Impact Wrestling Results (5/29/15) - EY Quits, Angle Retains


TNA Impact Wrestling Results (5/29/15)
Friday, May 29, 2015
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by Dash Manning of

Impact Wrestling begins with Eric Young driving up to the arena to find Kurt Angle outside waiting for him. EY stops the car and goes to get out but is attacked by Angle. They brawl in the street until security comes to break them up. Back in the Impactzone, Gail Kim makes her entrance for the six sides of steel match for the Knockouts Title. Out next comes Taryn Terrell accompanied by the Dollhouse.

Knockouts Championship Match: Steel Cage
Taryn Terrell (c) vs. Gail Kim

Gail comes out of the gate aggressive and taking the fight to Terrell. Jade tries to help by reaching through the camera hole, which causes enough distraction for Terrell to take the advantage. Gail counters a cutter and starts to slowly regain some offense. Gail performs a crossbody for only a two count. After that, Gail goes to climb up the cage and escape, but the Dollhouse climbs up from the outside and pushes Gail back down to the ring. Once Gail is back up, Terrell hits her with the cutter and scores the victory to retain.

Winner and STILL Knockouts Champion, Taryn Terrell

After the match, Terrell clotheslines Earl Hebner and shuts the cage again with the Dollhouse and Gail inside. Out comes Awesome Kong and the Dollhouse frantically try to lock Kong out of the cage. Kong watches from outside the cage as Jade and Marti beat up Gail. Terrell then removes the wedding ring of Gail, and attempts to break Kim's hand by stomping on it.


AL Snow and Josh Matthews recap what has been going on between James Storm, Magnus and Mickie James. Mickie comes down to the ring and says yes she will wrestle one more match, and she can't wait for that match. But that's not why she is out here. James Storm comes out and joins Mickie in the ring, and Mickie says she wants to personally apologize for what Magnus did with the guitar. James Storm tries to say that Magnus could just be jealous of him, but Mickie says Magnus was just trying to protect them and their family. Storm begins to say that he has talked with some country music stars and even Billy Corgan in the back, and they want to help Mickie and her career; as Storm leaves, Mickie says she'll meet with them in Nashville.


As we return from break, Angle and EY have been separated into two different rooms. Angle shuts his room's blinds, whereas EY headbutts his window open.

X Division Title Gauntet Match

Manik and Rockstar Spud begin the match, as Manik gets the upperhand on the smaller Spud. Next in is DJ Z. Spud and DJ Z begin to team up to take down Manik, but they can't eliminate him. Next in is Mandrews. Spud and Mandrews double team Manik leading to a standing corkscrew, but Spud is unable to eliminate Manik. Out next is Argos from AAA Mexico. Mandrews goes for the shooting star on Manik but is countered and then eliminated by Manik. Next out, Crazy Steve.


During the break, Tigre Uno was eliminated; and out last comes Kenny King. King comes in and begins to clean house, and then eliminates Crazy Steve and Argos. DJ Z hits King with a vicious facebuster, but is eliminated by King when he tries to eliminate the champ. Manik and King then team up against Spud, but when things break down Spud pulls down the top rope as King throws Manik out and eliminates him. Now it is a one on one match between Spud and King. After beating up on Spud, King goes for his finisher but is countered into the roll up by Spud; who gets the pin, the win and the title.

Winner and NEW X Division Champion, Rockstar Spud


Match 2 in Best of 5 Series for TNA Tag Titles
The Wolves vs. The Dirty Heels

The dirty heels start the match with Aries diving on Aries, leading to Richards diving out onto Aries. Roode begins to get double teamed in the ring by both Wolves as Aries regroups on the outside. Things settle down and Aries and Richards begin the match in the ring. The dirty heels come out on fire, looking to make up for their loss in the first match; grounding Edwards for a while until he is able to score a couple counters and tags in Richards. The wolves return the favor and ground Roode with some double teams moves and then a reverse figure four by Richards. Richards hits a german suplex as Edwards rolls Roode up for the pin, but Aries jumps off the top rope to break up the near fall. Aries tags in and brings the fight to the wolves, even hitting a double neckbreaker on both wolves on the ropes. Aries gets Richards into the last chancery as Roode locks the crossface on Edwards. Richards blocks the brainbuster and the wolves hit a superkick and driver combo, but Aries kicks out at a long two count. Roode slingshots Aries into the corner to dropkick Richards, who walks into a spinebuster by Roode. Aries then hits Richards with a 450 Splash, but Edwards just saves his partner. Roode gets thrown to the outside and the wolves hit their powerbomb back breaker combo to score the pin and the win. Amazing match, too many highlights to include them all.

Winners The Wolves (lead series 2-0)

Angelina Love is shown backstage and is asked about the return of Velvet Sky. Love says she will deal with that problem in the ring.


King is shown backstage trying to reach MVP on the phone, but is unable to reach him. Angelina Love makes her way to the Impactzone; as Velvet Sky is shown with the fans at ringside. Love says she has brought some friends with her, and brings out her own personal security. Love antagonizes Sky telling her she doesn't work here and can't touch her; but Sky jumps the railing and begins to attack Love. Eventually the security separates the two and escorts Sky out in handcuffs. Mr. Anderson is shown backstage and he reveals his 'new home' for Tyrus, a steel cage the size of a phone booth.


Mr. Anderson vs. EC3

Tyrus will not willingly go into the cage, so Anderson hops out to try and throw him in himself; but EC3 comes for the save and the numbers game catches up with Anderson. After EC3 has control of the match, Anderson ends up throwing EC3 out of the ring and into Tyrus, taking both men out. With this opportunity Anderson attacks Tyrus and ends up locking him in the cage at ringside. With a now rattled EC3, Anderson begins to take advantage and control of the match until he goes to the top rope. EC3 knocks Anderson of the ropes and grounds Anderson. EC3 performs a stinger splash into the corner and then goes for his finisher, but is countered by Anderson. Anderson hits a rolling senton and then a swanton from the top rope. This sets things up for the Mic Check, but EC3 kicks out just before the three. Anderson goes for another Mic Check but is countered by EC3 into the One Percenter, for the pin and the win.

Winner Ethan Carter 3

After the match, Anderson extends his hand to EC3 for a handshake, but EC3 rejects it and walks back up the ramp.


Back from the break, Spud is shown backstage with his new X Division champion, and he is reminded about Destination X and Option C. Spud says he wasn't thinking about that, and he will have some thinking to do. Now time for the main event. Eric Young makes his way to the ring flanked by TNA security. Out next, the champion Kurt Angle, also with security.

TNA Championship "I Quit" Match
Kurt Angle (c) vs. Eric Young

The match begins as Angle attacks EY during the introductions, and quickly moves to ringside. Back in the ring, both men trade rights and lefts and chops to the chest. Angle then hits EY with 5 german suplexes, but EY won't quit. Angle picks up EY and hits another 5 germans, but still EY won't quit the match.


Back from the break, EY hits Angle with his protective break and locks Angle into the figure four. Angle says twice that he won't quit, and throw rolls the move over to apply the pressure on EY. EY breaks the hold and locks Angle in the ankle lock. Angle says he won't quit, and reverses the grapevined ankle lock into a figure four of his own. Once the hold is broken, EY fights off Angle and heads to the top rope and dives off, but is countered into another Ankle Lock. EY taps out and Angle breaks the hold, only to realize that's not how he wins the match. Angle then walks into a lowblow, and gets hit with a piledriver from EY. EY asks Angle if he quits, or he will break his neck; but Angle says 'kiss my ass'. EY goes for another piledriver but is countered into the Ankle lock as Angle locks it in by grapevining the legs. After trying to fight off the move, EY reluctantly quits.

Winner and STILL TNA Champion, Kurt Angle

The show ends with Kurt Angle victorious and holding his title in the ring.

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