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Last night’s edition of IMPACT was the fallout from this past Saturday’s Hard to Kill PPV. Last night’s show saw the AEW partnership in full swing as members of the AEW roster and even Tony Khan himself showed up in the IMPACT Zone.

What was all the fallout from Hard to Kill? 

Here are the results from last night’s show:

The show opened with Don Callis congratulating The Bullet Club on their victory at the PPV:

This was the opening match of the night. It seems that things are just heating up between Violent by Design and Team Rhino. This was a quick match as the numbers became too much for The Man Beast and tapped out to a heel lock from Eric Young. After match Cousin Jake looked to make that save but the numbers were too much as he was forced to watch Joe Doering destroy the leg of Rhino:

We then heard comments from IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann on the attack from TNA World Champion Moose after Hard to Kill went off the air:

Last night thanks to the brilliant work of Detective Romero we were able to find out who set up Larry D in the shooting of John E Bravo. At Hard to Kill Acey went into the Knockouts Locker Room and found the Ring Rust Cologne. 

On last night show it was revealed that Taya was the one who sprayed the cologne and framed Larry D.

We then got to see Rosemary confront her Valkyrie about her betrayal and they got to say their goodbyes as Taya was carted off to prison. Rosemary seems to be losing everyone who is near and dear to her:

IMPACT Wrestling welcome to the Private Party:

Last night we got to see the AEW crossover in full swing as Matt Hardy along with Private Party entered the IMPACT Zone. 

This lead to a #1 contender’s match being made for the main event.

It seems that Matt Cardona is in IMPACT not for the fans but to prove himself right:

This past Saturday at Hard to Kill we crowned new Knockouts Tag Team Champions in Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz. Last night it was announced that Kiera and Tasha will be celebrating their victory with a Fire and Flava Fest so last night they tried to gather some attendees:

Havok and Nevaeh wanted to show their “support” for the new Knockouts Tag Team Champions next week and come to the Fire and Falva Fest but just like the PlayStation 5 they sold out in seconds.

Now with the Knockouts Tag Titles making their return to IMPACT the focus of the Knockouts Division has shifted to tag team wrestling. It also seems that now that Deonna and Kimber have gotten rid of Su Yung and with the help of Father James Mitchell they now have Susan on their side. This match was the first time we got to see Susan in the ring and I was shocked as everyone else was that Susan wrestled in a FULL SUIT. In the end Kimber and Susan were able to pull off the upset victory as Susan pinned Jazz. 

Tony Khan and Jerry Lynn in the IMPACT Zone:

We then saw IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann call out Moose for what went down after Hard to Kill.

Swann got the better of Moose last night but things are far from over between these two.

Riddle me this: If Manik and TJP are one in the same then how is TJP X-Division Champion? Someone should let Rohit know the rematch in two weeks is non-title.

Brian Myers defeated Fallah Bahh:

Fallah doesn’t like how unprofessional Brian Myers has been since coming to IMPACT so they got it on in the ring last night.

Since returning to IMPACT and winning the Super X-Cup Ace Austin has been rubbing people the wrong way which leads to guys like Josh Alexander and newcomer Matt Cardona to put him in his place.

Which set up a tag team match for next week.

We then took a look back at the carnage and brutality that was Bared Wired Massacre 4 between Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan.

Once again Myers sticking his nose in things that don’t concern him and finds himself in a match with Eddie Edwards.

Private Party defeated Chris Sabin and James Storm to become #1 contenders to the IMPACT World Tag Team Championship:

This was the main event of the night. The ARW crossover has now started to kick into full gear as the enemy is now in the IMPACT Zone. 

During the match Jerry Lynn and Tony Khan came to ringside to take notes.

In the end for reasons unknown Lynn would hop the guardrail to help Private Party pick up the win. 

An AEW team are #1 contenders to the IMPACT Tag Team Championship. What does this mean for IMPACT? How will they retaliate? 

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