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Last week's episode of IMPACT we saw the end of Wrestle House and the crowning of a new world champion in Eric Young. Here is everything advertised for tonight's show 

Preview (via IMPACT) - Last week, Eric Young shocked the world when he defeated Eddie Edwards become the new IMPACT World Champion, albeit not without the help of his hockey mask. Of course, it was all by design according to EY as he orchestrated a plan that would ensure victory. What will happen next now that the IMPACT World Champion is a certified World Class Maniac? Find out when Eric Young kicks off IMPACT! this Tuesday.

Preview (via IMPACT) - We saw a new serious, more focused side of the Rascalz week and it was to their benefit as they scored the huge upset victory over Ace Austin and Madman Fulton. Their performance inspired the reigning IMPACT Tag Team Champions, the MotorCityMachineGuns, to challenge them to a Slammiversary rematch – this time with the gold on the line. Will this new attitude propel Dez and Wentz to their first Tag Team Championship reign since coming to IMPACT Wrestling? Or will Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley continue to prove why they’re one of the greatest tag teams of all time?

Preview (via IMPACT) - EC3 is a master of mind games. After blindsiding Moose and stealing the TNA World Heavyweight Championship from him at Emergence, Moose has been in a frantic search for his most prized possession – but what he uncovered last week would send him into frenzied panic. After EC3 lead Moose to a room riddled with pictures of him during his everyday life, one thing became clear – EC3 was pursuing him. This Tuesday, Moose continues his search as the situation intensifies.

Preview (via IMPACT) - After weaseling his way into Chris Bey and TJP‘s X-Division Championship match at Emergence, Rohit Raju now sits at the top of the division as its champion. Naturally, former champ Chris Bey is owed a rematch against the Desi Hitman but that may not come to terms if TJP has anything to do about it. Last week, TJP confronted Rohit about an X-Division Title shot. Rohit put it simply, if TJP can knock off Bey, then maybe he’s more deserving of the first opportunity. One thing’s for certain, Chris Bey and TJP will stop at nothing to claim what they believe is rightfully theirs.

Preview (via IMPACT) - Last week, the cast of Wrestle House returned to the IMPACT! Zone after John E Bravo and Rosemary got engaged. With that, Kylie Rae is able to refocus on her quest of becoming Knockouts Champion after she won the #1 Contender Knockouts Gauntlet at Slammiversary. Smiley Kylie sent quite the message to the reigning Knockouts champ, DeonnaPurrazzo, when she took out the host of her Black Tie Affair, KimberLee, with a sick superkick. What drama will Madison Rayne and returning co-host Johnny Swinger stir up when they’re joined by Kylie Rae and the mysterious Susie? Find out on Locker Room Talk.

Stay locked into Wrestling News World(@wnwnews) as our very own Teddy Ricketson(@TeddyRicketson) will bring you live coverage of tonight's show.

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