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Last night's episode of Impact Wrestling was a jam packed show. We got a title match, the debut of Wrestle House, and the in-ring debut of The Good Brothers.

If you missed my live coverage of last night's show you can check it out here.

Eddie Edwards vs Trey(Impact World Championship):

This match kicked off the show last night and the action was fast and furious. Trey put up a great fight and came so close to winning the title. In the end Eddie was able to hit The Boston Knee Party for the win and retains his title. After the match Eric Young comes out and sets his sights on Eddie and the world title but says he will do things on his time. Eddie vows to defend the title each and every week. So who is next to challenge for the strap?

Wrestle House:

Last week we were introduced to a new reality show called Wrestle House. This show is about 10 wrestlers who live in a house and fighting for a million dollar grand prize or so they thought. Tommy Dreamer is the host and every problem is settled in the ring. We got two matches from Wrestle House. Acey Romero and Crazzy Steve over who gets to sleep in the ring and Acey picked up the win. Cousin Jake vs Cody Deaner where the loser had to leave the room. They were arguing over who snores in their sleep. Cousin Jake would pick up the win. 

Rohit Raju wants to be the bodyguard for the new X-Division Champion Chris Bey so he goes to TJP and talks him into rejoining the X-Division. TJP nonchalantly agrees to rejoin and he then tells Bey that TJP is coming for his title and says he will be ringside to neutralize Fallah Bahh.

EC3 Promo:

Moose is being interviewed backstage and he is asked about EC3 attacking him last week. Moose ignores the question but Heath shows up and talks his way into a TNA World Heavyweight Championship match and if he wins he earns a contract.

Deonna Purazzo vs Kimber Lee:

This was a great match and one of the better showings for Kimber Lee. We learned that Kylie Rae won't be able to challenge for the Knockouts Championship right away due to her being at Wrestle House. Purrazzo would pick up the win and after the match Jordynne Grace would show up leading to a brawl and Deonna high tailing it up the ramp.

Kaite Forbes Reveals her Photos:

Earlier in the night Katie bumped into Sami and assumed he was flirting with her then she tells RVD who had words with Callihan before coming to the ring. Kaite then reveals her photos but Sami hacked them and put his face on them. Looks like we are getting Sami/RVD feud possibly. I'm not complaining about it cause we could get some great matches but I just hate the storyline.

Medical Update from Rich Swann:

We get a Skype interview with Swann whonis upset about being injured again after being out for 7 months. 

The Good Brothers vs Reno Scum:

This was the main event of the night. The Good Brothers made their in-ring debut in a short but good tag team match. Ace Austin would get involved during the match but The Good Brothers were still able to hit The Magic Killer for the win. After the match The Good Brothers and Ace Austin and Madman Fulton brawled their way outside to close the show.

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