a diving headbutt. He covers but Rockstar Spud is at ringside and puts Magnus' leg on the ropes. The referee sees it and stops counting. Just then, Gunner goes out and goes to Spud. Spud puts the title on the apron and then gets in the ring. Gunner follows him. Magnus grabs the title. The referee gets Spud out of the ring while Gunner turns and Magnus hits him with the title in the head.

Magnus covers but Gunner kicks out at two. Just then, James Storm runs out and Spud runs around the ring. Magnus gets Gunner up and smashes his head in the corner but that doesn't fade Gunner. He hits his own head in the corner multiple times and it gets him fired up. He then goes after Magnus with lots of shots and then a running knee into the chest when Magnus gets in the corner. He does a suplex and then does a huge slam. Gunner climbs the corner. Spud gets in and says, "Don't you dare." Storm enters the ring and grabs Spud and tosses him out. James tells him to jump. Gunner jumps but Storm does a huge Last Call Superkick. Gunner is down and out. Storm looks down at him. He slowly walks away. Magnus crawls over and covers. Winner and Still TNA World Champion: Magnus

Magnus exits the ring and grabs his title as Spud celebrates beside him. They walk up the ramp. Storm gets up after squatting and stands over Gunner. The show fades.

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