Impact Wrestling Results (1/16/15) - The Beat Down Clan


Impact Wrestling Results - 1/16/2015
From the Manhattan Center in New York City
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package of what happened last week. We see Kurt Angle coming back to the ring, The Revolution retaining their titles, Austin Aries winning the X-Division Championship, Taryn Terrell retaining the Knockouts Championship, and then an Awesome Kong return. We then see Roode vs. Lashley III. It all went crazy when MVP and Kenny King came out with two masked men. Those masked men were Samoa Joe and Low Ki. Then Eric Young came out and turned on Roode. All three joined up with MVP as Lashley won back the belt.

Josh Mathews is backstage. He is walking through TNA headquarters in Nashville. We then see cameras from the gorilla position and different backstage positions around the arena. Josh meets up with Taz at the headquarters. They are going to the announcer's desk but they will be at various parts throughout the show. A video plays showing Bobby Roode after he lost his belt. He is furious. He can't believe what happened. He wants revenge though. He wants Eric Young and he will get him no matter who he goes through. He will make Young pay!

The camera shows the Manhattan Center as the crowd is on their feet. They are ready for tonight's show. Music plays and here comes MVP, Samoa Joe, Low Ki, Kenny King, and some lady beside him. A split screen shows Taz and Josh at their desk. The group gets in the ring. MVP has a mic. MVP says you can't keep up. You go and laugh at him when you think he is down, but he changes lanes and becomes on top again. He knew it would be him against everyone in TNA... No, him against everyone in the wrestling business. He knew there were people like him... People who had an appetite for success. He went to his family: Samao Joe and Low Ki. These three went all over when they were in the indies. Now they are on top of the world. You can call them The Beat Down Clan. You don't want to mess with them. Before MVP introduces us to the TNA World Champion, he wants to introduce us to someone who isn't part of The Clan but has the same thoughts. This guy is Eric Young!

Eric Young's music plays and here he comes. He enters the ring and shakes MVP's hand. Josh says EY accepted Roode's invitation for a match tonight. The crowd chants, "You sold out" MVP gives EY the mic and says that the opinion of the crowd doesn't matter. It is about the truth. EY and MVP couldn't be in the same ring a month ago without trying to kill each other. However, MVP helped his brother get the belt. EY had a brother once and that brother was Bobby Roode. Who took care of Roode? EY gave Roode one of the first shots for his belt when he was champion. Roode lost. Now that Roode was champion, he didn't give EY a shot. EY was in the most main events in TNA last year. He deserved it. Maybe Roode was afraid? EY is a world class professional wrestler. EY is a world class... Friend! Where was his friend when he was in the hospital when he was defending Roode? Roode never showed up. He just sent a text saying, "I hope you are okay." He did get a call. He did get a call not out of fear or pity... But, it told him the truth. EY took the thing Roode loved most. Now he will take everything else. MVP grabs the mic and introduces TNA World Champion Lashley!

Lashley's music hits but he doesn't appear. MVP gets back on the mic and introduces Lashley once again. Just then, Kurt angles music plays. Here comes Kurt!! Kurt comes out with his wrestling gear on. He has a mic in hand. Kurt stops at the ramp saying that these 5 are taking about family and how they are family, but they seem more like thugs. He says EY will pay for his sins tonight as Rood will kick his @ss. MVP tells Kurt he better watch out as he can still walk... They didn't hurt him that bad. Kurt says he isn't the Director of Wrestling Operations, but he can make each and every one of them tap out. Samoa Joe exits the ring and gets in Kurt's face. They talk to each other. Kurt punches Joe right in the face and he falls. The 4 other come out but security comes between Kurt and the 4. Joe gets in the ring. Kurt says if Joe wants him, then let's do this right now!!


Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle

Joe has Kurt on the mat and works on his leg. As he does, a quick video plays of what happened during break. Kurt was in control but it quickly switched to Joe. Kurt gets up in actual time but Joe knocks him down and now works on the leg again. He has a leg bar, but Kurt moves his body to the ropes. He touches the bottom rope and Joe releases the hold. Both get up. Joe punches Kurt multiple times. He does many jabs. Kurt goes for a kick to the gut, but Joe grabs his leg and does a leg lariat. He applies a figure four leg lock type of submission. As he has it locked in, a camera shows backstage a producer going into Lashley's dressing room. He isn't there!

Back to the ring - Kurt is able to come back. He grabs Joe and hits a german suplex. He hits another german suplex. He then hits the third. Joe gets up and Kurt goes for an Angle Slam, but Joe slides out and puts Kurt in the corner. He runs to him and then hits a huge pele. Kurt falls but slowly gets up. Joe applies a Rear Naked Choke but Kurt slides out of it, takes Joe down and applies the Ankle Lock. Joe rolls through and Kurt goes into the corner. Both get up and Kurt is able to hit a quick Angle Slam. He covers but Joe kicks out. Kurt stands and he starts to limp. He gets Joe up but Joe hits him and goes to the corner. Kurt comes back to and runs to him, but Joe lifts him up with one arm and slams him down. Joe puts Angle in the corner, on the top, and goes for the Muscle Buster, but Kurt slides out and turns it into an Ankle Lock!

Joe tries to turn it over... And he does! He kicks Kurt off but Kurt still has it locked in. Joe rolls through but Kurt still has it locked in. Just then, Joe grabs the referee's shirt. He rolls through and Kurt goes into the referee. Both stand and Joe hits Kurt with a low blow kick. He applies the Rear Naked Choke. Kurt slowly taps. Winner: Samoa Joe

Low Ki, Kenny King, MVP, and Eric Young come out and attack Kurt in the ring. They stomp away, but music plays and here comes Bobby Roode with a steel chair. He runs down to the ring but the others slide out before Roode can reach them. Roode checks Kurt while they walk up the ramp.


Bobby Roode is in the ring. He is sitting on a chair. He has a mic in hand. He says he has tried to hold back his anger. He tried to hold his anger from what happened last week. But, this week... It has already gone too far! "ERIC YOUNG!" The crowd then chants, "You got screwed." Roode says, "Damn right I did." Roode goes on to say that Eric ruined a 15 year relationship. He took away something that he loved... The TNA World Championship. Everything that came from Young's mouth was bullish%t. He (Roode) has been in this company for a long time. He loves this company. He loves wrestling. He is in New York City, but it is not about professional wrestling. Tonight it is about payback.

Josh and Taz are shown. They talk bout Roode wanting revenge and then go into Impact Wrestling: Unlocked which will debut tomorrow on Destination America. A video plays showing Magnus talking to Mike Tenay. Magnus talks about being a family man now with his child. He is looking up to him. If this company let's Magnus go as a free agent in a competitive market, he is fine with that.

A video plays showing Ethan Carter III shaving Jeremy Borash's hair last week.

Rockstar Spud is walking backstage. He walks up to Jeremy Borash as he is talking to a producer. Borash is wearing some black hat. Spud tells Borash that he didn't mean to get him involved. Ever since Spud turned, Ethan went insane. Borash says his hair will grow back, and one day Ethan will get what he deserves.

Music plays and here comes The Revolution! A spotlight is shining in the balcony. It shows Manik, The Great Sanada, Abyss, Khoya, and James Storm. They sit down as they wait for this match.

The Hardy Boys, Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy, come out as the crowd pops. They interact with the fans around the ring and then get in the ring. Next, The Wolves come out. Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards make their way to the ring.


The Hardys vs. The Wolves in a Number 1 Contender match for the TNA Tag Team Championships

Matt starts off against Eddie. They lock-up, but Matt goes right after the arm of Eddie. Matt takes Eddie down to the mat, but gets him up and puts him in the corner. He tags Jeff. Matt and Jeff punch Eddie in the gut multiple times. Eddie grabs Jeff and pushes him to his corner. He tags Davey. Davey enters and continues the fight. Eddie tags himself back in as Jeff goes after Davey. Eddie goes after Jeff but he tags Davey. Jeff is able to attack Davey and tag Matt. Matt enters and takes Davey down with a body slam. He tags Jeff. They are both in and do two closelines to Davey from behind and in front. Jeff covers but Davey kicks out. Jeff tags Matt. Matt puts Davey in the corner and then on the top rope. Jeff pushes Eddie down. Jeff climbs the one corner but Eddie runs and kicks him. Jeff falls on the ropes. Davey slides out from Matt and has him caught upside down in the corner. Each take turns attacking Jeff and Matt with kicks. Davey covers Matt but Matt kicks out. Davey tags Eddie in. He enters and does several chops to the chest. He then tags Davey.

Both are in and they whip Matt in the corner. They run to them. They knock him down to the mat and Eddie plants an elbow. Davey covers but Matt kicks out. Matt gets up in the corner. Davey does several kicks to the gut and then closelines him in the opposing corner. He runs to him and does a closeline in the corner. He climbs the corner and goes for a double foot stomp to Matt, but Matt moves. Both stand and Matt does a Side Effect. Matt furs and tags Jeff while Davey tags Eddie. Both enter and Eddie whips Jeff in the ropes but Jeff comes back and knocks him off his feet and then takes his legs and plants a leg drop between his legs. He kicks him in the head, covers, but Eddie kicks out. Both stand and Jeff goes in the corner. Davey enters and Jeff hits Whisper in the Wind on both. They both exit. Jeff goes to the outside but they move out of the way. The Wolves enter and go for a suicide dive but Jeff slides in. They slide out of the ring. Matt runs to them but they lift him up, he springs off of the ropes and then plants them with a double DDT. Now here comes Jeff, on one corner, runs on the top rope to another corner, jumps and lands on both Wolves. They bring Eddie in. Jeff and Matt plant him with a double front suplex.

Jeff covers but he kicks out. Matt does a Twist of Fate. Jeff goes to the top for the Swanton Bomb, but Eddie lifts his knees as Jeff lands on them. Davey enters. They lift him up and they kick him in the head and plant him down on the head. They cover but Matt stops the count. Eddie has Jeff on his shoulders. Jeff reaches and tags Matt. Jeff does a hurricanrona. Matt enters and hits the Side Effect. Jeff goes for the Swanton Bomb, but Eddie hits Matt and it knocks Jeff off of the corner. Davey comes to and goes after Matt. Eddie covers but Jeff hits the Swanton Bomb on the cover. Davey comes to and goes after Jeff with some kicks but Jeff lifts him up and he falls to the outside. Matt and Jeff now double team The Wolves with multiple combinations of moves. Matt covers and get the win! Winners: The Hardys

Josh mentions that Feast or Fired will happen next week. A video shows Bram backstage. He is thrilled that is Feast or Fired next week. Count him in. He has Magnus by his side too. They will get all 4 briefcases. "STAY AWAY FROM US!"

MVP and Kenny King are talking backstage. MVP mentions that he has a plan. He knows what he is doing. Eric Young comes to them and says he is going to take out Bobby Roode.


The camera shows Matt Conway and John Gaburick in the gorilla position. Just then, Ethan Carter III and Tyrus come into the picture and say they will take the spot. John asks if he wants to right now. Ethan tells him to leave. He does. Conway then leaves. Ethan and Tyrus sit down. Ethan tells the producers to cut to Jeremy Borash. We see Borash with his bald head. Ethan then talks into his ear piece in his ear. Ethan says if Borash thinks he is tough then how about Jeremy vs. EC3 next week. He gives Jeremy 30 seconds to think about it. Jermey shakes his head in how crazy this is.

Music hits and here comes Eric Young! He makes his way to the ring. Bobby Roode's music plays next. He comes out. He stares right at EY as he is on the ramp. EY is ready! Roode runs down the ramp and EY gets out of the ring. They go right after each other!

Eric Young vs. Bobby Roode in a No DQ match

The bell sounds and they throw punches to each other. Roode is able to grab EY and tosses him into the guard rail. He then tosses him into the other side of the guard rail. He throws punches right to Eric.


Young has Roode in the crowd as he jumps down with a forearm shot to Roode's back. As he fights him in the crowd, a split screen shows Lashley walking backstage. The camera man is trying to talk to Lashley about his championship match, but Lashley doesn't say a word. He goes in his room and closes the door.

EY tosses Roode over the guard rail. He comes back over. He grabs Roode and smashes his face into the guard rail. He does a knife edge chop. He punches him in the face. EY looks around as Roode is lying on the ground. EY grabs him and punches him again. Roode fights back with a kick to the gut. He punches EY in the face. He goes to smash his face into the ring apron but Eric stops him and hits Roode. He rolls Roode in the ring. EY looks under the ring and grabs a chair. He throws it in while another chair is already in the ring. He puts one chair in the corner between the middle and top rope.

EY pounds his forearm into Roode's head. He gets Roode up but Roode hits EY in the gut and then in the face. He punches him and then a knife edge chop. He whips him in the ropes but EY reverses and elbows Roode in the face. He covers but Roode kicks out. EY grabs Roode and sets up a piledriver onto the other chair but Roode does a back body drop. EY stands. Roode runs to him but he elbows him. EY runs to Roode but Roode hits him with a spine buster. He sets up a chair in the middle of the ring. He kicks EY in the gut and then lifts him up on his shoulders but EY rakes the eyes, slides behind him and rams his head into the chair in the corner. EY grabs Roode and sets up for a piledriver on the chair... AND HE NAILS IT! EY covers and wins! Winner: Eric Young

Kenny King has his smirk-ish attitude as he walks down the ramp. MVP comes down the ramp before him and grabs a mic. He says we will see Lashley tonight.

Austin Aries is backstage. He has the X-Division Championship around his shoulder. He says Low Ki has his rematch but it is a lot different than last week. He says this gang wants to take over and they have numbers. But, if you back Aries in a corner he becomes dangerous!

A three-way split screen shows The Beautiful People, Taryn Terrell and Brooke walking backstage.


Ethan Carter III and Tyrus are backstage looking for Jeremy Borash.

A video package shows the Knockouts Battle Royal from last week and also the return of Brooke! And then the return of Awesome Kong!!

A video plays showing Brooke backstage. Brooke says only a classless douchebag would spend time with this guy. She makes fun of Robbie. He is going to let her actions speak louder for her.

Brooke's music plays and she comes down the ramp. Taryn Terrell comes out next as the Knockouts Championship is around her waist. The Beautiful People come out next. The BroMans and DJ Z are behind them. It looks like a big party!

Brooke and Taryn Terrell vs. The Beautiful People

Brooke starts the match against Angelina Love, but Brooke slides out to go after Robbie E. Robbie runs around, slides in, but Love attacks her as Brooke slides back in. Brooke comes back and hits Love with an elbow, a closeline and then a kick. Brooke now works on the arm of Love, but Love knees her in the gut. She tags Sky. Sky enters but Brooke hits a drop toe hold and then works on the arm. She tags Taryn. She enters and hits the arm Brooke has in hand and then hits a swinging neck breaker. Love enters the rig and Taryn hits a suplex. Brooke enters. The Beautiful People stand and Taryn and Brooke hit them with a double dropkick. They roll out of the ring. Taryn climbs the corner and does a flying cross body on The Beautiful People and The BroMans plus DJ Z. Taryn brings Sky back in the ring and attacks her some more before a cover. Sky kicks out. Taryn tags Brooke. She enters but Robbie gets on the apron and is distracts Brooke. Sky does a roll-up and wins! Winners: The Beautiful People

The Beautiful People and The BroMans plus DJ Z do a selfie in the ring, but the lights go out. They come back on and it is only The Beautiful People. Awesome Kong is behind them! They turn and are stunned! Kong closelines Sky and she rolls out of the ring. Kong grabs Love and hits her with the Double arm face buster. DJ Z enters the ring and gets in Kong's face. She grabs him by the throat and hits a chokeslam. Music plays and here comes Havok!! Havok marches her way down the ramp and gets right in the ring. They meet face to face!! It is a huge staredown! Security comes out and separates them!

Ethan Carter III is walking backstage and goes to a room. He is about to knock, but he doesn't. He just opens the door and says, "Tick tock." He asks Borash what his decision is. Borash stands and says he is not a wrestler. He is an announcer. Ethan says no one came to help Borash last week. He says he is Mr. TNA but no one respects him. Ethan takes off Borash's hat and starts pushing him. Jeremy says he will fight him. He'll do it! Ethan says he will see him next week.

Josh and Taz are shown. They talk about the upcoming X-Division match, but then a video package plays hyping up the Feast or Fired match that will happen next week.


The camera man and mic guy is backstage. They are having a conversation. Just then, Manik comes up to them and says, "Shhh." He implies to follow him. They do. The camera goes to James Storm. He says it is time for the whole world to see his newest disciple. It is Khoya. He is Indian. He was lost, but now he is found. He found James Storm. He found The Revolution. The power... The Speed... The destruction will be released on Impact Wrestling! James whistles as Khoya taunts.

Josh and Taz are shown at their desk. David Sahadi is talking to them but then leaves. Taz talks about Khoya and then Josh goes into Feast or Fired. A video package plays hyping up the event next week. There are four cases: an X-Divivision Title shot, Tag Team Title shot, World Champion Title shot, and one that is "You're Fired".

Low Ki makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring. Here comes Austin Aries. He has his cape flying behind him while the X-Division Championship is around his waist. MVP and Samoa Joe are around the ring.

Low Ki vs. Austin Aries (c) for the X-Division Championship

They lock=up and go from corner to corner. Low has Aries in the corner but slowly backs up. He kicks Aries in the gut though. He does an uppercut. He then does another uppercut and Aries falls. Low does a headbutt to him and then another uppercut. Aries fights back with a knee and then a double forearm shot. He hits him in the head but Low fights back with a kick and a knife edge chop. He does another kick to the gut. Low backs up and then runs to Aries, but Aries lifts him up and Low falls on the top rope and then onto the apron and lands on the outside. MVP checks on him. Ki stands and gets in the ring.

Low and Aries battle it out once again as Low does a knife edge chop. He whips Aries in the ropes but Aries hits him with a closeline type of move. Aries whips Low in the ropes and hits an elbow and then applies The Last Chancellory as Low is on the mat. He is able to break out of it. Aries gets him up and goes for the Brain Buster, but Ki blocks it. He puts Aries in the corner but Aries tosses him out of the ring. He goes for a suicide dive but Low moves and Aries stops in his tracks. Low gets on the apron and Aries grabs him for a suplex, but Low is able to reverses it. Low gets in the ring and he does a suplex and plants Aries gut first on the top rope. He knocks Aries off and he falls to the floor. Low goes after him and brings him back in the ring.

Low does a huge knife edge chop as Aries is in the corner. He does another knife edge chop and Aries falls. He covers but Aries kicks out. Both stand and Ki continues the assault with uppercuts and a knife edge chop. He then does another. Aries is getting fed up. He goes for one more but Aries ducks and then does a knife edge chop of his own. He then does several overhand chops to Low's chest. Low tries to get way, but Aries turns and hits the disc forearm shot. Low falls but gets up in the corner. Aries does the running dropkick. He goes for the Brain Buster but Low gets out of it as he hits Aries in the head with a knee. Aries grabs Low and does a knee breaker and then a suplex. He applies The Last Chancellory.

MVP and Samoa Joe get on the apron. It distracts the referee. Low taps! Aries breaks the hold. Kenny King gets on the apron and Aries knocks him down. MVP and Joe get off of the apron but Aries runs and hits them with a suicide dive. He enters the ring but Low Ki attacks him. He grabs him and hits the Ki Breaker. He covers and wins! Winner and New X-Division Champion: Low Ki

We see The Beat Down Clan celebrating in the ring while a split screen shows Lashley walking backstage.


MVP is on the mic in the ring. He says everyone now knows what The Beat Down Clan is all about. They have everyone around their finger. They have everyone watching. They are in the driver's seat. King, EY, Joe, and Low are in the ring with him. MVP introduces, again, the TNA World Champion Lashley! His music plays and here comes Lashley! He has the TNA World Championship around his waist. He walks down the ramp with a little smirk on his face. He walks around the ring and then gets in it. MVP tells the crowd they should be standing clapping their hands for the most dominate champion in TNA history. He also tells them to take a picture as this is family. They are winners... Something the crowd isn't used as they are home of The Jets!

MVP continues to go on and say that Lashley looks like a champion, not Bobby Roode. MVP says he made this man. Look at the belt and the way he dresses. The X-Division Championship belongs Low Ki, King, Joe, him... It belongs to The Beat Down Clan. Both titles do. Lashley stops MVP and says he is champion. It belongs to him. MVP tells Lashley that they are family and they helped him get that belt. This is what they are about. Lashley says that is what YOU are about. Lashley isn't about that. That's not him. MVP stops Lashley before he leaves the ring. He tells him he is a founding member of the BDC. Lashley tells MVP to not to touch him. MVP backs up and says that is fine. If it was anyone else, he wouldn't be so easy. He and Lashley worked together in the other company. They were friends. They bonded. That is why he cares for him. But since they are going separate ways, let's not leave in hostile terms. MVP extends his arms and he hugs Lashley.

He hugs him for quite awhile. Just then, MVP kisses Lashley. Lashley looks at him and pushes MVP back. low Ki starts attacking Lashley with kicks to the leg. The others members follow as they dissect Lashley. EY, Joe, MVP, and King all attack him. They keep Lashley down as Ki does a double foot stomp. MVP grabs the belt and asks if Lashley wants it. If he does, then he has it. The others hold Lashley up as MVP rams the belt into Lashley's skull. He falls. The group continues to attack him afterwards with stomps. MVP starts stripping Lashley of his jacket. He throws it in his face. Low gets Lashley up on his knees and MVP kicks him right in the head. MVP raises the belt above his head as the group surrounds MVP. Lashley is bleeding from the head. MVP grabs the mic. He says the TNA World Championship doesn't belong to Lashley, but it belongs to The Beat Down Clan. He walks away with the belt.

A video package shows Lashley vs. MVP fighting in the streets of New York City and then the wonder of Feast or Fired for next week's show. The video fades.

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