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Impact Wrestling Results (6/3/15) - Spud Takes Option C & Aries Promises Cash In!

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TNA Impact Wrestling Results (6/3/15)
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Wednesday, June 3, 2015
Report by Jon Edney of

I am delighted to bring to you TNA Impact Wrestling results with my first post here on Wrestling News World!

IMPACT opens with an EC3 video package followed by what looks to be an in-ring opening promo by the number one contender. A barbershop quintet joins EC3 in the ring along with Tyrus who teases some dancing from the former funkasaurus. Angle accepts EC3's celebration and comes down to the ring and spoils the celebration with Rockstar Spud's Option C for a TNA World Heavyweight Championship shot! Finally, someone gets their hands on one of these barbershop guys, as Angle nails an Angle Slam.

Lashely and Eric Young hook it up next!

- Commercial

Lashley vs. Eric Young
Lashley wastes no time taking it to Eric Young on the outside of the ring and continues the beat down in the ring. Amazing vertical suplex by Lashley; this guy is a beast. A nice right hand after a counter on Lashley, and now Young is in control of this match. The powerhouse has been stalled as Young keeps control with the ground game and keeping Lashley off his feet. Young to the top rope....caught! Lashely begins his comeback! Chris Melendez has appeared on stage, allowing Lashley to hit a spear for the 1, 2, 3.

WINNER: Lashley

We cut to Rockstar Spud backstage, obviously emotional over his Option C. What exactly is his plan?

Flashback to last week, with the Dollhouse attack on Gail Kim, followed by a promo highlighting the TNA Knockout's Championship. Like...a match is totally next!

- Commercial

Melendez kicks off the return from the commercial showing how personal his grudge is with Young is. Spud also continues to agonize over his choice later. It's time for Knockouts!

Jade vs. Brooke
We start off hot with a couple quick pin attempts by Brooke that go for two. Marti from the Dollhose has allowed Jade to take complete control of this match. Brooke is able to turn the tables with a second-rope clothesline, but doesn't get far as a kick to the face by Jade puts her back in control. Marti continues to get involved by placing Jade's foot on the rope causing a two count. Brooke fends her off and hits a Tess-Shocker for the three count!

WINNER: Brooke

Jeremy Borash interview's EC3 about Rockstar Spud and Option C, when the interview is cut short with EC3 receives an important phone call. What is EC3 up to, and what does it mean for Option C?

- Commercial

During the commercial break, The Dollhouse jump Rebel after congratulating Brooke leaving her laid out in the back.

Beat Down Clan vs. The Rising
MVP and Eli Drake start things out hot with a fury of punches, with Drake taking control early getting multiple two counts. Kenny King with a hit to the back of Drake changes the tides - BDC is in control. Back and forth lead to Drew Galloway in the ring. The Rising hit a Doomsday Device for the pinfall!

WINNER: The Rising

Rockstar Spud hits the ring when we return to commercial. What has he decided? EC3 also confirms his early phone conversation will change Rockstar Spud's life forever.

- Commercial

We come back to Mickey James in Nashville to an empty meeting room, when James Storm surprises her. What about these people who want to take her career to higher levels?

Jeremy Borash is in the ring with Rockstar Spud, who will decide if he will keep the TNA X-Division Championship, or will he give it up for a shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Spud is working the crowd and getting some decent involvement. 5-time TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle hits the ring to address Rockstar Spud's decision. We're about to hear Spud's decision, and queue EC3's music. EC3 confirms he spoke to Dixie Carter, who has agreed to offer a lifetime contract as the Chief of Staff if he does not cash in on Option C. Spud turns down and offers to go for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship! This resulted in EC3 attacking Spud, causing retaliation by Angle. Will EC3 and Tyrus accept Angle's challenge to face him and Spud tonight?

Austin Aries and Bobby Roode cut a backstage promo about their upcoming tag match, which is next!

- Commercial

We come back to Mickie James and James Storm, with Storm asking Mickie to join him and his revolution. Things are getting awkward.

Dirty Heels vs. The Wolves
Match 3 of the Best of 5 series for the TNA World Tag Team Championship. The Wolves are up 2, so this is a must win match for the Dirty Heels. The Wolves start in control right off the bat and show amazing teamwork and quick tags. The Dirty Heels take control during the commercial break and continue to cut the ring off for the Wolves. Tag is made and Eddie Edwards is in and control is back in the Wolves' hands! After a double suicide dive by the Wolves, they perform an amazing set of tag team moves, yet still can't put Bobby Roode away. Aries and Roode re-take control, with Roode hitting an amazing Arn Anderson-like spinebuster, followed by a 450-splash by Aries - still a two count! Aries throws a chair in the ring and orders Roode to use it. Roode was against it, then used it after a low blow to get a three count. Dirty Heels pick up a win!

WINNER: Dirty Heels

We cut to Micky James and James Storm walking up to a train station, when Storm pushes her off onto the tracks!

- Commercial

We're back from commercial to Madison Rayne in the ring...with a live microphone to call out Velvet Sky, who does come to the ring through the crowd. Rayne slaps Sky, who returns it with a spear, followed by a stunner! Angelina Love comes to the ring with security, who hit the ring and arrest Velvet Sky and take her out of the arena, but not before Love can get a couple of blows in. As Sky gets carried out, security then comes out to arrest Love for assaulting Sky, who is in attendance as a fan. We go to commercial to a cheering crowd.

- Commercial

We're back with Taryn Terrell who hypes her plans to take out Awesome Kong. Now, it's time for the main event!

EC3 & Tyrus vs. Rockstar Spud & Kurt Angle
Rockstar Spud starts out firing, taking it to EC3. A crucial mistake of getting too close to the opponent's corner allow EC3 and Tyrus to take control, and cut off the ring from Kurt Angle. Angle gets the tag and the tides have changed! Angle with a fury of offense sends Tyrus out of the ring. EC3 attempts to jump Angle, but Angle has other plans and slaps on an Ankle Lock on EC3, which has him leave the ring. Angle hits Tyrus with an Angle Slam, and a pinfall by Spud for the victory!

WINNERS: Rockstar Spud & Kurt Angle

Austin Aries inturrupts the celebration and reminds Rockstar Spud that he will have a TNA World Heavyweight Championship match next week at Destination X, and that he will be cashing in after that match for a World Heavyweight Championship match!! Two World Heavyweight Championship matches - who will leave Destination X champion?

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