Impact Wrestling Results (5/8/15) - Bully Ray Returns, Angle Retains


TNA Impact Wrestling Results (5/8/15)
Friday, May 8, 2015
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by Dash Manning of

Impact Wrestling opens with Eric Young in the ring demanding to know who the special referee for the main event tonight is.. and out comes the returning Bully Ray! The crowd chanted "welcome back" for Bully, who responded with his "do you know who I am?" line. Finishing by announcing himself as the referee for tonight's World Title match.

After a video package recapped the last couple weeks on Impact, and the upcoming action for tonight's show. EC3 makes his way to the ring along with Tyrus. EC3 mentions his EC3 for champ campaign, and brings up the fan vote stipulations for his match against Mr. Anderson, an arm wrestling match or falls count anywhere. Anderson comes out and shows the results of the fan vote, with falls count anywhere winning with 85% of the vote.

Falls Count Anywhere
EC3 vs. Mr. Anderson

The match begins with Anderson clearing the ring of both EC3 and Tyrus. After a Mic Check to the ring post on Tyrus, EC3 is left alone in the ring looking quite scared. EC3 tries to run but is caught by Anderson on the outside and dropped with a low blow. Anderson grabs around 7 chairs from under the ring and performs a rolling senton to EC3 on the pile of chairs. Once EC3 and Anderson are back in the ring, Tyrus enters and begins to take out Anderson. After what looked like a spike to the throat by Tyrus, EC3 pins Anderson to steal the victory.

Winner: Ethan Carter 3

Before the commercial break, Kurt Angle is shown backstage with Bully Ray. Kurt welcomes him back and asks if he will be calling the match down the middle tonight. Bully just responds with "do you know who I am?", and walks off.


Back from the break, Gail Kim is shown backstage asking Awesome Kong if she is in with her to face off against the Dollhouse tonight, but a silent Kong walks away. The Beat Down Clan makes their way down to the ring in masks. MVP grabs a mic and explains Homicide's absence by blaming The Rising as a possible source. MVP then begins to say that they are wrongly looked down on and called 'thugs' for taking whatever they wanted. MVP calls out The Rising and says it's time for a beat down. The Rising comes out, and Drew Galloway tells the BDC that the Rising had nothing to do with taking out Homicide. MVP says he doesn't care about the wrestling business, internet handles, Drew Galloway's 'little movement'; MVP just wants the gold, money and power. He then invites the Rising to enter the ring, which the do, and a brawl breaks out between the two factions. The Rising clears the ring of the BDC as we go to break.


MVP vs. Drew Galloway

The leaders of the two groups are in the ring for their singles match, trading hard strikes and pin attempts. The match spills to ringside and MVP drops Galloway onto the apron, and then swings him shoulder first into the guardrail. MVP rolls Galloway back into the ring and goes for three quick pin attempts, all ending in one counts. after some back and forth and counters by both men, Galloway hits MVP with the future shock DDT to score the quick win.

Winner: Drew Galloway

After the match, Eric Young runs down and attacks Galloway from behind with a chair. The BDC enters the ring to help EY take out the rest of The Rising, leaving the heels standing tall with or without the victory. James Storm is shown entering the back of the arena talking about having many presents for everybody tonight.


James Storm makes his way down to the ring carrying a large wrapped present. Storm says he wants to bring out his good friend Mickie James, and she makes her entrance to join him in the ring. Storm talks about Mickie making the transition from wrestling full time to being a mother full time. Storm mentions Mickie's wrestling career, and singing career; then turns to the present and brings it over to Mickie to open. Mickie opens up the box to reveal a custom acoustic Mickie James guitar. After celebrations, thank yous and even selfies, Magnus quietly walks down to the ring. Storm brings out an old gladiator helmet and tries to have fun with Magnus, who is having none of it. Magnus leads Mickie back up the ramp, as Storm makes a comment about their son that crosses the line for Magnus. Magnus turns and walks back down to the ring, and smashes the custom guitar over Storm's head.


Impact returns with EY and the BDC backstage, with MVP asking what it is EY wants. Eric says all he wants is the world title back. EY says how they are not friends, but they are good business partners, and the BDC will be champ again if EY is champ again. Josh Matthews leads us into a video package about Gail Kim and her husband during one of his shows. After the show, Kim and Jeremy Borash see Taryn Terrell backstage leading to an argument before Taryn walks off. Back in the Impact Zone, The Dollhouse makes their way to the ring for their handicap match.

Gail Kim and Awesome Kong vs. The Dollhouse (Taryn Terrell, Jade and Marti)

Kim and Jade begin the match as the Dollhouse tries to use distractions to their advantage, which eventually leads to Kong and Kim knocking the Dollhouse to the outside. Jade and Marti exchange quick tags to ground Kim and prevent Kong from entering the match. The Dollhouse was in control of the match until Marti got in Kong's face and was knocked down. Kong and Terrell tag in and Kong begins to beat down on the knockouts champ until Jade and Marti come in for the save. Kong easily handles the two, and Kim flies in with a missile dropkick to take out Terrell for a near fall. Kong hits the Implant Buster on Jade, and while Kim sets Marti up for Eat Defeat, Terrell slides in with a school boy on Kim for the three count and to steal the victory.

Winner: The Dollhouse (Jade, Marti and Taryn Terrell)

After the match Marti is left in the ring between Kong and Kim, who trade finishers on the lone Dollhouse member. A video airs recapping the Hardy's TNA Tag Title victory, and then Josh Matthews mentions the leg injury caused by a dirt biking accident to Jeff Hardy. Matt Hardy is shown backstage with both tag titles as we head to another break.


Mickie James and Magnus were seen backstage discussing the actions earlier tonight, between them and James Storm. Magnus says he doesn't trust Storm, and that Storm disrespected him. Mickie responds by saying Magnus disrespected her, and walks off leaving Magnus obviously angry.

Matt Hardy makes his way to the ring and talks with Jeremy Borash about Jeff's injury, and their monumental tag title win. Matt talks about Jeff being an enigma both inside and outside the ring, which unfortunately led to his leg injury. Matt says that since there is no timetable on Jeff's return, the decision is out of their hands and they have to vacate the Tag Team Championships. As Matt makes his way up the ramp, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode make their way down to the ring. Aries addresses Eric Young's recent attack on him the previous week, then mentions the now vacated tag titles. Roode grabs the mic and talks about how the tag titles deserve to be worn by the best team in the world, and not forfeited every week. Davey Richards comes down to the ring and claims the Wolves to be the best tag team, not them. Aries questions where the rest of Richards' tag team was, which leads to the returning Eddie Edwards! Edwards claims his ankle is much better and he is cleared to wrestle again. The four men respectfully agree upon a tag team best of five series for the tag team titles.


Back from the break, Angelina Love is in the room with a mic and begins to talk about how she is the greatest knockout ever and the only beautiful person. She is interrupted by commotion in the crowd, and a returning Velvet Sky is shown out in the crowd. Sky enters the ring with a new look as Angelina tries to buddy up to Sky. After much silence from Sky, and shouting from Love asking what was going on, Sky tackles Angelina and begins to beat on her until security comes in to break it up. A video airs hyping the main event match for after the break, and EY is shown confronting Bully Ray backstage. EY asks if Bully is just going to screw him like everybody else, but Bully explains he is only there to ref a match.


The main event is next, and special referee Bully Ray makes his way down to the ring. Next comes Eric Young, followed by the World Champ Kurt Angle.

TNA Championship Match
Kurt Angle (c) vs. Eric Young

The two lock up and exchange choke holds and wrestling moves with momentum shifting back and forth. EY takes control with a bunch of hard strikes and headbutts, until Angle catches EY on the top rope with a suplex. EY rolls to the outside and the BDC makes their way out to the stage. Back in the ring, EY continues his hard strikes with some knees to the back of a grounded Angle, leading us into a commercial break.


Back from break, Bully Ray yells to a now ringside BDC that he will throw them out of the arena if they get involved. EY continues pressure on Angle's neck with many different headlocks, as Josh Matthews mentions Young's stretcher match victory the previous week. EY and Angle begin the trade rights and lefts until Angle gets the upper hand, leading to multiple german suplexes. Angle goes for the Olympic Slam but is countered by EY, who is then placed in the Ankle Lock. EY rolls up which knocks Angle outside of the ring over by the BDC. As Bully is checking that there is no interference, EY hits him with a low blow. With the ref now down, the BDC attacks Angle, throwing him into the ring post and trading shots on him. Chris Melendez runs down to try and stop the BDC but is outnumbered, until The Rising comes down for the save and rids the arena of the extra wrestlers. EY tries to set up Bully for the piledriver but is countered. Angle hits the Olympic Slam but EY kicks out at two. Angle goes for another slam but is countered into a piledriver by EY, prompting another near fall at a long two. EY goes to the top rope to drop the elbow, but goes for the crossbody on a standing Angle. Angle rolls through the dive and locks EY back into the Ankle Lock, grapevining the leg. EY tries to fight but eventually taps to the hold, helping Angle retain the World Title.

Winner: and STILL TNA Champion, Kurt Angle

The show closes with Eric Young down in the ring holding his ankle, and Bully Ray raising Kurt Angles hand at the top of the stage.

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