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Impact Wrestling Results (6/17/15) - Tyrus the Ref Beater / EC3 Still Undefeated

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TNA Impact Wrestling Results (6/17/15)
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Wednesday, June 17, 2015
Report by Jon Edney of
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We open Impact Wrestling with a Dusty Rhodes tribute! Class act, TNA. Class act.

And here we go, we go into a video package highlighting the TNA World Heavyweight Championship storyline with Rockstar Spud, EC3 and Champion Kurt Angle. Mike Tenay is in the ring for the EC3 and Kurt Angle contract signing! Both Angle and EC3 get to choose each other's opponents for tonight. Angle has chosen Lashley for EC3!

- Commercial

Next week, Low-Ki, Tigre Uno and Grado compete in a triple threat match to crown a new TNA X-Division Champion!

The TNA World Tag Team Championship has been vacant since The Wolves had to vacate them due to injury. We see a video package showing the best of five matches between The Wolves and Dirty Heels. Back to the ring, with The Wolves!

Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards are in the ring, as The Wolves hype up their Best-of-Five series with Dirty Heels, and want match four tonight! Bobby Roode hits the stage to inform everyone that Austin Aries is not in the arena tonight as he is recovering from last week's epic match with Kurt Angle. The Wolves taunt Roode into a singles match against one of The Wolves. Roode agrees as long as the winner gets to choose the stipulation for match four of their series! We have a match, Roode and Edwards, next!

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Bobby Roode vs. Eddie Edwards
With Aries medically out, we've got singles action from The Wolves and Dirty Heels! Edwards takes an early advantage following a suicide dive, and continues to work Roode on the outside as fans begin "Eddie!" chants. Veteran move by Roode after being rolled in the ring to gain some momentum. Edwards is able to regain control and gets the first cover of the match for a two count. Roode regains control and methodically works over Edwards. Roode continues to remain in control and lands a two count on Edwards prior to Edwards hitting an modified dropkick. Both men now duke it out in the middle of the ring with Edwards getting the upper hand following a series of knife edge chops! The "Eddie!" chants pick back up, crowd is loving this match. Edwards counters a Roode Bomb and hits a backpack stunner for a close two count! Roode hits Edwards with a Spinebuster, then spits in the face of Davey Richards! AS Richards tries to get into the ring, Austin Aries hits the ring with a chair. Roode misses the chair shot on Edwards, and Edwards hits a rollup for the win!

Winner via Pinfall: Eddie Edwards

With mic in hand, Davey Richards announces that match four will be a Full Metal Mayhem match!

A video package highlights Lashley, who goes one on one with EC3 tonight.

Jeremy Borash is in the back to interview the opponent to Bram, when he is interrupted by Joseph Park! Falling on hard times a match against Bram could be just what Park needs to jump start his career. Bram vs Park next!

- Commercial

We return to Impact Wrestling with a video promo for Drew Galloway and his #ShowYourImpact movement.

Bram vs. Joseph Park
Park starts the match by trying to bash Bram on the mic, and Bram takes it to Park with a hard right hand. Bram brings a chair in the ring but doesn't get a chance to use it, and neither does Park. Bram continues to beat on Park and brings a table in the ring. Park works over Bram with a Singapore Cain and hit's a chokeslam for a close two-count. In the end, Bram hits a speak through the table in the corner to pick up the win.

Winner via Pinfall: Bram

Taryn Terrell is backstage in the Dollhouse to cut a promo. If Kong & Brooke are able unable to defeat The Dollhouse, neither can challenge for the TNA Knockouts Championship again!

We cut to a mysterious video promo with the catchphrase of "Playtime is Over". Who is the hype about?

- Commercial

The Dollhouse (Marti & Jade) vs. Awesome Kong & Brooke
The match doesn't even get a chance to start and The Dollhouse jump Brooke before Kong can even come to the ring! It's chaos on the outside of the ring as the bell finally sounds the start of the match as Kong & Brooke have control in the ring! The Dollhouse take complete control of Brooke in the ring as she cannot make it to Kong for a tag. A missed moonsalt gives Brooke the change to tag in Kong and the tides have changed! A double suplex attempted by The Dollhouse, but Kong is able to suplex them both! Kong lands a Chokeslam on Marti, then tags in Brooke, who hits an elbow drop off Kong's shoulders for the three count!

Winners via Pinfall: Awesome Kong & Brooke

A video package is shown highlighting the tension between Chris Melendez and Eric Young. Melendez will call out Young when Impact returns!

- Commercial

Christy Hemme is in the ring with Chris Melendez as he talks about what Eric Young has started, and has called out Young! Young comes out acknowledging Melendez's accomplishments in war, and how he doesn't care about them, or Melendez. Looks like we'll have a match next week on Impact Wrestling - Eric Young vs. Chris Melendez!

Tonight's main event, EC3 will take on Kurt Angle's hand-picked opponent, Lashley!

- Commercial

Jesse Godderz vs. DJ Z
DJ Z hits the ring and takes Jesse down with a double-leg takedown and continues the high-speed start! The momentum of the match drastically changes following a countered Hurricanrana into a Powerbomb by Jesse. Jesse makes quick work of DJ Z following a Boston Crab.

Winner via Submission: Jesse Godderz

Jesse cuts a post-match promo against Robbie E, and he is the reason they won their TNA World Tag Team Championships. Jesse picks up DJ Z in a gorilla press slam, but Robbie E hits the ring and is going back and forth with Jesse! Robbie E returns to save DJ Z and stands tall in the ring as Jesse backtracks up the ramp.

We go back two weeks and highlight James Storm and Mickie James, where Storm "accidentally" pushes James off a train platform. Magnus is in the arena and will be in the ring, next!

- Commercial

We return back to Impact Wrestling with Magnus hot on the mic and says he is not leaving the ring until James Storm comes to the ring. Security makes their way to the ring and are about to try and escort Magnus out of the ring, when Storm's music hits. Storm accuses Magnus of being jealous because Mickie James was messing around with him behind Magnus' back. As Magnus tries to make it to Storm, storm brings out a baby stroller and tells Magnus to be careful. Magnus finally breaks through security and gets his hands on Storm. Storm kicks the stroller off the stage...with a baby doll in it. Magnus chases Storm to the backstage area.

We see a video package for the undefeated EC3, who takes on Lashley next!

- Commercial

EC3 vs. Lashley
We start out with EC3 playing the ropes game, as he continues to put himself between the ropes to avoid Lashley's offense. Lashley on the offensive, taking it to EC3 early on and setting the tone. EC3 takes control on the outside of the ring, and continues to set the pace inside the ring. EC3 asks Tyrus to hand him a chair, which is taken away by Earl Hebner. Lashley hits a huge powerslam to almost give EC3 his first loss, but a kickout at two. Lashley misses a spear on EC3 but EC3 moves and Lashley hits the chair, placed in the corner by Tyruss. EC3 with a DDT - Lashley kicks out in two! Lashley inadvertently hits Earl Hebner, sending him out of the ring. Tyrus nails Lashley and another official comes in for a two count. Tyrus takes out the referee! Tyrus drops Lashley again, and another official makes a two count, and is also taken out by Tyrus! Lashley gets a spear on Tyrus, however this allows EC3 to nail Lashley with a One Percenter for the three count!

Winner via Pinfall: EC3

EC3 remains undefeated going into his TNA World Heavyweight Championship match against Kurt Angle. Who will EC3 pick to face Angle next week on Impact? Until then, thank you!

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