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Impact Wrestling Results (6/10/15) - Oh It's True; Angle Retains Twice!

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TNA Impact Wrestling Results (6/10/15)
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Wednesday, June 10, 2015
Report by Jon Edney of

It's Destination X! TNA World heavyweight Championship will be on the line when Rockstar Spud takes on Kurt Angle. The winner, will defend the championship against Austin Aries, who has promised to cash in his championship contract briefcase!

We kick off Destination X with the TNA World Heavyweight Championship match between Rockstar Spud and Kurt Angle! Before anyone can be introduced to the ring, EC3 hits the ring and rants on being the number one contender, yet not being in either of the two championship matches tonight. EC3 attempts a sit-down strike but is interrupted by Kurt Angle and EC3 heads to the back room as Spud makes his way to the ring. It's time for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship match!

- Commercial

TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Rockstar Spud vs. Kurt Angle(C)

Angle starts out the match putting on a wrestling clinic. Spud begins to get some offensive momentum going which has Angle sliding outside to regather himself. Spud soon finds himself back on the defensive after a massive belly-to-belly suplex on the outside of the ring! Spud regains control of the match and has Angle on the defensive after some high-risk offense to the outside of the ring. Spud with some great counters hits The Underdog, but gets an extremely long two count! Angle hooks Spud in an Ankle Lock, and despite great effort and courage,Spud has to tap out!

WINNER and STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Kurt Angle

- Commercial

The Dollhouse brings us back to Destination X as Taryn Terrell and puts out the challenge to Awesome Kong, who says she will put the TNA Knockouts Championship on the line only if Kong agrees to a Lingerie Pillow Fight. Will Kong accept to get her hands on the gold?

Low Ki vs. Manik vs. Crazzy Steve
It's time for our first of three X-Division triple threat matches! The offense comes from everywhere to start things off, with Low Ki taking the early control after a kick to Manik on a suicide dive attempt. Our first pinfall attempt of the match comes with an innovated rollup by Manik on Low Ki for a two count! Low Ki takes out both Manik and Crazzy Steve with a dropkick. With Steve on the outside of the ring and Manik down, Low Ki hits Warrior's Wrath on Manik for the three count!


And we're back with Grado backstage trying to prove he is X-Division material. Is he?

We cut over to a review of the recent actions of James Storm with Mickie James. Now, it's time to another triple threat match!

Mandrews vs. DJ Z vs. Tigre Uno
Plenty of action to kick this match off with all three opponents getting some decent offense. After some great high risk moves, Uno begins getting some offense until Mandrews and takes control with a Hurricanrana outside of the ring, which is answered by a Suicide Plancha by DJ Z! DJ Z gets Mandres back in the ring but is shoved off the top rope by Uno. Uno hits a Somersault 450 Splash for the victory!

WINNER: Tigre Uno

Post match, Jesse hits the ring to attack DJ Z in the ring.

Lingerie Pillow Fight Match for the TNA Knockouts Championship - Awesome Kong vs. Taryn Terrell

Taryn Terrell hits the ring hyping the upcoming match, however Awesome Kong comes out in her wrestling gear, which gets the Dollhouse upset. Before the match can even started, Kong takes out Marti and Jade on the outside of the ring and fights to the backstage area. When Terrell asks to be announced the winner, Brooke comes to the ring to confront her "act". After some jawing back and forth, Brooke attacks Terrell in the ring! Brook gets Terrell's robe off and she runs off furious as Brooke puts her championship reign on notice!

Austin Aries and Bobby Roode are seen backstage talking about Aries cashing in his championship shot, and their match against The Wolves.

- Commercial

Kenny King vs. Cruz vs. Grado
King and Cruz start things off hot as Grado hides in the corner. It takes King no time to get Cruz out of the ring and get his hands on Grado. Cruz is back into the ring, though King stays on the offensive. A pin attempt is broken up by Grado. Despite Grado and Cruz having small flashes of offense, King remains in charge of this match. Cruz tries a German Suplex on Grado but isn't able to lift him. Great entertainment by Grado in the next couple of minutes, though King regains control if only for a moment, as Cruz starts to build some momentum! Grado is now in control of this match. After dumping King outside of the ring, he hits a running cannonball into Cruz against the turnbuckle for the three count!


- Commercial

Bram comes to the ring and announces an open challenge to any past TNA superstar...

Bram vs. Crimson
Crimson returns to TNA Impact and is non-stop on Bram! Bram lures Crimson to the outside of the ring and now is in control. Crimson shows a small return of offense, but falls to Bram following The Brighter Side of Suffering.


- Kurt Angle cuts a small promo about his upcoming match with Austin Aries!

- Commercial

TNA World Heavyweight Championship - Austin Aries vs. Kurt Angle (C)
We start out with some a technical clinic as Angle and Aries battle for control, with each man getting some great technical wrestling in. Angle is the first man to get forward momentum on Aries, however Aries' explosiveness proves to be too much for Angle, and the champ is on the defense.

- Commercial

We come back from the commercial break to Austin Aries in complete control of Kurt Angle. Angle counters a suplex and is now back in control, and hit's three German Suplexes! Aries regains control and hits a missile dropkick, yet Angle is able to lock in an Angkle Lock! Aries makes it to the ropes, but Angle hits an Angle Slam! One! Two! And Aries kicks out; the rowd is hot! Austin Aries hits a 450-splash, for a two count! That had to be the closest 3 count I've ever seen! Aries hits a Brainbuster on Angle for a two count as angle BARELY got his leg under the bottom rope! Aries misses a very costly Suicide Dive to the outside of the ring and Angle is in control and hits an Angle Slam, which is countered into a roll up for a two count! Angle quickly locks in an Ankle Lock, grapevines the leg, and that's all she wrote as Aries has to tap out!

WINNER and STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Kurt Angle

After the match, EC3 hits the ring and attacks Angle from behind. He stands over Angle with the TNA World Heavyweight Championship raise above his head. Could we be looking at the future World Heavyweight Champion?

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