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Last night's episode was another jam packed two hours. Two matches were confirmed for Emergence, Eddie Edwards and Moose defended their titles, and Rich Swann's In-Ring Announcement.

This match opened the show and had so much at staked. Moose's title was on the line as well as an IMPACT contract for Heath. This was a good match and Heath put up a good fight after all he's got kids. In the end Moose would hit a low blow and roll him up for the win. Where does Heath go from hear?

Jimmy Jacobs conducted an in-ring interview with the new Impsct World Tag Team Champions, Motor City Machine Guns. It's been eight years since they have tagged together and they came to IMPACT to push themselves. The North comes out and says they weren't at 100% two weeks ago this leads to them announcing their rematch for Emergence.

This week on Wrestle House. Love is in the air as Cousin Jake and Susie like each other. We got two matches this week as Alisha and Susie defeated Johnny Swinger and Kylie Rae defeated Rosemary. Kylie also found out that they can't leave tell John E Bravo can get the hint Rosemary is giving him. After her match Bravo tells her that he likes her but they can't have a relationship cause of Taya. 

Last week Eddie Edwards began the Weekly World Title Open Challenge and Trey of The Rascalz answered the call but cam up short. This week it was his longtime rival Sami Callihan who answered the challenge. Before the match could begin RVD and Katie Forbes attacked Sami during his entrance. Sami was able to still make it to the ring and put on a great match. In the end Eddie Edwards would hit TWO Boston Knee Parties for the win and retains.

This was a fast paced but short tag match. Bey and Raju looked like they were gonna win the match but in the end TJP locked on the Cross Armbreaker for the submission victory.

This was the main event segment of the night. Rich Swann cut one of if not the best promo of his life. He talked about being on the shelf for 7 months and the doctor telling him he would walk with a limp for the rest of his life. Rich would take that lying down and works his way back to Slammiversary and gets put in the world title match. He then talks about Eric Young re-injuring him and that he now has to retire. The Impact roster comes out to show their support. Rich Swann makes his way up the ramp and to close the show Eric Young attacks him again.


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