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Impact Wrestling Results (1/2/14) - AJ Styles Returns!

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Impact Wrestling Results - 1/2/2014
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package about Magnus. It tells his height, weight and he is 27 years old. He is from the UK... he is British! He is now the TNA World Champion as he set-up an alliance with Dixie Carter. We start an era tonight. The coronation for Magnus is tonight!

Mike Tenay runs down the line-up for tonight's show as the camera shows the crowd standing on their feet and cheering. Just then, music plays and here comes Kurt Angle. Kurt walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. He grabs a mic.

Kurt introduces himself and says 2013 was the worst year of his career from feuding against Aces & 8s which took a tool on his body and personal issues which made him not compete for awhile. He declined the Hall of Fame as he wanted to prove himself. He introduces himself again and says he is called the cyborg... but he wasn't that in 2013. He is here to talk about 2014 and what he wants to accomplish. Bobby Roode's music hits and he comes out on stage with a mic. Roode asks if we are going to witness what he thinks he is going to witness. He can't believe it. Roode gets in the ring and asks Kurt if he is walking away and leaving Impact just like Jeff Hardy last week. Roode states that Kurt finally realized that he doesn't have it anymore after being beat by Roode time after time. Roode wants Kurt do to him a favor if he is leaving and that is to look Roode in the eyes and to say that the It Factor of professional wrestling, Bobby Roode, is better than him. Kurt and Roode stare at each other. Kurt backs up and states that he is not leaving. He is here to make it clear that Kurt will kick @ss in 2014 and that is why he is challenging Roode to one more match! Roode asks Kurt if he is out of his mind! Roode starts to freak out. He then states "absolutely not". He has nothing to prove to the morons and to Kurt. He has proved he can beat Kurt time after time. He has proved that Kur tis not Hall of Fame worthy. Roode says him and Kurt are done. Roode goes to leave the ring but stops. He turns back and says, "Unless maybe I accept one more challenge." Roode states that if/when Roode beats Kurt, he can never accept a Hall of Fame induction! Kurt says he is glad he accepts and the match will take place at Genesis. Kurt will add a stipulation himself. It will be Roode vs. Angle in a Steel Cage! Roode freaks out again. Roode asks if he wants it in a cage... them two... well Roode accepts! Roode turns away but turns back and goes for a punch but Kurt blocks and goes right to Roode. He puts Roode in the corner and starts punching him. Officials and referees come out and tear each apart. Rockstar Spud runs out and gets in the ring. Kurt Angle pushes him down. Spud gets up and says they are not going to ruin this night. This is Dixie Carter's night. Spud then says if they want a match, then they can find a tag team partner and they can wrestle tonight.

Dixie Carter is backstage. He says it is her crowning moment and she has been waiting 11 years for this moment. Just then someone calls Dixie over and gives her an envelope. She opens it and it says, "See you tonight." There's no signature on it. She asks who dropped it off and the guy said some official from the back.


Rockstar Spud is backstage and he is looking at papers. Dixie Carter walks up to him and hands him the paper that states, "See you tonight." She doesn't know if someone is messing with her or is threatening her but she wants Spud to find out. He is on the case!

Gail Kim and Lei'D Tapa are in the ring. Tapa holds Gail's Knockout Title as Gail speaks. She states that 2013 was her year and is will be it again in 2014. She hopes for some good competition as no one has been impressive yet. Just then, Madison Rayne's music plays and she comes out. Gail yells, "No!" Rayne gets in the ring.

Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne

Madison goes right after Gail as she place she places her in the corner and starts punching her. She takes her to another corner and starts kicking her. They get out of the corner and Rayne knocks Gail down. Gail gets up and whips Madison's head back to the mat. Gail is on the offense now as she sits on Rayne and punches her in the face. She gets up and whips Rayne in the ropes. Madison counters as she grabs Gail's head and does a suplex and then a spinning neck breaker. Rayne stands and waits. Madison goes and runs in the ropes but Tapa trips Rayne and pulls her out of the ring. Gail gets up and gets out. She grabs Rayne and brings her back in. She covers her twice but Rayne kicks out. Gail pounds Madison's head in the mat and then stretches her body back for a type of headlock but changes it into a chin lock. Madison gets out of it and stands. She elbows her way out but Gail takes Rayne down again via her hair. Gail gets her up and smashes her face first into the turnbuckle. She then chokes her on the middle rope. Gail goes for Eat Defeat but Madison chances it into a backslide. Gail kicks out.

Both get up and both closelines each other down. Both slowly get up and Madison punches Gail in the gut and face. She whips her in the ropes and closelines Gail down multiple times. She then does a kick to the face. Rayne bounces off the ropes and does another kick. Gail gets up in the corner. Madison runs and smashes her. She goes for another but Gail moves but Rayne stops and climbs the corner. She goes on her shoulders but Gail whips her down and Rayne lands face first onto the mat. Gail gets up and starts slapping her face. She goes for Eat Defeat but Madison slides out of it and does a side roll and gets the pin! Winner: Madison Rayne

Velvet Sky meets up with Chris Sabin backstage. Sky tries to warm-up to Sabin but Chris tells her to stop and listen. He says that if she listens and does what he says then he will walk out of tonight's building with the title. If she doesn't do what she is told then he will walk out of the arena tonight without her. Chris leaves the scene and Sky sighs.


Kurt Angle is backstage and he talks about 2013 and how he lost to Bobby Roode multiple times. He brings up 2014 and he has to beat Roode tonight. He needs a partner. We see he is talking to Gunner and Kurt brings up Gunner's briefcase and he knows he is going to be TNA World Champion soon. Gunner says it is an honor to team with Kurt as he doesn't like Roode either. James Storm then walks into the picture and asks about the tag team partnership and then states, "That's interesting."

Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky walk down the ramp as his music plays. They get in the ring. Next comes Austin Aries as he has the X-Division Title around his waist. He gets in the ring.

Chris Sabin vs. Austin Aries for the X-Division Title

Both move around the ring. Sabin goes toward Aries and Aries moves closer but Sabin backs up and goes in the corner. They move around the ring and Aries goes to lock-up but Sabin backs up in the corner again. Aries decides to go in a corner and lay on the top rope. Sabin tells Sky to come and she kisses him. Aries gets down and runs and does a huge running dropkick. He covers Sabin but he kicks out. Aries goes for the Brain Buster but Sabin slides out. Aries continues to go after Aries as he locks in the Last Chancellor. Sabin yells for Sky to enter but she won't. Sabin slides out of it and rolls out of the ring. He goes after Sky and tells her to help. He gets on the apron but Aries grabs the ropes and spins Sabin in the ring. Aries gets Sabin and locks in a leg submission. He then turns it into a pin but Sabin kicks out. Both get up and Sabin tosses Aries out of the ring but he lands on the apron. Sabin goes to him but Aries shoulders him in the gut and then attacks him as he comes back in. He jumps on the ropes and does a springboard moonsault. Aries stands and gets Sabin up. Sabin comes back as he does a back suplex. He slowly gets up and kicks Aries in the gut and on the back. He puts Aries upside down in the corner. Sabin goes back as he taunts to the crowd. Aries gets up on the turnbuckle. Sabin goes back but Aries kicks him and then does a bulldog. Aries gets up. He has Sabin up and does huge chops to the chest. Sabin moves back and goes in the ropes but Aries does a disc closeline and Sabin falls out of the ring.

Aries climbs the corner and jumps. He lands on Sabin on the outside. Aries gets Sabin back in the ring and he climbs the corner. Aries flies and does a missile dropkick. Sabin goes in the corner and he tells Sky something. She says no but then goes to the apron and stands on it. She says, "I'm sorry." The referee and Aries are distracted by her. Sabin turns Aries around and kicks him via low blow. He does a roll-up as Sky gets off the apron. The referee turns and counts. Winner and new X-Division Champion: Chris Sabin

Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky walk around the ring and Jeremy Borash meets up with them. Sabin grabs the mic and says he could only do this with one person and that person is... HIMSELF! He thanks Chris Sabin! The crowd boos. Sabin grabs Sky's hand and drags her up the ramp.


Rockstar Spud is backstage. He has papers in his hands as he is rehearsing his lines for tonight's coronation event when someone calls his phone. It is Dixie Carter's ringtone. He picks it up and no one answers. He hangs up and says the same number called 4 times today. He looks at the area code and shrugs it off. He then asks for a cup of tea.

Samuel Shaw comes out on the stage. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. He has gloves in his hands. He then tells Christy Hemme to come and he let's her out of the ring. He puts his gloves on while music plays. Norv Fernum runs out and gets in the ring. This crazy guy goes to the corners and taunts.

Samuel Shaw vs. Norv Fernum

Norv gets down from the corner and turns and Samuel is right there with a huge punch in the face. He looks at Christy and smiles. He grabs Norv and whips him hard in the corner. He falls. He looks at Christy again. Norv gets up and starts attacking Shaw with punches and then a kick. He runs in the ropes but Samuel does a huge scoop powerslam and then looks at Hemme. He does a huge backbreaker and looks at Hemme. Norv gets up and Shaw looks at her as he gras Norv for a high choke hold. Norv is out. Winner: Samuel Shaw

Shaw looks at Hemme and then slides out of the ring. He goes to Hemme and slowly takes off his gloves. He walks up the ramp as he continues to look at Christy.

James Storm is walking backstage. The camera man asks him about Kurt picking Gunner. Storm says he made a career out of being a tag team wrestler. He then says he wants to show Kurt that he picked the wrong person to team with... as Storm feels he did the same back then. Storm turns and opens a door and it is the person he is looking for.


Bobby Roode is backstage. He is stressing out about tonight's match with Kurt Angle. Roode says he has several tag team partners lined up but he asks why he should he pick him. Why should he trust him? The camera shows James Storm. James Storm says he shouldn't have to worry about trusting him. Storm doesn't like Roode but he wants to prove a point. Roode says he doesn't need Storm. Roode gets up but Storm stops him and says he is going to be out there either way and kick some @ss... and that includes Roode's!

A video plays showcasing Magnus' World Championship win. He won it against Jeff Hardy in the Dixie Land match. Dixie is so high up on him like no one ever before.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she introduces the next match. Kurt Angle's music plays and he walks down the ramp. He gets in the ring. Gunner's music hits and he comes to the ring with his TNA World Title briefcase. Jeremy Borash stops Gunner and asks him if Roode picks Storm as his tag team partner. Gunner says if that happens it will get even more interesting and more physical! Gunner continues to the ring.


Bobby Roode's music plays. He comes out with his robe on. He slowly walks down the ramp. Roode gets in the ring. He stands in his corner and waits. James Storm's music hits and he comes out. He brings a beer bottle and sets it on the steel steps. He gets in the ring and goes right to Gunner. He walks around the ring and talks to Roode.

Kurt Angle and Gunner vs. Bobby Roode and James Storm

Kurt and Storm start the match. They move around the ring and lock-up. Kurt goes behind Storm and locks his arms but Storm breaks out of it and works on the arm of Kurt. Kurt twists out of it and whips Storm in the ropes and elbows him the face. He gets Storm up and does a suplex. He tags Gunner. Gunner enters and whips Storm in the ropes. Storm does a huge running knee to the face. Roode reaches in and tags himself in. He gets in after Storm looks at him. Gunner goes right after Roode and knocks him down. Roode comes back and takes Gunner to the corner. Gunner smashes his own face in the turnbuckle to pump himself up. He turns and goes right after Roode. He whips him in the corner and does a huge splash and then does a suplex. He covers but Roode kicks out. Gunner gets up and whips Roode in the corner. Gunner smashes him and then talks to Storm. He turns and Roode spine busters him. Roode tags Storm. Storm enters and goes right after Gunner with punches in the face. Gunner goes in the corner and Storm punches and twists the arm. He tags Roode. Roode comes in and they double team Gunner with a double elbow shot. Storm takes Gunner to the corner and does several shoulder blocks to the gut. He tags Storm. Storm enters and does the same thing. He then twists the arm and then applies a front headlock.

Gunner lifts Storm up but Storm locks in the headlock even more. Gunner takes Storm to the corner and tags Kurt. Well, Roode came in and the referee was distracted by him. He turns and tells Kurt to get out as he didn't see the tag. Just then Roode and Storm tag and they switch. Roode goes right after Gunner with several punches and then several knee drops. He tags Storm. He comes and they do a double suplex. They look at each other and Roode leaves the ring. Storm works on the arm but Gunner punches him. They punch back and forth. They go in the ropes and they knock each other down with closelines. Gunner tags Kurt while James tags Roode. The referee didn't see Kurt tag in though. Kurt doesn't care. He goes past the referee and goes right after Roode. He does several german suplexes and Storm enters. He runs but Kurt grabs him and does a belly to belly suplex. Storm goes for The Last Call but Kurt blocks and does the Ankle Lock. Roode enters and takes Kurt out of the ring. Gunner gets in and lifts Gunner up. Storm gets to his feet and hits The Last Call Superkick on Gunner. Roode slides out and lifts Gunner up and drops him down on his head and chest. He covers. Winners: Bobby Roode and James Storm

James and Roode celebrate in the ring. Kurt Angle enters and Roode leaves the ring. Roode looks on as Kurt looks on at him. James grabs the TNA World Title briefcase and says something to Gunner as he is down on the mat. He then places the case on Gunner.

Sting is walking backstage and Spud runs up to him saying he is the one who sent the letter to Dixie Carter. Sting says he isn't here to talk to Spud but here to talk to Dixie's lapdog. Sting walks away. Spud says she doesn't have a lapdog.


EC3... Ethan Carter III's music hits and he comes on the stage. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. As he does, a video plays. It shows Sting and Jeff in a handicap match last week. Ethan pinned Sting and then it showed Jeff Hardy saying that was his last match in TNA.

The video ends and Ethan is in the ring with a mic. He says he debuted in 2013 and he pretty much changed the face of wrestling. He says he had tough competition as Dixie tried to make it real tough for him. Ethan had Jeff and Sting in a match last week and he pinned Sting as easy as EC3! He says Jeff left Impact to write stuff about his creatures. He then says he tweeted Jeff earlier today and says he challenges Jeffrey Hardy to a match. He wants Christy to announce him. She announces him and his music plays. Ethan starts to dance to his music. Ethan gets on the mic and says, "Oh no!" He guesses Jeff isn't hear tonight but they have to ring the bell and he will count him out. Ring the bell. The bell sounds. Ethan counts up to 9 but Sting's music hits and here comes The Icon. Sting walks down the ramp and gets in the ring with a mic.

Sting says he is not going to stand by and let Ethan trash talk Jeff as he is a man but he doesn't know what Ethan is. Ethan says he is a Carter and he beat Sting last week so he doesn't have anything to do with him now. Sting says Ethan is a dog. He is a puppy dog and Dixie is his owner. She gives him treats and he can't go to the bathroom unless he is on the leash that she holds. He says that he should get off the leash and fight him. He states he is Dixie's lapdog. Ethan states that he is not going to let Sting put him down. Ethan gets out of the ring and starts walking up the ramp. Sting then says Ethan is really Dixie's lapdog. The crowd starts to chant it. Ethan turns and says he had enough. He will fight Sting... in two weeks at Genesis! Sting's music plays as Ethan walks away.

Joseph Park and Eric Young are backstage. Park states he doesn't remember anything that happened in The Monster's Ball. It is all fuzzy. Eric says he has to go out there. Park asks why he put him in a match with Bully Ray. Eric says Abyss faced Ray two years ago and now it is Park's turn and to do it alone. Eric leaves. Park turns and sees Bully Ray. Ray tells Park this is a mistake but he is going to treat him like Mr. Anderson's soul. Park asks what he means. Bully Ray states that he is going to set Park on fire. Ray leaves and Park's frightened.


Bully Ray's music hits and he walks down the ramp with a hooded sweatshirt and sunglasses on. Ray slowly walks up the steel steps and gets in the ring as the fans boo. Music plays and here comes Joseph Park. Park waves to the crowd as he walks down the ramp. He gets in the ring.

Bully Ray vs. Joseph Park

Park is in the corner and Ray is in the opposite corner. Ray looks down with his hands in his pockets. Park gets out of the corner and looks at Ray strangely. Park doesn't know what is going on. Park moves closer. Ray still stands there. Ray now looks up and Park goes right up to him with his fists raised. Ray then kicks Park via low blow and the bell sounds. Winner by DQ: Joseph Park

Park reaches in his pocket and he brings out lighter fluid. He sprays Park with it. It goes right in his eyes. He sprays it all over his body. Ray then takes out a lighter. He moves closer but music hits! Here comes Mr. Anderson! Anderson runs to the ring. he slides in and Ray sprays him with the lighter fluid. Ray then lights the lighter and puts it near Anderson. Ray backs up and leaves the ring and Anderson takes his hat off. His one eye is closed from the fluid sprayed on him. Ken tabs the fluid as Ray walks up the ramp.

Dixie Carter and her little team are backstage. They are heading to the ring.


Rockstar Spud and Ethan Carter III are in the ring with it being decorated! Spud has a mic and is reading from papers. He welcomes everyone to the Carter kingdom and says we are going to witness history. He says this is bigger than any England wedding. We are here to honor real royalty and it starts with Dixie Carter. Spud says people in his country dream about being with her and working for her their entire life. Spud has. Dixie Land is where dreams come true. Spud says this is about a guy who will change the face of professional wrestling. He is a man of stature and our TNA World Champion. He is a real man and the Brit... Magnus! Spud wants to introduce EC3. Ethan grabs the mic and says Spud is a little whipper snapper and he is across the pond. Ethan is from the states and he goes on to talk about his achievements. He beat Sting last week. Ethan says the champion is Magnus and he rules the world. Behind every great king there is a woman. This woman is beautiful and smart and so on and so on. This woman is the queen and his Aunt D! Music plays and here comes TNA President Dixie Carter! Dixie walks down the ramp. She gets in the ring and she meets up with Ethan and kisses both sides of his face and then does the same to Spud.

Dixie gets on the mic and thanks everyone for welcoming her. She then wants to tell a story that she told journalists all the time. She was on a plane reading a magazine that had AJ Styles on the cover. She saw a 6 page feature on a man and he had the looks and the smarts. The crowd chants, "We want AJ." Dixie states it is not AJ but this man and she had to sign him to the roster. She says 5 years after that and he is TNA World Champion. She tells everyone to stand and welcome Magnus! Magnus walks out on the stage with a suit on and the TNA World Championship over his shoulder. He walks down the ramp and Spud opens the ropes for him. He gets in and goes to the others in the ring and says hello. He raises the title and then sits down on the throne. Magnus has a mic in his hand. Magnus says this is the TNA World Champion and put your woman in the upright front lock position. Magnus pops up and thanks Spud for the kind words and also wants to thank one more person and that is Dixie Carter! Magnus says Dixie is truly the wind beneath his massive wings. As he stands before us, he has mixed emotions - he is honored and humbled. He can't shake the feeling that everyone thought it was Roode, Angle, or even Hardy standing before us. It's not though. It's Magnus! He says everyone doubted him.

When fans ask Magnus about turning his back on the fans he tells them to that they turned their back on him. Magnus states he is the TNA World Champion and he will be it for a long, long, long, long time to come! Music plays! Gunner comes out! He raises the TNA World Title briefcase up with a mic in the other hand.


Gunner is in the ring with the briefcase and a mic in hand. He says history hasn't been made. He is cashing in the briefcase and he wants his TNA World Title match right now. Gunner puts the briefcase in the corner and puts the mic down. Dixie yells that this isn't going to happen. He says it is and she yells to not ring the bell. Dixie leaves the ring. Spud goes up to Gunner and Gunner pushes him down. Ethan goes to him but Gunner pushes him away. Gunner lifts Magnus up on his shoulders but Ethan and Gunner go after Gunner. Magnus lands on his feet. Spud and Ethan hold Gunner as Magnus grabs his title and is about to hit Gunner but the crowd starts to go crazy. AJ Styles is back! He comes from the crowd and gets in the ring. He is behind Magnus. Spud tells Magnus to turn. He does and he sees AJ Styles with the TNA World Title. TNA runs to Magnus but Magnus ducks and AJ hits Ethan with it. He then tosses Spud over the ropes. Magnus and AJ meet face to face. Ethan puts his title down in the ring and tells Magnus to bring it. Magnus holds his title and leaves.

AJ grabs a mic and says if Dixie wants her title back then she can have it. He then says that her lawyers need to stop chasing him around. He then tells Magnus a fake. Dixie says he doesn't need him and he is telling lies. AJ says he had to come back because he had to for the fans. He says Magnus is now champion because AJ has the championship. Magnus asks if AJ is challenging him. AJ says there are two belts and there should only be one champion. Magnus starts walking up the steep steps because Dixie told him. AJ tells Magnus to do what he wants and to not listen to Dixie. AJ says these people will doubt Magnus was ever TNA World Champion. AJ then says Magnus does care about these people. If Magnus doesn't accept, he will even doubt himself as champion. The deal is on the table but if he walks out the door the deal is coming with him. The choice is with him. The crowd chants, "Yes" while Dixie yells, "No." Magnus gets back on the mic and says AJ is not better than him and he won't be. If he wants him to prove it, then they will. It will be Magnus vs. AJ Styles for the two belts to crowd one champion. Dixie states that is not going to happen. Magnus says if it is not going to happen then he is going too because Magnus is not going to have people doubt him again. Dixie says he doesn't have a contract and she is not going to be liable for stuff for a guy like AJ. Magnus tells her to sign him for one night only. Dixie says it will happen over her dead body and then says if Magnus does lose then she will have nothing. Magnus says she will have nothing if this doesn't happen. AJ extends his hand and Magnus shakes it. The show fades.

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